Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet – March 31st

Hey PI-Fans, Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet - March 31st Not only has series protagonist Ash Ketchum (Satoshi to the Japanese purists) taken his victory lap after being an eternally scrappy 10-year old since 1997, the Sword & Shield set for the Pokémon card game which has been with us since before the pandemic in 2020 is finally wrapping up and we're moving on from Galar! Spare a thought for your local Pokémon fan - It's a period of dramatic change for them. The Pokémon Scarlet & Violet set is the next generation of the Pokémon Trading Card Game and is moving into the new Paldea region. ScarVio, as we're calling it, sees the return of the classic 'ex' mechanic, last seen in the wild back in 2007, as well as a shift to silver borders for the trading cards, an artistic touch that brings the sets more in line [...]

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Magic the Gathering – Casual Commander Sunday

Hey PI-Fans, We know Magic: the Gathering might look like a daunting game to learn, but we can promise you that it's WAY easier with friends. If you're new to the game, or just want to mess around casually with a bunch of friends, might we be so bold to recommend the Games @ PI Commander Sundays? Games @ PI Commander Sundays utilize the popular Commander format for Magic the Gathering and the Preconstructed Decks makes it a great way to start for new players! Win or lose, you're walking away with something too! The event details are as follows:  Every Sunday, 4pm Format: Magic the Gathering Commander (using Preconstructed Decks only). Fee: $10 Participation: Magic the Gathering Set Booster & Promo Pack Just starting out Don't have a Commander Deck? We've got you covered too. You can always rent a Preconstructed Deck from the store for the event for [...]

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Azul and Century Golem – Glass and Golems

Hey PI-Fans, A restock of both the Century Golem series and Azul have meandered into the store after spending way too long stuck in limbo and it's a bulky shipment of stuff, with all five of the Azul titles, including the special Master Chocolatier special edition set and all three Century Golem titles now available on our shelves. The four main Azul titles - Azul, Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra, Azul: Summer Pavilion and Azul: Queen's Garden are beautiful games with a masterfully elegant take on resource drafting. Players alternate turns to draft tiles from a central market while cheekily working to force opponents to take more than they need. The special Azul: Master Chocolatier edition on the other hand is a unique candy retheme of the classic Azul, replacing the tiles of the original with pieces patterned after chocolate pralines! If you really like Azul, consider picking up a [...]

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Catan Traveler – The Catan for when you just want to play Catan

Hey PI-Fans, If you're like us and enjoy the occasional round of Catan or two with friends but struggle to get the playgroup to use the expansions (a travesty I know), the nifty little Catan Traveler is probably the Catan set to own, especially if you're concerned about space and portability. Essentially a full set of the Catan base game for four players, Catan Traveler goes a step beyond the original for including special rules for two-players as well (since it can prove vaguely difficult to pack a third player in a suitcase). Everything fits neatly into the additional drawers built into the case, with card holders for the resource cards, and a dice shaker to keep individual dice from doing a runner. While it can't work with the full scale expansions, these factors combine to make this neat little set an excellent gift for a person with tight space [...]

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YOU LYING SACK – A Game By The Exploding Kittens Company

Hey PI-Fans, In a weird collision of entertainment IPs,  YOU LYING SACK is a social game designed by illusionist Pen Jillette of 'Penn & Teller' and published by The Exploding Kitten company. In an intense game of social cues and poker faces YOU LYING SACK is a game of outsmarting your friends in a giant player elimination game of You-Know-That-I-Know (But do You-Know-That-I-Know-That-You-Know-That-I-Know) and rides more on how well players know each other and can read each other's tells and social makers. Each turn a players reaches into the titular Lying Sack and retrieves a number of 'Bad Thing' tokens as indicated on an escalating chart. Alternatively, they can feel around and retrieve the hidden 'Good Thing' token instead. After this they offer the contents of their clenched hand to each subsequent player, repeating the line "My hand is full of bad things. Will you take them?" If nobody accepts, [...]

