Hey PI-Fans,

The last time we dredged up a pile of games, when you have a big box like Wyrmspan leading the charge, it’s fairly safe to say that was a big week. This week’s ‘newstuff’ focus appears to be a tad smaller though, beginning with a restock of the pocket sized trick-taker Sea, Salt and Paper.

Also part of the pocket sized line up for the week is the Exploding Kittens Company’s new speed reaction and time management game Danger Danger, Oink Games’ tiny push your luck game Durian and the card memorization game of animal waster Who Did It

This week’s titles are aggressively tiny, so if you fancy something you can toss into a backpack so you have something handy should the need arise, all of them make  excellent choices.


Today the jungle fruit shop is busy and bustling once again. The shop’s clerks, having too much to do, have started helping customers without checking the new inventory that has arrived.

In Durian, the players are lazy clerks who have an incomplete idea of the inventory of the store they work in, having neglected to pay attention. During each turn, players will draw cards representing customer orders which they are forced to add to the table, or barring that, call the Manager to rat out a coworker who has placed an order which they believe exceed’s the store inventory and the store cannot fulfil. Needless to say, this upsets the Manager who will be either annoyed at the staffer who should have known better or the clerk who wasted their time by calling them over.

Durian: 2-7 Players, 20 mins, Ages 7+


But, but…who did that?!

Who Did It? is a light card game of card counting and quick accusations, players race to get rid of their cards so that they can avoid the blame of owning the animal that pooped in this speed reaction game. Be the first to discard the matching card when a particular animal is blamed and you can immediately pass the blame onto another species, triggering another round of discarding as you race to be the first to dump all your cards absolving your own pets of blame.

Just be careful that you don’t call an animal type that has already been exonerated. That rarely reflects well on the owner, and the loser is left to deal with the mess.

Who Did It?: 3-6 Players, 15 mins, Ages 6+


Danger Danger is a one-minute card game with an evil twist you won’t see coming.

In a round of Danger Danger, each team of players draw and play cards as quickly as they can for 60 seconds, using cards of their own colour to replace those of the opponents. Each card is worth a number of points, and the team with the most points showing at the end of the game wins.

If you’re confident of your point superiority, you can place your hands on the table signaling your team has stopped playing. This gives your opponent free reign to mess with the table.

However, the timer in the game is hidden, so players never know how much time is left. If a team is still playing cards when the buzzer goes off, they instantly lose, turning this into a nail biting push to the limit of the capacity for risk.

Danger Danger: 2-8 Players, 1 min, Ages 7+