Swords & Stationery Charity FB Live Auction! – October 31, 2020

Hey PI-Fans, How's your Monday going? Our friends at Swords & Stationery are holding a Charity Auction for Dyslexia Awareness Month! This will take place online on FB Live on Oct 31, 2020 at 8pm SG time!  All proceeds will go to the Singapore Book Council to help kids with Dyslexia overcome their challenges of reading! There's all sorts of Board Games, Card Games and Games Workshop items to bid for! Check this link to see the items! Track the event on FaceBook Live here!  Remember the date! Bid on cool items and do your bit for charity!

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Warhammer Items for Pre-Order – October 10, 2020

Hey PI-Warhammer fans, FEE-FI-FO-FUM! The Sons of Behemat are coming! Pre-Order these glorious models and their rules today! For the 40k Necrons fans, you can add more Necrons to boost your existing forces! We have some GIANT BUNDLES to offer! The Battletome & Warscrolls Bundle - $70 (retail $90) Pre-Order this on our Webstore! One of Each New Model - $460 (retail $576) Comprises of the Mega-Gargant and the Mancrusher Gargants Pre-Order this on our Webstore! The Triple Mega-Gargant Bundle! - $660 (retail $882) So you can assemble them in each flavor! Pre-Order this on our Webstore! A la Carte and the Rest of the New Items Pre-Order during the window and enjoy them at 20% retail! Battletome: Sons of Behemat - $51.20 (retail $64) Warscroll Cards: Sons of Behemat - $20.80 (retail $26) Mega-Gargant - $235.20 (retail $294) Mancrusher Gargants - $153.60 (retail $192) Sons of Behemat Audiobook - [...]

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Staff Spotlight: Vernon!

Hey PI-Fans, How are you all doing today? For the month of October, we're shining the spotlight on our awesome staff that keep the wheels of PI turning! You know him as the friendly Warhammer and Pokemon guy, it's our man Vernon! I sat down and had a chat with Vernon to find out all about his Life@PI (and his secret back story) Q: How Did You Get Started With The Tabletop Hobby Mainly the big one is that I've always been playing games for a while. So definitely Video Games and all that were the first few to get started with. Discovering Warhammer I think my first major exposure to Warhammer was when I was 8 years old, in 1998. So that was when I believe when Third Edition was the thing? It was 2 things that happened, I can't remember what came first. One was I had hand-me-down [...]

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Horrible Game Experiences: Board Games

Hey PI-Fans, It's October! The month of exams, Halloween scares and then some. We've all been there before: table top games are meant to be fun and engaging for your friends and family. But sometimes, your game session becomes unfun for you, others and sometimes, gets downright traumatic. Here are some examples of When Game Experiences Go Wrong: Board Games Edition!   Everyone Gangs Up On You Perhaps everyone knows you're the best player around because you're good at strategy. Everyone just decides to take you down by concentrating all their attacks on you by lobbing penalty after penalty on you just to see you suffer. Or for absolutely no reason at all, everyone accuses you of being the 'Werewolf' even though you did absolutely nothing wrong and no one has any proof. Perhaps everyone was just having a really bad day and wanted to target their aggression on you. [...]

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Support Local: Bye Bye Virus

Hey PI-Fans, Welcome to Monday! As we all anxiously wait for Phase 3, check out this snazzy local game: Bye Bye Virus! As featured in Straits Times, Yasmine Khater and Denise Lim made the game during Circuit Breaker and successfully funded it via crowd-funding!          Bye Bye Virus pits players in a virus situation where your goal is to keep healthy and stay safe! Collect 5 protection items like face masks, hand sanitizers, gloves and soap to win! But in all craziness, situations change: players could hoard essentials like toilet rolls, cup noodles, canned food. Players could play a government card and change the rules and make other players do silly tasks. If you're not careful, you could get caught by the cops for breaking quarantine or lose cards if a player catches you touching your face! A zany game that everyone can enjoy! Because, why mope [...]

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Warhammer 40k Items for Pre-Order – October 3, 2020

Hey PI-Warhammer Fans! The new Codexes and models will be out NEXT WEEK! We also have some awesome bundle packages that you should check out!   The Codexes & Datacards Bundle (Marines or Necrons) - $90 (retail $112)       Pre-order this bundle: Space Marines / Necrons on our webstore!     Space Marines: One of Each New Model - $150 (retail $188)   Which comprises of: The Primaris Invader ATV, Primaris Chaplain on Bike, Firestrike Servo-Turret Pre-Order this bundle on our webstore!   Necrons: One of Each New Model - $280 (retail $348)   Which comprises of: Szarekh the Silent King, Lokhusts Heavy Destroyer, Canoptek Doomstalker Pre-Order this bundle on our webstore!   The 3 of A Kind Special 3 Primaris Invader ATVs - $155 (retail $192) Pre-Order this bundle on our webstore!   3 Firestrike Servo-Turrets - $130 (retail $162) Pre-Order this bundle on our webstore!   [...]

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New Releases – September 28, 2020

Hey PI-Fans, And we're back to Monday! We've got 3 New Releases today: Deep Blue, Blueprints and Wardlings Campaign Guide: for D&D 5E!   Deep Blue     Fans of diving and treasure hunters, ahoy! Grab a ship, hire some crew, race to sunken treasure sites and haul as much loot as you can! How effective you are depends on the boat and crew you select and whether luck is on your side! Winner of the Best Family Game People's Award at the 2020 UK Games Expo! For 2-5 Players, 45 Minutes Playing Time, Ages 8+ Pick up this game from our webstore!   Blueprints     Have you ever thought of being an architect? Well, you most certainly can in Blueprints! You and your friends are architects with the goal to design and build the most epic building possible. The player who has won the most architectural awards and prizes [...]

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Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker Review

Hey PI-Fans, It's Friday again! Wesley Tay's got a new game review which is perfect for fans of Social Deduction games! So everyone is playing Among Us, that trending online game where you eject imposters (or friends) into space if you suspect them of killing your friends.    Why not play a higher level Social Deduction game where you can do that AND earn power and resources? In a nutshell: Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker is everything you love in a Social Deduction game with added resource management. So not only do you have fun scheming with fellow conspirators or fighting for the King/Queen, you do have to worry about resources at the end of the day. You also don't get 'ejected' from the game if you're a conspirator so play can continue right till the end! Get this game at our webstore!   Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker What it's About [...]

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Last Minute Shopping: Mooncake Master

Hey PI-Fans! Mid-Autumn Festival is coming up really soon, and with that comes the scramble to get tasty mooncakes. While you're out getting your treats, why not pick up a box of Mooncake Master too, so you can play with mooncakes while you eat mooncakes! Mooncake Master is a 2-6 player set collection/draft game, by local designer Daryl Chow. Perfect for a last minute purchase, Mooncake Master is a simple to learn game that serves as a good gift for anyone, including yourself. In the box are a customer cards, a scoreboard and tokens to keep track of score, reminder cards, and many pieces of mooncakes, waiting to be made whole by expert hands! You are given three pieces of mooncakes to choose from, taking one and passing one to the person on your left, and the other to your right. These pieces will then form your three mooncakes! [...]

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Important Announcement: Events & Game Table Bookings Are Off

Dear PI-Fans, We have just been informed by the authorities that we are now unable to run events and game table bookings for the time being. Yep, it's a real bummer. As much as we love having people play in the store, we will have to hold off till we get the green light. Do stay tune for the announcement!  We are still open for retail operations so come on down and pick up some games!  

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