Hey PI-Fans,

Swing on down to Games @ PI to pick up a copy of MicroMacro: Crime City – Full House at Games @ PI.

An oddball title, the MicroMacro series combines the character search of a classic ‘Where’s Wally’ style title with the investigative gameplay of a detective thriller and this Spiel des Jahres winning series has players poring over a massive 75cm x 110cm table mat for darkly humorous clues on a series of crimes.

In each case, players work their way through a series of card instructions that require them to find a specific crime scene case on the board. Subsequent cards will point them towards looking for specific pieces of information on the map pertaining to the case itself and interactions involving the suspects, ranging from locations to items and objects linked to the offense itself.

As play progresses, players will be able to puzzle out the details of their current case and potentially solve the crime.