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‘Mech March – Learn-to-Play BattleTech

Hey PI-Fans, Since the eighties, BattleTech is one of the definitive Western Science-Fiction settings for giant stompy robot battles and the Games @ PI Management Team makes little-to-no attempt to hide the fact that we're all massive fans. Now, with an all new trilogy of box sets, containing a brand new wave of plastic miniatures, it's never been easier to get into this classic wargame of battling bots and the Games @ PI Team is here to teach you how. Plus if you scroll to the end, there's a spicy little bonus. Bring a friend down on a Friday evening in March (05/03, 12/03, 19/03, 26/03) to our beginner friendly table and we'll teach you how to play! No friends free on the day? Imaginary friends welcome! Come down and we'll teach you anyway.   And to get you started, we've even got a little special bundle to [...]

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Hey PI-Fans, So you've stormed the hallways of a Silver Tower and fought your way through the chamber of a Blackstone Fortress - moving right along, Games Workshop has been bigging up an all new Warhammer Quest Boxed Game set in the cursed city of Ulfenkarn as a team of heroes, antiheroes, misfits and a very hungry ogor stalk Radukar, the vampiric lord of the city through the ruined streets while fighting off wave after wave of his foul minions. Warhamer Quest: Cursed City is coming SOON TM, and though the final price has  as with hobbyists salivating to get their hands on the pretty new models in the box, we're taking reservations for the upcoming set.   WARHAMMER QUEST: CURSED CITY EARLY RESERVATION BONUS 30% OFF FINAL RETAIL PRICE   Secure your copy now. $100 deposit, placeable at Games @ PI or at the Games @ PI Webstore. Reservation [...]

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Hey PI-Fans, The Warhammer Community website has been fairly aggressively hinting that the next Kill Team two-player box 'Pariah Nexus' is in the pipeline.* Whether you're a Marine Captain after the all new Heavy Intercessors with their chunky T5 or a Necron Lord going gaga over the possibility of just messing with the flow of time with the Necron Chronomancer **, players of both armies will be wanting a piece of the action.***     We know there are a lot of players out there salivating at the chance to get their hands on new toys to bolster their collections, so we've decided we're going to make things easier for you. While Games Workshop has been playing fairly coy with the pricing for the upcoming box****, we're offering a special opportunity to reserve a copy of Kill Team - Pariah Nexus in advance. *****   EARLY RESERVATION BONUS 30% OFF [...]

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Adeptus Astartes Blood Angel Crimson Spear Strike Force – Flash Sale

Hey PI-Fans, Plunge into battle with the Blood Angels Adeptus Astartes with the Crimson Spear Strike Force and take the fight to the enemy in vicious close combat. Pick it up in person at our retail store or place an order at our webstore while stocks last. ADEPTUS ASTARTES BLOOD ANGELS CRIMSON SPEAR STRIKE FORCE $183 FLASH SALE PRICE*   Blood Angels Chaplain with Jump Pack, both a deadly combatant in his own right and a valuable leader for your forcesBlood Angels Captain in Terminator Armour, an indomitable commander of the sons of Sanguinius 10 Space Marine Primaris Intercessors, versatile objective-holders at the heart of any Space Marine army5 Death Company Marines with Jump Packs – frenzied berzerkers capable of tearing foes limb from limb5 Sanguinary Guard, elite jump infantry armed with a variety of Baal’s finest weaponsBaal Predator, a fast moving strike tank equipped with either assault cannons or [...]

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A Quick Look Inside The Victory At Sea Rulebook

Hey PI-Fans, I'm not exactly shy about admitting I have a thing for World War 2 Naval Warfare, so Victory at Sea looks to be my jam. The book just floated into the store yesterday and some people have asked me about what's in the core rulebook. While this isn't anywhere close to a full review, I figured I'd take a couple of quick photos of this very pretty book on a potato camera. If enough people want, I'll come back and give my full thoughts with less potato quality pictures once I've had time to digest it. In the meantime, you can pick up the book at the Games @ PI Store or on our webstore. - Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager      

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Through Hell and High Water… – 15-02-21

Hey PI-Fans, Just because we're now awash with promotions on the board game and miniature fronts for the month of February doesn't mean we've given up bringing in new toys to tickle your fancy. The new stuff is going to keep coming, so don't go running for the lifeboats just yet. Admirals On Deck! If you've got anything resembling a passing interest in World War 2 naval combat, you owe it to yourself to go check out the Victory at Sea Core Rulebook. This hefty full-colour tome not only contains the rules you'll need to start lobbing 15-inch shells in every direction, but comes loaded with fleet lists for the six major naval powers of the Second World War to take to sea. The rulebook even devotes a good chunk of itself to explaining the conditions leading up to the Naval Treaties which shaped naval design, naval doctrine and historical [...]

