Hey PI-Fans, It's the release date for One Night Ultimate Super Heroes, the latest game in the One Night Ultimate family! One Night Ultimate Super Heroes is a 3-10 player standalone version of the One Night Ultimate Super Villain game with a heroic twist! It even comes with a free complementary app so nobody needs to sit out each round being the narrator. Come join the members of the Super Club Of Overt Powers (SCOOP), including Ricochet Rhino, Self-Awareness Girl, Detector, Role Retreiver, and Switcheroo race to stop the evil trio of Rapscallion, Dr. Peeker, and Henchman#7! In this wacky game of hidden identities, each player has a secret identity: likely a Hero or a Villain. Making matters worse, there's a Mad Scientist who is determined to get arrested which only adds to the confusion. After a Night Phase where players get to take secret actions, which might reveal the [...]

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Warhammer Items for Pre-Order – October 24, 2020

Hey PI-Warhammer fans, It sure is a HUGE release upcoming next week! If you've not stepped into Warcry yet, now would be a great time to get started! Pre-Order these items at 20% off retail!   Warcry: Catacombs - $256 (retail $320) Pre-Order this at our Webstore!   Warcry: Catacombs Board Pack - $68.80 (retail $86)   Pre-Order this at our Webstore!   Warcry Starter Sets   Warcry: Skaven - $73.60 (retail $92) Warcry: Kharadron Overlords - $81.60 (retail $102) Warcry: Flesh-Eater Courts - $73.60 (retail $92) Warcry: Ironjawz - $73.60 (retail $92)     Warcry Carry Case - $72 (retail $90) Pre-Order this at our Webstore!     Necromunda House of Iron - $56 (retail $70) Pre-Order this at our Webstore!   House of Iron Dice and Tactics Cards House of Iron Dice - $20.80 (retail $26) Orlock Gang Tactics Cards - $20 (retail $25)   Orlock Arms Masters [...]

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New Release Spotlight: Trial by Trolley!

Hey PI-fans, And once again, it's Friday! Grab your friends, grab some snacks! We have a New Release that will leave you in stitches: Trial by Trolley!   Trial by Trolley        You've probably heard about the infamous moral dilemma: an out of control car is speeding down the road and is about to hit 2 groups of people - pre-schoolers or slow moving elderly. Which would you pick? In Trial By Trolley, one player is the Trolley Conductor while the other players must convince the Trolley Conductor which group of people should he/she kill! At the start of the round, 2 innocent cards are played face up on 2 separate tracks eg. 'A woman in labour in a car' or 'the world's greatest physicist'. Players than play 2 more innocent cards on both tracks to raise the stakes eg. 'babies in a wading pool'. Next, each side [...]

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New Release Spotlight: Silver Dagger

Hey PI-fans, We're half way through the week! And with that, a new release: Silver Dagger! But what's the difference between this Silver and Silver Coin that released back a few months ago? Let's find out!   All the Silver games generally play similarly: You are all village chiefs, all your villages have been overrun by werewolves! Your goal is to draft your hand to obtain villagers with the lowest 'threat' level. The higher the numerical value, the higher the werewolf threat. Silver Dagger features even more interesting villager cards like the Debt Collector, the Spy, the Furry to name a few! Each unique villager changes up the game play and you can mash other boxes of Silver together to form your own unique Silver game!  Combo your villagers, backstab your friends! Because hey, you don't want werewolves to eat your villagers! Totally fine if they eat others! 2-4 Players, [...]

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Warhammer 40k Items for Pre-Order – Necrons & Space Marines

Hey PI-Warhammer fans, Phew! Those Games Workshop releases have been rolling pretty fast these days! If you wanna get the new Necrons and Space Marine items by this Saturday, October 24, place that Pre-Order today! Get 20% off retail when you Pre-Order! Enter the Promo Code THANKS2020 to enjoy the discount on the Webstore!   Necrons: Ophydian Destroyers - $68.80 (retail $86) Pre-Order this on our Webstore!   Necrons: Monolith - $205.60 (retail $257) Pre-Order this on our Webstore!   Necrons: Convergence of Dominion - $72 (retail $90) Pre-Order this on our Webstore!   Necrons: C'Tan Shard of the Void Dragon - $132.80 (retail $166) Pre-Order this on our Webstore!   Space Marines: Hammerfall Bunker - $72 (retail $90) Pre-Order this on our Webstore!   Space Marines: Primaris Techmarine - $47.20 (retail $59)    Pre-Order this on our Webstore!   How to Pre-Order You can place an order with us [...]

