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Braaaaaaiiiinnnsss: Zombie Burrito – 16/7/24

Hey PI-Fans, The Exploding Kittens team returns to the Throw Throw Burrito line with Zombie Burrito - a team-based standalone game of flinging things at each other. Zombie Burrito is a card game with a physical component which, in the words of the manufacturer "clear some space and put away the antiques, because you’ve never played a card game quite like this before". A team focused variant of the classic Throw Throw formula, Zombie Burrito has players playing in two-teams; Zombies and Survivors.  During the more conventional turns, players will be trying to gather sets of different cards in order to gain special abilities which would benefit them in preparation for the inevitable duels once Battle cards surface and the game degenerates into a combination of dodgeball and freeze tag.  

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Exactly What It Says On The Tin: Let’s Hit Each Other With Fake Swords – 09/07/24

Hey PI-Fans, Do you know what more card games need? Violence. The delightfully named "Let's Hit Each Other With Fake Swords" aims to enthusiastically fill that void in gaming by mixing set collection gameplay with the most elegant of dispute settlement mechanics - hitting each other. Designed as a party game for 3 to 6 players, games of Let's Hit Each Other With Fake Swords are short and amusing affairs - each turn has players simultaneously indicating which of different piles of cards they wish to take for a round. Should more than one player want a specific stack of cards, the most adult conflict resolution of inter-player violence will come into play. Get 3 cards of the same color to make a set. If you are the first person to get 3 sets of cards, you win the game!   https://youtu.be/Gad_MqEl-98

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A Rack Full Of Restocks – Unfathomable Expansions and Assorted Weirdness – 05/07

Hey PI-Fans, The law of shipment attraction strikes again. No clue how it works sometimes but stuff just slams down like a meteor. This shipment restocks of a bunch of our traditional titles like Catan, 7 Wonders and Dixit, but also reloads sought after games like Tiny Epic Dungeons, Dobble, Skull and Durian which are fast becoming mainstays on gaming tables. On the new stuff front, Anarchy Pancakes, a collaboration between the Exploding Kittens Company and Dobble, flips out onto the shelves, bringing the wacky and slightly chaotic brand of humor to the pattern matching decks of Dobble. Also arriving in the same heap of 'newness' is WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS, a charade style card game which forces players into increasingly absurd acting, drawing and speech patterns to get their point across. Anyone craving something bigger can look to Unfathomable -  From the Abyss, an expansion for the Cthulhu-esque [...]

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Blue Lagoon – 29/06/24

Hey PI-Fans, Blue Orange Game's Blue Lagoon is a Reiner Knizia classic area control board game that sees nomadic settlers spreading out across an archipelago of island. Unavailable for the longest time, we've finally managed to get our hands on copies of this elegant little Eurogame and it's made it's way back to our shelves. In Blue Lagoon, each player controls a tribe trying to explore and settle the eight islands of the Blue Lagoon while establishing control of the abundant natural resources found there.  In classic Eurogame style, this is achieved through a 'conflict-less' token placement system as players plonk down tokens representing villagers and huts across the islands, creating long strings of tiles as they attempt to spread across the islands and reach natural resource tokens before other players. Placement of huts becomes even more critical in subsequent rounds as they form the initial starting zones for a [...]

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Bravery comes in all sizes! Put your best paw forward and enter the world of Bloomburrow. When elemental forces rage out of control, the salvation of the Valley falls on the shoulders of its smallest protectors. Fight beside mice, frogs, bats, birds, lizards, squirrels, and other critters as you restore the balance of peace.   Hey PI-Fans, The relentless march of Magic the Gathering releases tromps ever onwards with Bloomburrow, an aggressively cute set designed around anthromorphic forest critters. We're taking preorders for this set, so if you want some, let us know. Orders close 7/4/24. No refunds for cancellation. All orders must be placed with full deposit (Deposit will be refunded in the event of manufacturer short supply). In the event of shortage, priority will go to orders placed and paid for earlier. We are accepting preorders from customers in good credit standings only. Release date subject to manufacturer. [...]