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Astra Militarum Bastion Platoon – Flash Sale

Hey PI-Fans, For many of us, like it or loathe it, lacing up the boots and strapping on the helmet is a time honored tradition. If you look back fondly on those memories (or even if you doesn't), we've got a flash sale for you that may stoke that sense of nostalgia of the time in green. After all, you're in the Guard now, son. Pick it up in person at our retail store or place an order at our webstore while stocks last. ASTRA MILITARUM BASTION PLATOON $183 FLASH SALE PRICE*   Astra Militarum Bastion Platoon 1 Cadian Command Squad 2 Cadian Infantry Squads 1 Cadian Heavy Weapon Squad 1 Astra Militarum Sentinel/Armoured Sentinel Dual Kit 1 Astra Militarum Chimera 1 Astra Militarum Hydra/Wyvern Dual Kit The Astra Militarum Bastion Platoon is a perfect way to start an Astra Militarum army, coming chock full of bits to tool out [...]

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Warhammer 40,000 Items for Pre-Order – January 30, 2021

Hey PI-Warhammer fans, It's time for Warhammer Pre-Orders and coming up next week are the Dark Angels! Also featuring new units for Space Marines and Necrons!    Codex Supplement: Dark Angels - $33.60 (retail $42) Pre-Order this from our Webstore!   Datacards: Dark Angels - $20.80 (retail $26) Pre-Order this from our Webstore!   Combat Patrol: Dark Angels - $164 (retail $205) Pre-Order this from our Webstore!   Space Marines: Storm Speeder - $81.60 (retail $102) Pre-Order this from our Webstore!   Space Marines: Bladeguard Veterans - $60 (retail $75) Pre-Order this from our Webstore!   Space Marines: Primaris Eradicators - $60 (retail $75) Pre-Order this from our Webstore!   Necrons: Psychomancer - $43.20 (retail $54) Pre-Order this from our Webstore!   Warhammer Underworlds: Khagra's Ravagers - $48 (retail $60) Pre-Order this from our Webstore!   Dawn of Fire: The Gate of Bones - $19.20 (retail $24) Book 2 in [...]

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BattleTech: Clan Invasion and Kickstarter Exclusives are Back!

Hey PI-BattleTech fans, Last December, we brought in the new BattleTech Clan Invasion Expansion with Kickstarter exclusives. They naturally went *zoop* and disappeared.  For those who missed the first shipment, we have some news for you. WE MANAGED TO GET SOME MORE!   BattleTech: Clan Invasion Expansion     In 3050, the true heirs of the lost Star League thunder forth from the depths of the far Periphery and carve deep into the quarreling Successor States. As the Clan juggernaut rolls across the coreward realms of the Inner Sphere, the House Lords scramble to shore up their defenses and devise some way to halt the invaders. The Clan spear is aimed at the heart of human-occupied space. Do you possess the bold tactics and heroic courage to defeat warriors trained from birth to conquer? Or will you uphold Kerensky’s dream to cast aside the squabbling lords of the Inner Sphere [...]

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Warhammer 40k Items for Pre-Order – January 16, 2021

Hey PI-Warhammer fans, Eeyup! GW is open again and that means... NEW Warhammer items are up for Pre-Orders again! And it's finally here, Death Guard fans, the NEW CODEX is coming!   Codex: Death Guard - $60 (retail $75) Pre-Order this on our Webstore!   Datacards: Death Guard -  $29.60 (retail $37) Pre-Order this on our Webstore!   Combat Patrol: Death Guard - $164 (retail $205) Pre-Order this on our Webstore!   Death Guard: Lord of Virulence - $47.20 (retail $59)  Pre-Order this on our Webstore!   Miasmic Malignifier - $72 (retail $90) Pre-Order this on our Webstore!   Death Guard: Poxwalkers - $43.20 (retail $54)  Pre-Order this on our Webstore!   Siege of Terra: Fury of Magnus (Hardback) - $36.80 (retail $46) Of all the Emperor’s sons who fell to Chaos, it is perhaps Magnus the Red whose tale is the most tragic. Sanctioned because of his desire for [...]

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