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A Slew Of New – 08-02-21

Hey PI-Fans, While miniature fans have been loading up on plastic BattleMechs with the return of our Clan Invasion promotion and we've got a swath of crazy deals going just in time for the upcoming Lunar New Year, doesn't mean we've forgotten you like seeing new stuff on our shelves. While you're taking advantage of the deals to load up on games for the New Year weekend, don't forget to check out the new titles as well. We've got a heady mix of titles with the asymetric adventuring game VAST: The Mysterious Manor leading the charge. Drifting along with it is the deeply tactical two-player head-to-head Seastead, which has players racing to collect resources and construct flotillas while riding off an opponent's action. Last but not least is Funfair, a theme park construction board game where players hire staff and build attractions, aiming to construct a successful Funfair. Judging by [...]

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Hey PI-Fans, To those of you who celebrate the Lunar New Year, the Year of the Ox is right around the corner! To those who don’t, WOO LONG WEEKEND! For many of us who celebrate, the New Year celebration has typically been a fraught landmine of probing questions from well-meaning relatives. On the other hand, with the new COVID-19 safety measures in place, smaller family gatherings also mean less distractions and more quality interactions. Why not kill two birds with one stone and play a board game? What better way to bond with the family over a fun game, all the while skating past uncomfortable questions about gaining weight during the circuit breaker, marriage and children? If you’re looking to reinforce your gaming collection for this endeavour, Games @ PI has got your back. For the month of February, we’ve got a special set of discounts, offers and special bundles [...]

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A Long Long Time Ago – An Unlock Promo

Hey PI-Fans, Take a day trip to a Galaxy Far Far Away without leaving the comfort of your own house! Star Wars: UNLOCK! brings you a trio of Star Wars themed cooperative scenarios, now available at Games@PI! Star Wars: UNLOCK! uses the UNLOCK! game system to send you on three new adventures full of ships, droids, and action! UNLOCK! is a co-operative card game inspired by escape rooms that uses a simple system which allows you to search scenes, combine objects, and solve riddles. Play UNLOCK! to embark on great adventures, while seated at a table using only cards and a companion app that can provide clues, check codes, monitor time remaining, etc. As rebels, smugglers, or imperial agents, search locations, combine items, use ships, weapons, interact with droids and machines in these three 60-minute adventures.   Of course the party doesn't just stop here. The world can always do [...]

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This Is The Inner Sphere… [ A CLAN INVASION PROMO]

...Thousands of planet colonized by humankind. Once it was united under the Star League, but for the last three hundred years it has been consumed by savage wars... until a new enemy appeared—mysterious invaders known as the Clans. Hey PI-Fans, The descendants of Kerensky return! The BattleTech 'Clan Invasion' expansion box now available at Games @ PI, OmniMechs and Elementals ready to carve a swathe of destruction across the Inner Sphere...   Also available right now is the 'Battle For Tukayyid' Map Pack, letting you refight the devastating engagement where the 'unstoppable' Clan juggernaut was outfought by a very angry telecoms company Comstar. And we've got a neat little promo going too for the month of December, because who doesn't like a bit of swag? STORE EXCLUSIVE PROMOTION Commanders who purchase the BattleTech Clan Invasion Box set will receive a complementary Clan Invasion poster. Commanders who purchase both the Battle [...]

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BattleTech Kickstarter – Final Retail Orders 13th December

Hi PI-Fans, This is the final weekend for ordering BattleTech Kickstarter exclusives through Games @ PI retail channels, so if you want your own plush UrbanMech, let us know by Sunday.   PREORDERS CLOSE 13TH DECEMBER 2020   Download the Price-List HERE and order in-person at Games @ PI or drop us an email at

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BattleTech Clan Invasion Kickstarter – Wave 2 Exclusives

Hi PI-Fans, I could pretty much end this post by announcing the UrbanMech Plushy is up for preorder, drop the mic and walk away. Those who would get it would get it. Those who would not, would not.* We're taking Preorders for the new wave of Kickstarter Exclusive products.** Download the Price-List HERE and order in-person at Games @ PI or drop us an email at* PREORDERS CLOSE 13TH DECEMBER 2020 * The UrbanMech is an ungainly light BattleMech whose abominably low top speed and waddling gait has earned it a dedicated following due to its perennial underdog reputation. ** This is only for Kickstarter exclusive products. Retail items funded during the campaign will be available for purchase at regular retail at a later date.