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Keeping it bottled up – A ‘Soda Smugglers’ Review

Hey PI-Fans, Lawmakers are cracking down on soda, and tight regulation has made way for lucrative smuggling. One bottle per person is the new law — thus bribes, suitcase inspections, and arrests are on the agenda. Only one will emerge the Soda Kingpin. Reiner Knizia's Soda Smugglers is a light three to eight player party game based on Knizia's own 'Heisse Ware: Krimi-Kartenspiel fur clevere Schmuggler', an absolute mouthful of a game loosely translating to 'Hot Merchandise: Criminal Card Game for Clever Smugglers'. Like it's contemporary, 'Sheriff of Nottingham', it draws a loose evolutionary lineage from a 1950s era game 'Contraband', but Soda Smugglers remains far more focused on light and accessible gameplay, making it stand out as a party game. Upon unfastening the magnetic clasp on a Soda Smugglers box, one of the first things to catch the eye is the quality of the insert and overall design. Bitewing Games [...]

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Pokemon Crown Zenith Cans and Pikachu VMAX Collection

Hey PI-Fans, Another wave of Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield - Crown Zenith product bursts onto the scene today with the release of the Crown Zenith Pikachu VMAX Box and the Crown Zenith Mini Tins which release today, 17/02/23! As with all Pokemon Crown Zenith product, boosters are not available separately and quantities are limited and so act fast and pick them up at Games @ PI! The Pikachu VMAX Collection Box comes with a suprisingly chonky oversized card version of the classic electric mouse Pokemon, a Pikachu V card, a Pikachu VMAX card and 5 Pokemon Crown Zenith Booster Packs. Crown Zenith Mini Tins on the other hand come with a pair of Crown Zenith Booster packs, a sticker sheet and an art card for the set featuring Marnie and Morpeko, Hop and Wooloo, Leon and Charizard, Sonia and Yamper or Bede and Hatenna. Collect and combine all 5 [...]

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Enter the Dungeon – the Tiny Epic Dungeon.

Hey PI-Fans, Gamelyn Games has always been big on the concept of turning big-box board game concepts into teeny tiny games. They've done it before with Tiny Epic Kingdoms being their take on 4X games and Tiny Epic Zombies acting as a semi-cooperative zombie battler, but with Tiny Epic Dungeons, they've firmly set their sights on cooperative party Dungeon Crawlers. Tiny Epic Dungeons is a fully cooperative dungeon crawler for 1 to 4 players which sees a team of heroes descending into a deadly dungeon to confront a boss. Along the way, players smash their way through goblins, traps and minions while the guttering torch slowly burns out in a race to find a defeat the dungeon boss in a randomly generated dungeon before the party is trapped in the dark. If you feel the big box multi-hour crawls take way too long and want a neat pocket sized board [...]

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Take a Hike – Parks Style

Hey PI-Fans, Take a meandering walk through along nature trails in Parks, with both the Nightfall and Wildlife expansions. Hike along nature trails across multiple nature parks taking in the sights across the span of multiple seasons. In Parks, each trail hiked represents a season of the year and the trails steadily evolve and become longer as the game progresses. Do you race ahead seeking to be the first to reach new trails or spend your time gathering resources or work to improve gear and resources and improve the player's ability to improve their own gameplay engine. Meanwhile the Nightfall and Wildlife expansions each focus on new mechanics and additions to the Parks gameplay with Nightfall adding a new camping mechanic and Wildlife increasing the frequency and scoring mechanics associated with Animal sightings. If you're looking for a beautifully illustrated board game with serene art and a beautiful nature centric [...]

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Saboteur: The Dark Cave – Becoming the SABO King.

Hey PI-Fans, If you're a fan of Frederic Moyersoen's beloved series about dwarves mucking around in mines, constantly bedeviled by the work of shadowy saboteurs, you'll be pleased as punch to know that with "The Dark Cave", Saboteur is now effectively a trilogy of games? While the prequel Saboteur: The Lost Mines has clans of Dwarves clearcutting their way through the woods to reach mines, and the original Saboteur has the mining turn murky in the twisty tunnels of the mines as dwarves tunnel their way towards gold, The Dark Cave is a clear sequel that has the paranoia overcome dwarves rushing to escape the flooding mineshafts with gold even while suspecting members of their own clan of treachery.  In The Dark Cave though, if the worrisome thought that some of the players on your team are secretly scoring for the opposition isn't enough, this time the Dwarves are in a real [...]

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