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Support Local: Broken Hearts

Hey PI-Fans, It's the start of a new week! We've got a brand new Singapore designed game that arrived in store today: Broken Hearts!   Broken Hearts   "Never mind, I'll find someone like you I wish nothing but the best for you, too "Don't forget me, " I beg I remember you said "Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead"" 'Someone Like You' -- Adele   Ah Love. Falling in love is wonderful, being in love is magical and breaking up is absolutely devastating. Thankfully, there's a card game to cope with the pain of breaking up! In 'Broken Hearts', players are individuals looking for love and are competing to finish a set of 5 Heart cards. Play a matching Heart card as another player to 'link' them. Players must also perform the action as said on the card with the matching player! But that's not [...]

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THANKS2020 – A Games Workshop Update

IMG Source: Bolter to Kokoro  Hey PI-Fans, THANKS2020 With Nottingham, UK potentially going back into Lockdown, Games Workshop has brought to attention the possibility of supply disruptions in the near future. As much as I’d like to drop snark about COBRA Commander, there is a time and a place for everything and with the situation as serious as it currently is, this is not the time. What this means for you, as a Games Workshop hobbyist in Singapore, is that both a metaphorical and literal winter may be just around the corner. I’m going to be transparent. If nothing happens, great. Business as usual. However, if Nottingham gets shut down again, if you plan to stay hobbying through the final months of 2020, we suggest going to assess your stockpiles. While the Games @ PI team is intentionally deepening our holding stock, in the event you’d like to [...]

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New Releases Spotlight: Wingspan and Mariposas

Hey PI-Fans, Once again, it's Friyay! And we're glad to announce that we once again have the highly coveted Wingspan back in stock! As a companion piece, do check out Mariposas which was also designed by Elisabeth Hargrave, the designer of Wingspan. Wingspan In Wingspan, you and your friends are bird enthusiasts with the goal to attract the best species of birds to your wildlife preserves! The aim of the game is to place birds in specific habitats to score points. The player with the most points after 4 rounds wins! Each bird has special qualities, eats certain foods and lays a certain number of eggs. On your turn you can choose to do one of the following actions: play a bird card, play food tokens to feed your birds, gain egg tokens to allow you to play more birds, and draw new bird cards. As you grow your [...]

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Horrible Game Experiences: Collectible Card Games

Hey PI-Fans, Continuing our series of Horrible Game Experiences; last week, we talked about Awful Board Game Experiences. This week, it's all about Collectible Card Games. The joy of CCGs is they can be played quickly and anywhere: over a lunch break, after school, a short session after work. But as with all games, things sometimes turn iffy and at times, get very awful. Presenting the worst ever CCG Experiences ever! People Who Are Rough With Your Cards: The Furious 'Poker' and The Ripple Shuffler Vernon recalls that some players have a tendency to poke other people's cards very hard to the point it's fingernail to cardboard. 'Ah I attack that one!' PO-PO-POKE It's like 'don't hurt my cards!' Jack especially dislikes people who ripple shuffles his cards and violently. You Get Schooled by An Arrogant Player Getting schooled is one thing, but getting schooled by a douchy uber-player is [...]

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Swords & Stationery Charity FB Live Auction! – October 31, 2020

Hey PI-Fans, How's your Monday going? Our friends at Swords & Stationery are holding a Charity Auction for Dyslexia Awareness Month! This will take place online on FB Live on Oct 31, 2020 at 8pm SG time!  All proceeds will go to the Singapore Book Council to help kids with Dyslexia overcome their challenges of reading! There's all sorts of Board Games, Card Games and Games Workshop items to bid for! Check this link to see the items! Track the event on FaceBook Live here!  Remember the date! Bid on cool items and do your bit for charity!

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