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Boaty McBoatforce – Victory At Sea Wave 2 Preorders

Hey PI-Fans, Games @ PI is now taking preorders for the Wave 2 releases for Victory at Sea and both the Atlantic and Pacific fronts are getting hotter with the release of Submarine and MTB sections for the great powers. The Great Powers are stepping up the war efforts as well, with a slew of new ships and aircraft, ready to take to the seas in search of the ever elusive Victory at Sea. Let's get straight to the point.   VICTORY AT SEA WAVE 2 AND WAVE 1 RESTOCK ORDERS 20% OFF PREORDER PROMOTION   Download the Price-List HERE and order in-person at Games @ PI or drop us an email at* Alternatively you can place a preorder via our webstore using the promotional code MIDWAY to activate your preorder discount. PREORDERS CLOSE 31ST DECEMBER 2020 * Full Deposit On All Orders. Fulfilment expected in January but subject to [...]

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We’re Hiring

Hey PI-Fans, We're looking for retail partners to work with us at Games @ PI. Games @ PI retail partners are tasked with providing customers with a positive retail experience. Their responsibilities include learning and promoting our various game lines and staying on top of the selling points of incoming titles as well as basic housekeeping duties and other retail responsibilities. We are accepting both full and part time applications able to work a position for a duration of at least half-a-year. Applicants should be: Conversant in English. Other languages a plus. Presentable and well-groomed. Able to work at least one weekend. Able to interact with members of the public while maintaining a professional demeanor. Responsible and self-motivated to stay appraised of new game releases. Able to work as part of a team. Punctual. Willing to learn. Singaporeans or Singapore PR Job Responsibilities and Scope: 4 Day On-Shift Work Week [...]

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ALL AHEAD FULL: A Warhammer Christmas

Hey PI-Fans, WE TALKED ABOUT THE CONTENTS. After that, we pointed out the awesome deals you could get if you wanted to START YOUR ARMY IMMEDIATELY. Let's drop all pretense of subtlety and get down to brass tacks. You've seen the Gloomspite Gitz Fungal Loonhorde, Ogor Mawtribes Meatgrinder Warglutt, Disciples of Tzeentch Fatesworn Host, Kharadron Overlords Barak-Nar Skyfleet, Space Marine Interdiction Force, Astra Militarum Bastion Platoon, Necron Eradication Legion, Chaos Space Marine Decimation Warband, Tyranid Brood Swarm and T’au Empire Starpulse Cadre. (If you haven't, GO LOOK AT THEM. Then come back and read the next line.)   ALL GAMES WORKSHOP CHRISTMAS 2020 BATTLEFORCES SGD$220 PREORDER   We'd like to remind you, dear customer, that QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED and we don't expect restocks. So. Now that we've gotten this out of the way, how do you participate in this, you ask? Well, we're now taking orders for the Battleforces on [...]

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Getting Ahead of the Curve: A Warhammer Christmas

Hey PI-Fans, You know what's the worst thing about Games Workshop's Holiday Bundles? They're not here yet. Under such circumstances, since we can't recommend time travel as a solution (Editors Note: Attempting to alter the space time continuum to get your plastic faster usually ends in tears), we have a slightly less worse option then attempting to tie reality into pretzel shaped knots. For those of you who aren't prepared to wait for the Christmas Battleforces to get their army started, here's how we'll do this.   We're extending our 30% Preorder Discount to existing Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar BattleForces and Start Collecting Boxes.   Contact us at or swing by Games @ PI to get your army started! Got your attention? Good. Here are a couple of standouts.   Get your angry on with the Blood Angels Crimson Spear Strike Force. A Blood Angel Terminator [...]

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