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Time to say farewell to Galar – Get ready for Paldea

The final set for the Sword and Shield Generation is here! Celebrate the whole generation of Sword and Shield with a whole range of V, VMax and VStar Pokémon. Crown Zenith also include the Galarian Gallery, a set of beautiful cards illustrated in Full-Art glory. Products for this release is highly sought after and limited, so don't miss your chance to pick up some Crown Zenith Cards today.     The Legendary heroes Zacian and Zamazenta shine with new VSTAR Powers, and an all-star assembly of Pokémon and Trainers arrive to celebrate the era of Pokémon V! Discover dazzling special illustrations in the Galarian Gallery, and wield the strength of rare and powerful Pokémon, including Charizard as both a Pokémon VSTAR and Radiant Pokémon. Many more Pokémon have their own tales to tell in battle as the Sword & Shield Series reaches its towering peak in the Pokémon TCG: Crown [...]

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Pokémon Family Learn to Play

18 December 2pm – 5pm Entry Fee: $40 per kit Come down and learn how to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Each participant will receive a Build and Battle Box. Contains a ready-to-play 40 card deck that we will be using to teach how to play the game. Understand the Objective of the game and learn how to make use of your growing collection of Pokémon Cards. Meet new friends and challenge each other in friendly battles. Things that would be covered. For Kids Basics of gameplay Opening of packs Care and storage of collection For Parents Understanding benefits of the game Differentiation of Authentic and Counterfeit products  Usage Pokémon Live Online Service Prior board game experience is helpful but not required. All you need to bring is an open mind for learning a new hobby. Parents are recommended to participate in learning the game as well. [...]

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Sibling Squabbles – MTG Learn to Play Event

As the Brothers' War approaches, players are going to have to pick sides between Urza's Iron Alliance and Mishra's Burnished Banner. Brother versus Brother locked in a war that lasted for decades, devastating Terisiare, before the dramatic conclusion on the verdant island Argoth. Travel back through time, glimpse through the lens of Dominaria's locations, characters, and victims of the conflict and see a plane-spanning conflict escalate with artifacts, giant constructs, and beyond.   Interesting in finding out more about the upcoming Magic Expansion Brothers' War? Join the Brothers' War Pre-release and experience the Antiquities War yourself. Pre-release details Date: 12th November 2022 Time: 1pm - 6pm Fee: $35 Prizes: 3 wins = 4 Set Boosters 2 wins = 2 Set Boosters 1/0 wins = 1 Set Boosters   Not sure how to play Magic the Gathering? Come down to Games@PI and try out the game. Pick from the [...]

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From the Shadows, New things come..

Today is the release of the latest sets for Pokemon TCG and Magic the Gathering. From the dark realms come Giratina and Sheoldred, ready to bring havoc and chaos to the gaming table. The Lost Zone returns to the Pokémon TCG in the Sword & Shield—Lost Origin expansion. Giratina ripped apart the very fabric of space to create a rift into the Lost Zone. Many cards, including Giratina V and Giratina VSTAR, will take advantage of this exciting mechanic. While cards placed in the Lost Zone are out of play for the rest of the games, strategic players can make the most of this new opportunity. The time for Dominaria United is here. A twisted evil lurks within Dominaria: an unexpected sleeper agent. Unite together with powerful planeswalkers and heroes from across the multiverse to expose the ancient threat!  So what are you waiting for? Head down to Games@PI and [...]

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Return to where it all began – MTG Dominaria United Prerelease

  Dominaria United Pre-release It's almost time to return to Magic's most storied plane, Dominaria, with a heroic battle for the ages in Dominaria United. Come on down and experience the next chapter of Magic the Gathering. A twisted evil lurks within Dominaria: an unexpected sleeper agent. Band together with powerful planeswalkers and heroes from across the multiverse to expose the ancient threat! Date: 3 September 2022 Time 2 pm Fee: $35 Prize Structure; 3 wins = 4 Booster packs 2 wins = 2 Booster Packs 0/1 win = 1 Booster Pack The Dominaria United Prerelease Pack contains 6 Dominaria United Draft Boosters, 1 foil-stamped rare or mythic rare card, 1 deck box, and 1 Spindown die. Register today.