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Age of Sigmar Skaventide – Early Bird Preorders

Hey PI-Fans, Greetings Man-Things, the time of the Vermindoom is close. Yes-yes. Kill-Kill Storm-Things. Games Workshop has been very very uncoy about the fact that the Age of Sigmar 4th Edition is upon us, in all it's Skaven vs Stormcast glory. The massive Skaventide launch box comes with an expected price tag to match as well - as part of one of their website lucky draw declarations, they've valued the box as follows in the fine print. "The value of the contents of each prize is GBP £160 (one hundred and sixty) / AUD $450(four hundred and fifty) Australian Dollars/ USD $265 (two hundred and sixty five US dollars/ EU €210 (two hundred and ten) Euros." No idea what their SGD price is going to be, but we expect it to clock in somewhere between SGD$400-450 ballpark.   TLDR: ORDER SKAVENTIDE AND PLACE DEPOSIT. GET AN ADDITIONAL 10% OFF FINAL [...]

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Bigger Editions? – 04/06/24

Hey PI-Fans, There are times when a game is hard to improve on. Spiel de Jahres (Game of the Year) winners like Codenames and Kingdomino for instance are already incredibly elegant titles mechanically... so... well... you can always make them bigger. Coming in at double the regular size of regular Codenames and Kingdomino sets, the XXL and Giant edition of the games function well in party environments, making them excellent with big groups.  If you're looking for a more visually striking gameplay experience, mayhaps consider whether a bigger box will be more your speed.

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Equinox Golem – 01/06/24

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your... Golems? Hey PI-Fans, Reiner Knizia's classic Colossal Arena (Aka. Titan: The Arena Aka. Galaxy: The Dark Ages Aka. Grand National Derby) has recieved Plan B's Golem theming in Equinox - Golem Edition, a cutthroat competition where players bet on competing Golems, vying to ensure that the Golems they have bid on are the ones which  escape elimination. Players will play cards matching the different golem suits to ensure the golems they want to win have the highest overall ratings. Also, player can use the special powers of the golems they have backed to shape the competition by drawing, discarding or swapping the cards played, allowing them to hopefully come out ahead of the opposition. Bet, scheme and strategize to ensure the Golems you wager on advance through competition rounds without being eliminated while ensuring your continue to climb the ranks of the compeition. Will your [...]

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Harmonies – 21/5/24

Hey PI-Fans, Another week, another new game. This week's feature is Harmonies, a 3D Terrain placement game where players work to stack different biome pieces together to accommodate and score different wildlife and biomes. Build and stack mountains, trees and rivers while placing terrain to house different animals, each with their own ecosystem requirements.   Harmonies: 1-4 Players, 30 min, Ages 10+ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tnOAFMw_jQ In Harmonies, each player takes a turn to draft a set of different biome tokens and animal cards which they work to integrate into their own board space. Players score points for placing tokens in formations that represent Trees, Mountains, Rivers and Buildings, but also need to take the specific needs of the wildlife into consideration when placing their territory. The game includes a solo mode and an "expert" mode, adding the spirits of nature to the game's animal cards. 

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Canvas, Canvas Reflections, Canvas Finishing Touches – 14/5/24

Hey PI-Fans, If you're anything quite like me, you're a complete sucker for a game that leans in on a theme. The Canvas series is one of those games. As a painter competing in an art competition, players need to collect cards representing different art elements, holding on to the ones containing features the match the randomly selected judging criteria of the round. The twist here is that said cards are themselves clear plastic, allowing them to be overlaid on top of each other creating custom art pieces. A symbol bar at the bottom of each card displays which art elements are present on each card, with the potential for new layers to cover up or overwrite lower cards. Canvas comes with it's expansions Reflection and Finishing Touches, each of which provides additional elements to a game of Canvas in addition to combining into a stunningly beautiful triptych of art [...]

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