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Warhammer Items for Pre-Order – October 24, 2020

Hey PI-Warhammer fans, It sure is a HUGE release upcoming next week! If you've not stepped into Warcry yet, now would be a great time to get started! Pre-Order these items at 20% off retail!   Warcry: Catacombs - $256 (retail $320) Pre-Order this at our Webstore!   Warcry: Catacombs Board Pack - $68.80 (retail $86)   Pre-Order this at our Webstore!   Warcry Starter Sets   Warcry: Skaven - $73.60 (retail $92) Warcry: Kharadron Overlords - $81.60 (retail $102) Warcry: Flesh-Eater Courts - $73.60 (retail $92) Warcry: Ironjawz - $73.60 (retail $92)     Warcry Carry Case - $72 (retail $90) Pre-Order this at our Webstore!     Necromunda House of Iron - $56 (retail $70) Pre-Order this at our Webstore!   House of Iron Dice and Tactics Cards House of Iron Dice - $20.80 (retail $26) Orlock Gang Tactics Cards - $20 (retail $25)   Orlock Arms Masters [...]

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Warhammer 40k Items for Pre-Order – Necrons & Space Marines

Hey PI-Warhammer fans, Phew! Those Games Workshop releases have been rolling pretty fast these days! If you wanna get the new Necrons and Space Marine items by this Saturday, October 24, place that Pre-Order today! Get 20% off retail when you Pre-Order! Enter the Promo Code THANKS2020 to enjoy the discount on the Webstore!   Necrons: Ophydian Destroyers - $68.80 (retail $86) Pre-Order this on our Webstore!   Necrons: Monolith - $205.60 (retail $257) Pre-Order this on our Webstore!   Necrons: Convergence of Dominion - $72 (retail $90) Pre-Order this on our Webstore!   Necrons: C'Tan Shard of the Void Dragon - $132.80 (retail $166) Pre-Order this on our Webstore!   Space Marines: Hammerfall Bunker - $72 (retail $90) Pre-Order this on our Webstore!   Space Marines: Primaris Techmarine - $47.20 (retail $59)    Pre-Order this on our Webstore!   How to Pre-Order You can place an order with us [...]

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THANKS2020 – A Games Workshop Update

IMG Source: Bolter to Kokoro  Hey PI-Fans, THANKS2020 With Nottingham, UK potentially going back into Lockdown, Games Workshop has brought to attention the possibility of supply disruptions in the near future. As much as I’d like to drop snark about COBRA Commander, there is a time and a place for everything and with the situation as serious as it currently is, this is not the time. What this means for you, as a Games Workshop hobbyist in Singapore, is that both a metaphorical and literal winter may be just around the corner. I’m going to be transparent. If nothing happens, great. Business as usual. However, if Nottingham gets shut down again, if you plan to stay hobbying through the final months of 2020, we suggest going to assess your stockpiles. While the Games @ PI team is intentionally deepening our holding stock, in the event you’d like to [...]

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Swords & Stationery Charity FB Live Auction! – October 31, 2020

Hey PI-Fans, How's your Monday going? Our friends at Swords & Stationery are holding a Charity Auction for Dyslexia Awareness Month! This will take place online on FB Live on Oct 31, 2020 at 8pm SG time!  All proceeds will go to the Singapore Book Council to help kids with Dyslexia overcome their challenges of reading! There's all sorts of Board Games, Card Games and Games Workshop items to bid for! Check this link to see the items! Track the event on FaceBook Live here!  Remember the date! Bid on cool items and do your bit for charity!

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Warhammer Items for Pre-Order – October 10, 2020

Hey PI-Warhammer fans, FEE-FI-FO-FUM! The Sons of Behemat are coming! Pre-Order these glorious models and their rules today! For the 40k Necrons fans, you can add more Necrons to boost your existing forces! We have some GIANT BUNDLES to offer! The Battletome & Warscrolls Bundle - $70 (retail $90) Pre-Order this on our Webstore! One of Each New Model - $460 (retail $576) Comprises of the Mega-Gargant and the Mancrusher Gargants Pre-Order this on our Webstore! The Triple Mega-Gargant Bundle! - $660 (retail $882) So you can assemble them in each flavor! Pre-Order this on our Webstore! A la Carte and the Rest of the New Items Pre-Order during the window and enjoy them at 20% retail! Battletome: Sons of Behemat - $51.20 (retail $64) Warscroll Cards: Sons of Behemat - $20.80 (retail $26) Mega-Gargant - $235.20 (retail $294) Mancrusher Gargants - $153.60 (retail $192) Sons of Behemat Audiobook - [...]

