Hey PI-Fans,

BattleTech – 31st Century Armored Combat is on our Webstore


It’s no secret that many of the people who run Games @ PI are BattleTech fans.

For the uninitiated, BattleTech is a science fiction war-game universe set in the 30th Century, where giant walking tanks known as BattleMechs dominate the neofeudal battlefields of the future. Unlike many other science fiction properties, alien sentience isn’t a big thing, so the universe retains a grounded in a Human way. It’s an inviting setting and a huge sandbox, with plenty of space for players to mess about within the confines of canon.

As part of our range revamp, it’s also now on our webstore.

The box set games remain an excellent way to get started as always, and if you’re a regular player seeking to expand your game, perhaps grabbing a Lance or Star Box or a map pack or two. We’re always popping up stuff as they arrive, so keep an eye out for announcements!


– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager