Bow to the splendor and glory of Phyrexia as Elesh Norn remakes the Multiverse in her image. Bend the knee—perfection awaits you.

Elesh Norn and her legion of biomechanical zealots will battle for the fate of the Multiverse and the power of perfection. Heroes will fall in this epic penultimate chapter to the yearlong Phyrexian arc. Will you stand against Elesh Norn, or surrender to perfection? Come join Games@PI and embrace the grace of Elesh Norn at our Pre-Release Event.



Pre-release details

Date: 4th Feburary 2023

Time: 1pm – 6pm

Fee: $35


3 wins = 4 Set Boosters

2 wins = 2 Set Boosters

1/0 wins = 1 Set Boosters