Hey, PI-Fans, Here's an army deal going up on flash sale for an extra-special low price. If you like your Marines in a perpetual fit of zealotry inspired violence, Black Templars are probably going to be the army of choice for you, and if you've been contemplating the start of a crusade to burn the [ INSERT THING I DON'T LIKE HERE ] in the name of the God Emperor of Man, we might have something for the fastest shopper. Representing more than 100% added value, this bundle comes with a spread of Black Templar staples to get your Crusade starter, including two characters, the bundle pack comes with the necessary Space Marine Codex and Black Templar Supplement to get you into the field and burning the Heretic, Mutant and Xenos as fast as possible. On top of that, this bundles comes with a Deathworld Forest kit to give you [...]

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Black Friday Battleforces Preregistration

Hey PI-Fans, Over the weekend Games Workshop announced their annual Year-End Battleforces. There's ten this time around, with six from the Grim Darkness of the Far Future of Warhammer 40,000 and another four from the battlefields of the Mortal Realms of Age of Sigmar. While we're already having our own Games Workshop related festive promotion at Games @ PI, we figured these battleforces are great ways to start an army, so... we decided to roll out a special bonus promotion too. From now until the 29th of November, you can preregister your interest for these Battleforces at Games @ PI for a special 30% off the final sticker price when the box releases. EARLY BIRD BONUS GET 30% OFF FINAL RETAIL PRICE FOR REGISTERING INTEREST   Secure your copy now. $100 preregistration of interest per Battleforce. PREREGISTRATION CAN BE DONE IN PERSON AT GAMES @ PI OR BY CONTACTING US [...]

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Games @ PI Festive Bundles – Party Pack

Hey PI-Fans, Perhaps the ebb and flow of a social deduction game are your thing. Or maybe you just enjoy messing with your friends in new and innovative ways as they struggle to figure out what you're doing. Or maybe you just like going Take That! This bundle is for you then. Previously retailing at $166.70, this crazy $100 deal contains four wacky party games, providing plenty of wacky mind games you can unleash on your friends! Bears vs Babies is a card game in which you build incredible Bears (and other monsters) to eat awful Babies. Stitch together a handsome salmon armed with knives and burritos, or a pomeranian of light and wonder in business attire who can run at the speed of light. Give your creations limbs, weapons, and special hats to help prepare them for the inevitable infant onslaught. Your creepy Neighbor has something locked up in [...]

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Games @ PI Festive Bundles – Mystery

Hey PI-Fans, Maybe you're a fan of escape rooms and puzzles or perhaps you're feeling like doing something with the old noggin. If so, then this particular festive package is going to be right up your alley!  Condensing $151.70 worth of value into a svelte $100 price tag, the Games @ PI Mystery bundle contains three different amazing Escape Room games from three different series, providing hours of entertainment, whether you run them solo or as a group. TIME Stories Revolution: A Midsummer Night is a standalone TIME Stories scenario where agents explore an alternate parallel time frame. Reality thus becomes a fluctuating concept, and players will have to unravel the true from the fake in this adventure built like a great game of mirrors. No prior knowledge of TIME Stories, both in mechanics or narration is needed. Unlock! Exotic Adventures features three new "escape room" scenarios that you can [...]

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Games @ PI Festive Bundles – Games For Two

Hey PI-Fans, Festive Bundle week continues with yet another look at yet another package. Today's deals are board games tailored for two! As always, our retail Festive Bundles and our holiday Rebate Promotion are running, so with X'Mas around the corner, take advantage of this to get prepped. With the ongoing measures, this special package is great for small groups and significant others! The For Two special bundle can be picked up at the Games @ PI store at a promotional price of $100, down from the regular retail of $155.70. Welcome to the city of Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan! As the two most powerful traders in the city, you will match wits to win an invite to the Maharaja’s court. Jaipur is a fast-paced card game, a blend of tactics, risk and luck. On your turn, you can either take, trade or sell cards while trying to balance the [...]

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Games @ PI Festive Bundles – Strategy

xHey PI-Fans, We're just popping in to feature another $100 bundle again. This time, we're going a little deeper into the gaming genres, so if you'd like a neat strategy game or two or even the teeny tiniest 4X strategy wargame ever... you'll want to pop on by the Games @ PI store to grab this particular Festive Bundles! Alternatively, build your own package with the Rebate Promotion and get a bunch of games at your own special price. The backbone of this package comes from Gamelin's Tiny Epic series, an amazing series built around the minimalist conceit of distilling a game genre down to it's core elements. Normally retailing at $152.60, you can pick this up at a steal at $100. Tiny Epic Galaxies BLAST OFF! is a streamlined successor to the best selling game Tiny Epic Galaxies. In Tiny Epic Galaxies BLAST OFF!, each player controls a galactic [...]

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Games @ PI Festive Bundles – Roll Off

Hey PI-Fans, It's the Games @ PI Team back to talk about our Festive Bundles again. If you want to take advantage of our Festive Bundles and our Rebate Promotion, strike while the iron is hot. We almost ended up calling this one "From Farm To Plate" for some unfathomable reason (we're not quite sure why ourselves). Either way, if you like the clatter of dice on the table, it's time to give this amazing trio of games a shot. Grab this special bundle at the Games @ PI store at the amazing price of $100, down from the regular retail of $157.90. First up is a game that really needs no introduction (but we're going to do it anyway). In Catan, players try to be the dominant force on the island of Catan by building settlements, cities, and roads. On each turn dice are rolled to determine what resources [...]

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Games @ PI Festive Bundles – The Classics

Hey PI-Fans, Hope the week's been treating you well. Between the previously announced Festive Bundles and our Rebate Promotion, it's a great time to get in some gaming. We'll be here over the course of this week talk about these bundles, which we feel are an excellent start to a holiday gift-giving spree (or a self-gift, we don't judge). First up is THE CLASSICS! Normally retailing at S$156.70, this amazing $100 package is an amazing way to start any board game collection with four different games showcasing multiple different playstyles! Leading the way is Ticket to Ride: New York, a speedy 2 to 4 player reimplementation of the classic gameplay of Ticket to Ride that sees players racing to connect taxi routes across New York City to score points. In this fast-paced Ticket to Ride game, players race one another through the busy streets of New York City to visit [...]

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Games @ PI Festive Bundles

Hey PI-Fans, Last week, we rolled out a couple of special in-store deals to our long-time fans with a special set of bonuses to the Games @ PI Members. If you haven't already checked them out, your probably should - after all who doesn't like a cashback promo? That said, we also promised last week that there was more to come... So here's a slew of super value Holiday Bundles for you. Whether you're loading up on X'Mas gifts for friends and family, or you just want something special for yourself (self-care is still a gift!), here come six value packed themed bundles to keep you gaming over the year end period! While the cashback promo unfortunately doesn't stack here, these bundles are still loaded with fantastic value! Here's to a good year end folks! - Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager

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Games @ PI Festive Offers

Hey PI-Fans, The festive season is right around the corner, and the Games @ PI team would like to roll out a little something for all your PI-Fans out there as thanks for shopping with us. Starting on the 5th of November and continuing for the rest of the Holiday Season, we'll be offering a $5 Rebate for every $80 spent at the Games @ PI Store.* As special thanks to our Game @ PI Members, we're offering a pair of extra special bonuses. Games @ PI is offering our members the option of a special $20 Rebate for every $200 spent at the Games @ PI Store instead of the usual promo. While this offer is not applicable to Games Workshop products, we're offering our members a separate 20% off Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar products!** Come on down and take advantage of this promo to share the [...]

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