A Lead Up To Christmas

Hey PI-Fans, It's that time of year again, I guess... after all, the Orchard Road displays are out and everything is bright and shiny and tinsel covered and the store manager is wistfully reminiscing the notch of yet another year under his belt. No time like the present. No time better for Christmas presents too. In the lead up to Christmas, we've be preparing a number of member retail promotions, and we're kicking it off with two major ones. Here we go. PHASE ONE: (14th November - 30th November) Go Big And Go Home Because home is usually the most comfy place to learn a new game, especially when you've just made it better with an expansion or two. Explore an all new dimension to Catan with Traders and Pirates, wander the streets of Machi Koro's Millionaire's Row or just escalate the shadow war with a slew of Netrunner datapacks... The options [...]

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Games @ PI Auction Item List

Hey PI-Fans, Items have been flowing in for the Games @ PI auction at an astounding rate, and we’ve seen a good spread of Card Games, Board Games, RPGs and Miniatures. And don’t forget – if you’re planning to clear your closets, we’re still open to auction contributions at the store until the 7th of August. We’ll be making more announcements over this week in the leadup to the bidding itself. Here’s a peek into what’s going under the hammer. Miniatures Board & Card Games Role Playing Games Scale Model Kits Print Novels See anything you or your friends world like? Don’t forget to bid when the auction opens on the 10th of August! 3/8/16 EDIT: We’ve updated the list yet again with another batch of auction items. 4/8/16 EDIT: More items, just appeared, including some hard to find miniatures! 5/8/16 EDIT: Board Games, Card Games and Miniature Games Galore. And there’s [...]

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Games @ PI Summer Sale

x_X Hey PI-Fans, Weather hot. Too hard to word. Summer Preorder Sale. This weekend only (29 - 31st July). Check the list now. Come to store. Tell us what you want. Place deposit. Estimated delivery in 2 weeks. We bring in for you. If no have. We refund you. Ask us questions. If you have. Call if necessary. Ungawa. ______________________________________________ 29 - 31 August 2016

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The Games @ PI Auction 2016 FAQ

Hey PI-Fans, Our announcement of The Games @ PI Auction 2016 has resulted in a number of questions being asked. So we'll clarify how it's going to work.   Auction Contributions: If you wish to sell items at the Games @ PI auction, we'll open to collecting until the 7th of August. Items placed on auction will be sold during the auction period  from the 10th to 21st of August. Sellers have the option to collect 60% of the paid bid for their sold items in cash, or 100% in store credit which can be collected from 9th September onward. To place items up for auction, bring them down to the Games @ PI store and fill up a Auction form listing the items being placed on auction as well as the minimum starting bid. Games @ PI will hold on to the items placed on auction for the duration of the auction period. Sealed [...]

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The Games @ PI Auction 2016

Hey PI-Fans, Ever felt an urge to clear out those gaming closets for new stuff? Well, you're in luck. It's time for another Games @ PI Auction. Interested in putting up items for auction? Bring them down to the collection point at the Games @ PI Retail store from 23rd July to 7th August and fill in auction form which allows them to list the items they wish to sell and set a minimum sale price for items they are selling. We'll put he items up for sealed bid auction from 10th to 21st August. Sellers have the option to collect 60% of the paid bid for their items in cash, or 100% in store credit which can be collected from 9th September! Full Terms and Conditions To Follow. - Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager

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Heroes Never Die*

Hey PI-Fans, It's been two weeks since heroes ventured into the perils of the Silver Tower, and our merry band of heroes has grown from strength to strength. How are yours doing, folks? Games @ PI is organizing a community painting contest and we want to see your Silver Tower heroes! Show us your heroes by posing them on the Games @ PI Paradigm Midpoint Facebook Page by the 11th of June to participate. To participate, post pictures of a Silver Tower hero in the Paradigm Midpoint Facebook Group.**  Please limit posting to one entry per person. The collected images will be opened to a community vote, and the hero with the most votes wins an Android unlock code for the Silver Tower App.**** * Figure of speech - Heroes may actually die while playing the Silver Tower board game. ** Heroes not limited to those found in the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Box. Go nuts.*** [...]

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Into Dark Dungeons

Join A Community Delve On 28/05/16 A Grab More Silver Tower Swag Hey PI-Fans, Have you gotten your copy of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower yet? Interested in braving the dark recesses of the tower's dungeons for glory and loot? Games @ PI is hosting community delves into the Silver Tower on Saturday, 28/05/16 and we'll be handing out a promotional foil character cards to each delver who braves the Gaunt Summoner's challenge. We're hosting 4 seatings for the Silver Tower for 4 sets of players. Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower: 12 nn - 2 pm Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower: 2 - 4 pm Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower: 4 - 6 pm Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower: 6 - 8 pm Slots are limited and filling fast, so we recommend signing up ASAP. Saturday also sees the launch of the Mighty Heroes Expansion Pack for Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.  Storm the tower with the brutal Khorne Slaughterpriest, turn enemies into pincushions with the [...]

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May The 4th Be With You

Games @ PI is celebrating Star Wars Day with a Star Wars Sale Hey PI-Fans, A long long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, "May the 4th Be With You" was originally coined in the far-away land of the United Kingdom to mark the ascension to Prime Minister of a certain Margaret Thatcher. (Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka?) "His name is Kettch, and he's an Ewok." Now, we better know May the 4th as Star Wars Day. What is Star Wars Day you ask? Here's an explanation by Star Trek Voyager's Tim Russ. "No." Those of you following from home would know we announced a sale of 10% off all Star Wars products on May the 4th to celebrate the Star Wars Day. Sadly we realize Star Wars Day is (shockingly) not a public holiday and some customers have left feedback that they can't make it on the day..."Oh, yes. Determined to fight. You should [...]

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The Manager Is Bored. Also a BattleTech fan…

  Hey PI-Fans, As the first main line BattleTech novel since Endgame in 2002, (or if you prefer, To Ride The Chimera from the MechWarrior fiction line),  Embers of War has big shoes to fill. Those of you who know me know I am fan of giant robots. And, as far as giant robots go, few science fiction properties have managed to grab me quite like the BattleTech universe.| As fans like to say; "Came for the giant robots, stayed for the politics". And, as you can tell from the article title, I am bored. There are seven BattleMechs on the cover art of Embers of War. So here's the deal. The first person to come in to Games @ PI and name all the BattleMech chassis on the cover to the counter staff gets this $6 Voucher Die.* To the victor go went the spoils. Hatchetman, Crusader, Orion, Centurion, Dragon, Banshee, Salamander

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Games @ PI On The House!

Interested in looking for new ways to host an event? Come play board games with us! Unlike the usual Monopoly or Scrabble our wide selection of board games are capable of providing a unique sense of bonding for you and your participants. Our staff is more than capable at hosting the games; all that’s required from you is to sign up with us. What we can provide: A conducive environment for your events Friendly staff capable of hosting the games A range of games that are great at building team work and bonding All that for free*! Selection of games include but are not limited to: Resistance Machi Koro Splendor Ticket to Ride And many more! Interested in looking for a space for host your events? Contact us at! Games @ PI is able to offer you the space, as well as the games, to keep you entertained for free**. *While it is free to utilize [...]

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