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Learn to Spellsling – Magic the Gathering Learn to Play

Always wanted to learn how Magic works? Maybe you're curious what people are doing with their cards and it all seems so complicated. Well fret not, Games@PI will be running a learn to play session for Magic the Gathering this Sunday, 28th August, at 2pm. For only $12, you'll be receiving 2 Jumpack Boosters, a Welcome Booster, a Foil Promo Pack Booster and a special Sol Ring Promo. Learn the basics of Magic the Gathering, and get immersed in the rich narrative and mechanics of the game. Bring a friend and pick up a new hobby together along with some additional Promo Cards. Finally as a bonus, Participants will get a 20% discount off any Magic: the Gathering Products.   So what are you waiting for? Register your slot with the form below today.     Entry Fee: $12 Date: 28th August 2022, 2pm

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Pokémon World Championship Celebration Sale

  Greeting Pokéfans. With the Pokemon World Championships taking place this week. Games@PI will be running a sale promotion for all Pokémon Trading Card Game Products. From the 18th of August to 31st of August, 2022. Enjoy a 15% Discount off any PTCG Boxed product (Excluding Booster Packs), and a 10% discount off when you purchase 6 or more booster packs. Interested in watching competitive play of the Pokémon Trading Card Game? Head on to the official Pokémon Stream to catch games live throughout this dates. https://www.twitch.tv/pokemontcg\ Thursday, August 18: 4:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. SGT — Day 1 Swiss Friday, August 19: 4:00 p.m. to 4:15 a.m. SGT — Day 2 Swiss Saturday, August 20: 4:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. SGT — Single Elimination Top Cut Sunday, August 21: 4:00 p.m. SGT — Junior, Senior, and Masters Division Finals play sequentially

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Streets of New Capenna: Pre-Release

Family Means Business A city built by Angels, now ruled by five Demon crime families battling for supremacy. Which family would you be loyal to? Games@PI will be running a Pre-Release celebrating the lastest Magic the Gathering set, Streets of New Capenna. Due to the Pre-Release Kits being tied to a specific family (Brokers, Obscura, Maestros, Riveteers & Cabaretti). Kits will be issued in a First-come, First-served manner. Also Covid-19 precautions will be taken, and participants are required to wear masks at all times. Date: 23 & 24 April 2022 Time: 12.30 pm & 4.30 pm Capacity: 8 Players per timeslot Format: Best-of-3 Three Round Swiss Entry Fee: $40   Players will receive one (1) New Capenna Set Booster for participating and one (1) New Capenna Set Booster for each Round they win.  

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Kamigawa Neon Dynasty: Pre-Release

Light It Up! Welcome back to Kamigawa! Things have changed since we were last here. Games@PI will be running a Pre-Release celebrating the lastest Magic the Gathering set, Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. Players will be placed into two tables of 4 participants, and will play a 3 round Round Robin. Covid-19 precautions will be taken, and participants are required to wear masks at all times. Date: 12 & 13 Feburary 2022 Time: 1.00 pm & 4.00 pm Capacity: 8 Players per timeslot (Players will be split into tables of 4) Format: Best-of-3 Round Robin Entry Fee: $40   Register with the booking form today!

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Dungeons & Dragons Learn to Play Weekend

Always wanted to try Dungeons and Dragons, but dont know where to start? Come on down and try your hand at the latest edition of D&D. New players welcome! Level 1 characters and assistance in learning the rules will be provided. No previous experience required. Just bring a learning mindset and dice rolling luck. Date - 18 & 19 December 2021 Time - 2pm Entry - Free Also get 10% off any Dungeons and Dragons Products and Chessex Dicesets on that weekend only. Register your slot today!   #DnDSEA #SEALearnToPlayDnD  

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