May The 4th Be With You

Games @ PI is celebrating Star Wars Day with a Star Wars Sale Hey PI-Fans, A long long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, "May the 4th Be With You" was originally coined in the far-away land of the United Kingdom to mark the ascension to Prime Minister of a certain Margaret Thatcher. (Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka?) "His name is Kettch, and he's an Ewok." Now, we better know May the 4th as Star Wars Day. What is Star Wars Day you ask? Here's an explanation by Star Trek Voyager's Tim Russ. "No." Those of you following from home would know we announced a sale of 10% off all Star Wars products on May the 4th to celebrate the Star Wars Day. Sadly we realize Star Wars Day is (shockingly) not a public holiday and some customers have left feedback that they can't make it on the day..."Oh, yes. Determined to fight. You should [...]

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The Manager Is Bored. Also a BattleTech fan…

  Hey PI-Fans, As the first main line BattleTech novel since Endgame in 2002, (or if you prefer, To Ride The Chimera from the MechWarrior fiction line),  Embers of War has big shoes to fill. Those of you who know me know I am fan of giant robots. And, as far as giant robots go, few science fiction properties have managed to grab me quite like the BattleTech universe.| As fans like to say; "Came for the giant robots, stayed for the politics". And, as you can tell from the article title, I am bored. There are seven BattleMechs on the cover art of Embers of War. So here's the deal. The first person to come in to Games @ PI and name all the BattleMech chassis on the cover to the counter staff gets this $6 Voucher Die.* To the victor go went the spoils. Hatchetman, Crusader, Orion, Centurion, Dragon, Banshee, Salamander

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Games @ PI On The House!

Interested in looking for new ways to host an event? Come play board games with us! Unlike the usual Monopoly or Scrabble our wide selection of board games are capable of providing a unique sense of bonding for you and your participants. Our staff is more than capable at hosting the games; all that’s required from you is to sign up with us. What we can provide: A conducive environment for your events Friendly staff capable of hosting the games A range of games that are great at building team work and bonding All that for free*! Selection of games include but are not limited to: Resistance Machi Koro Splendor Ticket to Ride And many more! Interested in looking for a space for host your events? Contact us at! Games @ PI is able to offer you the space, as well as the games, to keep you entertained for free**. *While it is free to utilize [...]

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Bundles of Power – Age of Sigmar

With the release of AGE OF SIGMAR: BALANCE OF POWER comes the GAMES@PI: BUNDLES OF POWER! The Age of Sigmar continues with escalation of the Realmgate Wars. Battles raging across the Realms. In Ghyran, the Realm of Life, the forces of Nurgle pushes on with the Great Corruption of Ghyran. While in Aqshy, the Realm of Fire, the Fyreslayers Lodges defend their homes against the scurrying Skaven Clans. And in Shyish, the Realm of Death, the Neferata's Deathlords repel the Slanneshi forces of Lord Lascilion. Join in these battles  with one of these fantastic bundles. Ranging from the Raging Fyreslayers to the Repugnant Rotbringers, even the Craven Skavens have joined the fray. Each of these bundles is a Age of Sigmar; Balance of Power Battalion. Get a great deal on a Citadel Figure Case to carry your armies across the Nine Realms as well, with every purchase of a Bundle of Power. Come down [...]

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Dice – Gamer Bling

Hey PI-Fans, Since we started the Ghastly Giveaway, we've had inquiries about how else they can obtain Games @ PI Voucher dice. Apparently, there's demand for them as more than swag. And since you asked... We've decided to put them up for sale. From now until 31st October, we'll be selling little gift baggies containing 5 different colored $6 dice vouchers at $30 each .* As an added bonus, any dice bag purchase nets you two Ghastly Giveaway tickets for the upcoming draw. So, whether you want them as a gift  (or just to add some  unique dice to your collection), well... nothing like the present.   - Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager. * For obvious reasons, though, we unfortunately can't let you  buy dice with dice.

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Getting a new ID

Grab a free Netrunner ID today! Hey PI-Fans Android: Netrunner, Fantasy Flight Game's Living Card Game of cyberpunk dystopia has previously made the news for how its community is "nice". At Games @ PI, we tend to agree. In no small part thanks to the generosity of our community veterans, we're putting forward a new initiative to help our new players who wish to join us in the war between Corp and Runner. Just starting out with your newly bought Netrunner Core Set?Remember to ask our staff about the "ID Shop". Diversify your game by grabbing a Corporate and Runner ID from our pool of ID Cards, all donated by our community vets to help out players starting on their first fledgling steps to master the game. Curious about Netrunner and interested in seeing what all the fuss is about? Come on down on Netrunner nights (Tuesdays, 6pm until late) for a Learn-to-Play and see why Netrunner has become a [...]

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September Surprise Sale!

Surprise! We’re clearing our shelves to make room for more new toys arriving next week. [X-wing Wave 7, Machi Koro: Millionaire’s Row, Marvel Legendary: Secret Wars , Imperial Assault: Wave 3, SW: Armada Fighter Squadrons.] Therefore, these following games must sell by Thursday 10th of September. […]

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It’s Sort of a SG50 Sale I Guess…

Hey PI-Fans, How's your National Day Weekend? While the repair crews continue plugging away at the website, I figured we should mention we're handing out vouchers this weekend! Every $50 spent in a single receipt entitles you to a $5 Voucher, usable from 11th August to 30th September! So, if you've been eyeing a shiny new board game or pretty miniature, now might be the best time to grab it! – Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager

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