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Warhammer 40k Items for Pre-Order – October 3, 2020

Hey PI-Warhammer Fans! The new Codexes and models will be out NEXT WEEK! We also have some awesome bundle packages that you should check out!   The Codexes & Datacards Bundle (Marines or Necrons) - $90 (retail $112)       Pre-order this bundle: Space Marines / Necrons on our webstore!     Space Marines: One of Each New Model - $150 (retail $188)   Which comprises of: The Primaris Invader ATV, Primaris Chaplain on Bike, Firestrike Servo-Turret Pre-Order this bundle on our webstore!   Necrons: One of Each New Model - $280 (retail $348)   Which comprises of: Szarekh the Silent King, Lokhusts Heavy Destroyer, Canoptek Doomstalker Pre-Order this bundle on our webstore!   The 3 of A Kind Special 3 Primaris Invader ATVs - $155 (retail $192) Pre-Order this bundle on our webstore!   3 Firestrike Servo-Turrets - $130 (retail $162) Pre-Order this bundle on our webstore!   [...]

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Feldherr Wargaming Accessories – Call for Orders!

Hey PI-Members, Do you have lots of miniatures and have problems storing or transporting them? Never fear, that's where Feldherr comes in! Feldherr is a German owned Wargame Accessories company that offers storage solutions for miniatures! They have foam bags for transport, foam trays, cardboard boxes to place your foam trays for long term storage etc.  Bascically, we're doing a group order!   How to Order You do need to be an existing PI-Member to place an order. You can also place an order through your friend who is a member. Head to to browse Send us an email at or drop us a Whatsapp/ Telegram text at  8189 3050 to order your items. Prices are at 1.7x the listed Euro price found on the website, which includes shipping. Eg. a MAXI bag for Necrons is Euro 65, You'll be paying SGD$110.50 We will need a 50% deposit of [...]

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Event Overview: Pokemon TCG Junior Learn to Play Days & Warhammer 40k Demos

Hey PI-Fans, How's your day been going? Covid-19 is still around but we were able to hold pockets of mini events over the past few months!   Pokemon TCG Junior Learn to Play Mini-Events  We had 2 excellent days of Pokemon Trading Card Game Junior Learn to Play events over the school holidays! Held on Tuesday September 8 and Friday September 11, a total of 7 pairs of parents and kids sat down for a workshop to learn the game! Each pair received an activity sheet and a pre-release deck box with 4 booster packs. Our friendly Gor Gor Vernon taught everyone how to construct a 40 card deck. Once ready, the pairs were taught the basics of the game and challenged each other to battles!      Vernon also showed the parents and kids his collection of authentic and fake cards to show them the difference! Lots of times [...]

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New Releases – September 7, 2020

Hey PI-Fans, Hope you're having a great Monday! We have some awesome New Releases today: 2 New Battletech Books and Munchkin Warhammer 40,000: Cults and Cogs Battletech: Technical Readout - Jihad   Battletech fans, now you can use 'Mechs from the Jihad era for your games! Jihad features the most common 'Mechs from the time period. Each machine has an illustration, technical readout, description and game stats. This book expands on the Succession Wars and Clan Invasion technical readout books and combines 'Mechs found in 3050 Upgrade, 3055 Upgrade, 3058 Upgrade, 3060, 3067, 3075, 3085 and Project Phoenix.  The Federated Commonwealth Civil War and Word of Blake Jihad represent a dark time in BattleTech history, as the collapse of the Second Star League plunges the Inner Sphere into brutal conflict. Featuring a generation of bleeding edge machines including the all new Word of Blake Celestial OmniMechs as well as classic [...]

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Current Promotions & Further Clearance of A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures

Hey PI-Fans! Hope you had a good Monday, just to update everyone on our current promotions ongoing at the store: 1. A Song Of Ice and Fire Miniatures at 40% off 2. Magic items before Core 2021 at 30% 3. Wizkids minis at buy 2 get 1 free 4. X-Wing items at 40% off 5. Limpeh Says and Singapore Dream bundle at $55 6. Warhammer 40k Recruit Box with Hobby Starter Kit bundle at $100   Well, Ice and Fire fans, we’re going to sweeten the deal even further: Ice and Fire items are all 40% off, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. What are you waiting for? DRACARYS!! See you at the store!

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