Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Dominion Preregistration Bonuses

Hey PI-Fans, Games Workshop has started their curated coverage of the upcoming Age of Sigmar 3rd Edition Starter Box. We've got to admit, that's a whole lot of plastic in the pipeline for both Order and Destruction, with more Stormcasts and a whole new slew of Orruks here to crack some skulls. Much like the Indomitus box for Warhammer 40,000 has become unobtanium, we are guessing that this will be a limited run product on release, so we fully expect supply to run out. To help gauge demand, we are asking that interested customers preregister their interest to avoid disappointment. Games Workshop hasn't announced any prices regarding the upcoming box (or even a street date) but we’re offering a special opportunity to preregister your interest in a copy of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar - Dominion in advance (and an extra spicy little bonus if you're extra fast and scroll to [...]

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Grab A Feldherr Foam Set For Your Miniature Heavy Board Games

Hey PI-Fans, There are more than a few miniature centric wargames on the market, and we know many of you like getting them painted and assembled. With that much plastic rattling around however, broken weapons, snapped limbs and more than a few paint chips are always a headache. Maybe look into a Feldherr box inset? We figured we should remind you that Games @ PI is taking pre-orders for Feldherr Cases at a Singapore dollar price of 1.7x the Euro listed price on the Feldherr Website (https://www.feldherr.net/).   Please make a full deposit upfront for orders. Final date for orders is 26/05/21.   Orders can be placed at the store or by contacting us at webstore@pi.com.sg with the header 'Feldherr Order'.     A Feldherr Case Designed For Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion A Feldherr foam set designed to fit the box for Descent Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition [...]

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How Do You Stack Up?

Hey PI-Fans, How are your spatial manipulation skills? If you're a fan of puzzle games, you're going to want to give 'Tuki' a spin. In the Inuit language, "tukilik" is used to define an object that carries a message. Reminiscent of this, in Tuki, players race to construct a based on the card drawn and a die face rolled and must exactly re-create the structure indicated on the card. These can vary radically, and players need to think out of the box, since stacking many of these free standing arrangements is impossible without support. To assist them, each player has a limited number of 'snow' pieces which they can use to support the components of their structure, stacking, counterbalancing or supporting each other to ensure that a free-standing arrangement of coloured blocks matches the card first. In this race against each other, players try to avoid being the last person [...]

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Good With More

Hey PI-Fans, We previously took the opportunity to point out a couple of our favorite two-player experiences.... and then one of the staff pointed out "What if someone wants a game that can be fun when played with two-players, but also has room for expansion?" and this led to a lot of hemming and hawing. After some thought, here's a trio of titles which we would recommend for any collection that are have really good gameplay even at two-players.   Room For More Codenames by CGE is usually seen as a large group party game, but each set also includes rules for a two-player cooperative mode. While a competitive game of Codenames will see players divided into two separate red and blue teams which see them racing to contact their agents before the other team, a two-or-more-player cooperative game of Codenames will see players racing to score against a countdown timer. [...]

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Hey PI-Fans, If you're looking for storage for your miniature collections, this Feldherr probably has a case for you. We’re preparing orders for another wave of Feldherr product, so if you’re after a specialist case or two, now would be a good time to let us know. Games @ PI is taking pre-orders for Feldherr Cases at a Singapore dollar price of 1.7x the Euro listed price on the Feldherr Website (https://www.feldherr.net/). Please make a full deposit upfront for orders. Final date for orders is 26/05/21. Orders can be placed at the store or by contacting us at webstore@pi.com.sg with the header 'Feldherr Order'.  

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Good For Two

Hey PI-Fans, Want a board game fix? We've had to revise our hours to minimise staff on the floor in line with MOH's instructions on Minimising Workplace Interactions, but we're still keeping the gaming goodness going. Also worth mentioning is that our webstore also offers a free local delivery option for orders of S$50 or more.   CHECK OUT THE GAMES @ PI WEBSTORE   With rules on the reduction of overall group size, we figured it's time to take a look at several excellent board games for your two-player needs.   Good With Two Onitama, by Arcane Wonders is a brilliant two-player duel. In this light abstract strategy game, players control a school of martial artists represented by a Master and four student pawns in a duel against a rival school. Two win, players must either move the pawn representing the Master of their school across the board into [...]

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Hey PI-Fans, Want an entirely mean spirited twist on a classic board game race mechanic? Look no further than Bristol 1350. The plague has come to the city of Bristol and everyone's having a bad time. Flee the city on the last three carts out of the city as player flee the town for the dubious safety of the countryside. If your cart is the first out of town you and your cart-mates win! Unless someone in the cart has the plague. In which case you all die -  a decidedly bad outcome for all involved. Will you hop from cart to cart frantically trying to avoid anyone suspicious? Or will you take matters into your own hands and physically yeet people from your cart to stop them from mingling, possibly leaving them behind in the doomed city? And will you be able to live with yourself afterwards? Part co-operative [...]

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Future War and Calming Treks

Hey PI-Fans, It's another odd pairing hitting our shelves with the exceedingly chill nature walks of Parks running face first into the mecha rampage that was BattleTech's Battle of Tukayyid sourcebook. Besides the new, this isn't to say we've been sitting around twiddling our thumbs either.  Alongside titles like the Tukayyid Map Pack and Space Parks, we recommend the ever popular Who Should We Eat? is back in stock if ever you should fancy a sudden spot of cannibalism, as is Deception: Murder In Hong Kong if you're after a hidden traitor game for your group. If you want something you for a short spot of gaming with friends and loved ones, don't overlook titles like Splendor, Onitama, Hive or Set either.   How did we end up with supplies of what is essentially Giant-Robot-Kursk and Keymaster's game of nature trekking arriving simultaneously? No clue. The way global shipping currently works [...]

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Ancient Ruins and Cute Animals

Hey PI-Fans, Even if you're secretly missing the part of your brain that solves sliding tile puzzles like me, between the cutesy animal adventurers of Here to Slay and the ancient tile sliding puzzles of Shifting Stones, despite being completely unplanned we sort of have an adventuring theme going this week. This isn't to say we've forgotten the rest of the adventuring world. I mean, there's always Gloomhaven and Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, Descent: Journeys in the Dark, Mansions of Madness,  Stuffed Fables and more if you want your big dungeon crawlers. Leave no stone unturned! Nine mystical tiles lie before you in a grid of rocky ruins. Rearrange these intricately cut stones to match your Pattern cards and score points. The catch is that you must sacrifice a card every time you swap or flip a tile and these same cards are used to manipulate the stones or [...]

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An Expansive Week

Hey PI-Fans, It's a good week for board game expansions (and board games in general). We know people like the evergreens like Pandemic, Catan and Ticket to Ride, but there's also a couple of newer titles like Space Park and Marvel Splendor which possess a unique elegance of their own that we think people should take out for a spin. We've been having fun with the asymmetrical dungeon crawler VAST: The Mysterious Manor and the classic bird-watching board game Wingspan... but what if you wanted more? Well, one absolutely crazy day of unpacking later, we've got two new expansions back in stock on both our retail store and on the webstore as well as their core games back in stock. VAST: The Haunted Hallways expansion comes packed with a stack of forty-five detailed miniatures to flesh out your VAST experience, including force walls, treasures, eggs, and webs and also adds [...]

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