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Waterfall Park

Hey PI-Fans, An absolutely visually stunning negotiation and trading board game, Waterfall Park has made an absolute splash at Essen. Running of a polished up variant of the classic Chinatown trading engine, Waterfall Park's pseudo-hexagonal tile placement opens up plenty of new options that keeps the game feeling absolutely fresh. If you're intrigued by the idea, Respos games has provided an excellent video tutorial into Waterfall Park's core gameplay. Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBHyXXFJBGw

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Fighters, Felines and Funfairs

Hey PI-Fans, We've furnished a fantastical feast of fancy fun. Now that I've gotten that out of my system, it's worth mentioning that one of our long delayed shipments has suddenly just popped out of thin air and made it's way to our shelves. Spread across the New Stuff shelf are three new titles and a pair of new expansions from some wildly varying from head-to-head wargames for those of the strategic persuasion to adorable furniture battles of feline domination. Card gamers can likewise, celebrate the arrival of new Pokemon, with a small restock of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 151 Elite Trainer Boxes, Mini Tins and Zapdos Collection Boxes. If you're curious about  some of the new shine things to reach our shelf, just check out the list below.     Waterfall Park is a beautiful reimplementation of the classic board game Chinatown. In this negotiation and trading game, players [...]

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Air Conditioning Servicing – Friday 6th October

Hey PI-Fans, Building Management has informed us that they will be conducting servicing of the Air Conditioning units inside our unit during working hours on the 6th of October 2023. We expect there to be disruptions to our regular operating standards on the day itself - Though our staff will be on hand, at the very least we do not expect to be able to provide our normal expected level of service on the day itself. In the off-chance you need something in-extremis, we'll do our best but no promises. We expect regular to return to regular operating parameters on Saturday, 7th of October 2023. 

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Magic the Gathering: Doctor Who Universes Beyond Set

Hey PI-Fans, Don't Panic. Magic the Gathering is doing timey-wimey nonsense on the Tardis and we are coming along for the ride. We’re taking preorders for the following products at the listed prices below. Due to the limited nature of the release, we will only be selling boxes as sealed product. No refunds for cancellation. All orders must be placed with full deposit (Deposit will be refunded in the event of manufacturer short supply). In the event of shortage, priority will go to orders placed and paid for earlier. We are accepting preorders from customers in good credit standings only. Release date subject to manufacturer. Place order and deposit directly at Games @ PI. If not possible, contact us ASAP and we can arrange for electronic transfer for the deposit. Preorder window may close early subject to manufacturer. DEADLINE FOR PREORDERS Monday, 25/9/23, 1500 HRS   MTG: Universes Beyond: Dr. [...]

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Restock Waves

Hey PI-Fans, Boy... It's been a while hasn't it.  Time waits for nobody and there's never enough of it really. In my ongoing attempts to keep the store full of cool stuff, it's time to update the website. It's a long overdue update, haha. Worth mentioning is that in addition to spread of board and card games, we've gotten in a useful spread of accessories from the Sultan with 100-card deck boxes, mini-snaps, magnetic-snaps and plastic sleeves  as well as inner 'perfect fit' sleeves for both Standard and Japanese trading card sizes, making this an excellent way to protect both Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering Commander decks. On top of that, here's some of the new stuff that's made it's way to the shelves.     The army of the evil Dragon Queen marches across the land, leaving destruction in its wake. An alliance of desperate defenders stands against the [...]

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EARLY CLOSING – Monday, 4th September

Hey PI-Fans, We'll be closing at 7pm on Monday, September 4th instead of the usual 9pm closing time for a staff function. Regular operating hours will resume on Tuesday, September 5th. We apologize for the disruption. SPECIAL OPERATING HOURS: MONDAY, 4/9/23 12 noon - 7pm

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Wilds of Eldraine Prerelease

Hey PI-Fans, The Wilds of Eldraine MTG set is rolling out at Games @ PI on Saturday, 2nd of September and Sunday, 3rd of September. September 2nd (Saturday), 2pm Format: Sealed, three rounds Swiss, best-of-3 matches Fee: $35 Participation: 3 wins – 4 set booster packs 2 wins – 2 set booster packs 1/0 wins – 1set booster pack   September 3rd (Sunday), 2pm Format: Sealed, three rounds Swiss, best-of-3 matches Fee: $35 Participation: 3 wins – 4 set booster packs 2 wins – 2 set booster packs 1/0 wins – 1set booster pack  

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Descent: The Betrayer’s War – “More Dungeon, More Crawl”

Hey PI-Fans, The Betrayer's War expansion for the Descent: Legends of the Dark board game is an absolute doozy. Arriving in a massive box almost the same size as the original, the game of cooperative 3D dungeon crawling returns with a massive expansion to the main in a campaign that takes on the role of Act 2 of the journey of the heroes through Terrinoth. Building on the original, the game will continue to send heroes questing across a variety of different terrain and encounters as they seek to end the threat of the Waiqar the Undying, Dragonlord Levirax and the monstrous Uthuk Y’llan. Whether they succeed, on the other hand depends on the skill, luck and tenacity of the players in this App-Driven Game-Masterless dungeon romp. If you've ever wanted to play a RPG campaign but could never settle on armtwisting someone in to being the GM, this may [...]

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Games for the whole family!

Hey PI-Fans, We've always stood by the philosophy of "Play Games and Have Fun".  When shipments drop in from the sky, they do fantastic jobs of broadening the shelf range, with this one coming with a massive mix of board and card games for all ages. We'll go into  a bit more details in coming days as we focus on the specific titles in details, but in the meantime it's worth showcasing the restock wave as a whole! New Board and Card Game: 7 Wonders Edifice Expansion Hurry Up Chicken Butt I Want My Teeth Back My Parents Might Be Martians Mysterium Kids Nutty Noodles Unstable Unicorns Travel Edition Tiny Epic Vikings Without Fail Board and Card Game Restocks: 7 Wonders Azul – Master Chocolatier Catan Citadels Dixit Dobble Just One Mansions of Madness Mind MGMT Mists over Carcassonne No Thanks Pandemic Pandemic: Hot Zone: Europe Poetry for Neanderthals Poetry [...]

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