The #PlayGamesHaveFun Photo Contest: Pets Edition!

Hey PI-Fans, So it seems everyone is rather shy on the internet. Which is fine and all and we understand. Also Covid-19 and selfies aren't much fun because everyone's wearing masks.  With the world being what it is now, we could all use more pictures of cute animals. Or just animals doing animal things.  So let's combine 2 of our favourite things: tabletop games and animals and see what you come up with!    To Enter From now till October 3: Snap a good photo of your doggo, kitty, fur-child, birb, turtle, fish, or other critters, interacting with a tabletop game Post your photos on Facebook or Instagram, then tag us and hashtag #PlayGamesHaveFun You can submit as many photos as you like!    Prizes 3 Winners will be selected, they would each win $50 in PI vouchers! If you're a non-member, you'll get an instant membership! Existing members get [...]

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Event Overview: Pokemon TCG Junior Learn to Play Days & Warhammer 40k Demos

Hey PI-Fans, How's your day been going? Covid-19 is still around but we were able to hold pockets of mini events over the past few months!   Pokemon TCG Junior Learn to Play Mini-Events  We had 2 excellent days of Pokemon Trading Card Game Junior Learn to Play events over the school holidays! Held on Tuesday September 8 and Friday September 11, a total of 7 pairs of parents and kids sat down for a workshop to learn the game! Each pair received an activity sheet and a pre-release deck box with 4 booster packs. Our friendly Gor Gor Vernon taught everyone how to construct a 40 card deck. Once ready, the pairs were taught the basics of the game and challenged each other to battles!      Vernon also showed the parents and kids his collection of authentic and fake cards to show them the difference! Lots of times [...]

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Hey Teachers! It’s Your Turn to Play Games and Have Fun!

Hey Teachers & Educators! Happy Friday and wishing all of you a very Happy Teachers' Day! It's been a tough year so far and we know how challenging it is especially for all of you. For the month of September, enjoy a one-time 5% off all purchases when you show us your Institution Staff Pass!  Get some games for yourself or for your family and have a great time playing, you deserve it!  Check out our full range of games at our store! See you there!     

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Current Promotions & Further Clearance of A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures

Hey PI-Fans! Hope you had a good Monday, just to update everyone on our current promotions ongoing at the store: 1. A Song Of Ice and Fire Miniatures at 40% off 2. Magic items before Core 2021 at 30% 3. Wizkids minis at buy 2 get 1 free 4. X-Wing items at 40% off 5. Limpeh Says and Singapore Dream bundle at $55 6. Warhammer 40k Recruit Box with Hobby Starter Kit bundle at $100   Well, Ice and Fire fans, we’re going to sweeten the deal even further: Ice and Fire items are all 40% off, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. What are you waiting for? DRACARYS!! See you at the store!

Vallejo Hobby New Releases, Restocks and WizKids 3 for 2 Minis Promotion

Hey PI-Fans, Hobbyists, rejoice! We’ve got heaps of new Vallejo hobby products in! There’s the WizKids paint sets for RPG models, new turf grass that comes in a variety of colours and types, the texture basing paints are back too! We’ve also restocked more paint sets!           We’re running a Wizkids Minis promotion: 3 Minis for the Price of 2! Discount applies to the lowest priced item. Promotion lasts till September 21! Come check them all out at the store! 

The Games@PI #PlayGamesHaveFun Photo Contest!

"The true object of all human life is play." -- G. K. Chesterton   Hey PI-Fans, How's it going? Covid-19 has affected the way we live, work and play. Being human, we're incredibly resilient and come out of adversity stronger! We want to celebrate the spirit of tabletop gaming by launching a photo contest that showcases people playing analog games and having a great time together: whether its at home, at the store or somewhere else! To Enter Take a photo of your *family, friends or others playing a tabletop game. It could be a Board Game, Card Game, Role-Playing Game, War Game!  Take a photo, stick it on your social media wall, tag us, and use the hash tag #PlayGamesHaveFun. This can be on FaceBook or Instagram. You do need to have the PI logo somewhere in the photo! Contest entry will be from Aug 20 to Sept 19, [...]

Warhammer 40k Indomitus Promotion – August 17 to October 31, 2020

Hey PI-Warhammer Fans, How do you like 9th Edition so far? Have you been playing any games at home? If you missed out on the Indomitus Giveaway we ran in June, guess what? We have A SECOND BOX to Giveaway! The Games @ PI Indomitus Promotion From August 17 to October 31, 2020: Stand a chance to win an Indomitus box set worth $305   Get 1 Chance: A) Tag 3 friends in the comments of our FaceBook / Instagram post B) Upload a 40k Fan Art that you drew on your social account, tag us on FaceBook or Instagram C) Book and attend a 40k Demo and learn 9th Edition with us! You can do A, B AND C, but you can only do each one ONCE.    Earn MORE chances: +1 chance - Book and attend a 40k Demo with a friend and both learn the game together. [...]

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Presenting the Winners of the Bang! Dice Game Giveaway & Indomitus Giveaway!

Hey PI-Fans, enjoying your Sunday thus far? We've had 2 Giveaways in the past few months: The Bang! Dice Game Giveaway which was last week and the Warhammer 40k Indomitus Giveaway in June   The Winner of the Bang! The Dice Game Giveaway! Congratulations to Gabriel of @gab.paints.stuff who was 1 of 21 entries who took part in the Instagram Giveaway! Gabriel is also a hobby miniature painter and has an awesome Instagram account full of painted miniatures! Go follow his account! Enjoy your Prize and have a wonderful time playing the game with friends and family!    The Winner of the Indomitus Giveaway! Congratulations to William Wu! The God Emperor chose him to be the Winner of the coveted, limited edition box set, being the lucky one of 45 entries! We hope we made your 2020 and that you've been playing Warhammer 40k with your Indomitus armies! [...]

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The Winner of the Bang! The Dice Game Giveaway!

Hey Everyone!  For those who took part in our Bang! The Dice Game Giveaway on Instagram, WE HAVE A WINNER! Thanks for participating and Congratulations to the Winner! We'll be contacting you shortly about collecting your prize. Head to our IGTV to find out who!  Stay tuned to our Website, Facebook and Instagram for more news and PI-happenings! Never miss an update! Subscribe to our Telegram Channel!   

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National Day Bundle Deal and New Arkham Horror LCG Expansion!

Hey PI-fans! Happy Friday and National Day Weekend!   National Day Bundle Deal Singapore is 55 this year! In celebration of our country's Independence and all things Singaporean, we've got a special bundle deal - Limpeh Says and Singapore Dream for $55!                             Have a roaring good time with friends and family as you make gahmen jokes, chope, sabo, hantam each other to victory, but eh, game only ah, don't play until no more friends hor.   Promotion runs from Aug 7 till Aug 31.     Arkham Horror LCG: Return to the Forgotten Age Expansion For the Arkham Horror LCG fans, the new expansion, Return to the Forgotten Age Expansion is out TODAY!        This expansion will add more content to the Forgotten Age campaign: new scenario cards and encounter cards, upgraded player cards [...]

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