Hey PI-Fans,

If you’re a fan of Frederic Moyersoen’s beloved series about dwarves mucking around in mines, constantly bedeviled by the work of shadowy saboteurs, you’ll be pleased as punch to know that with “The Dark Cave”, Saboteur is now effectively a trilogy of games?

While the prequel Saboteur: The Lost Mines has clans of Dwarves clearcutting their way through the woods to reach mines, and the original Saboteur has the mining turn murky in the twisty tunnels of the mines as dwarves tunnel their way towards gold, The Dark Cave is a clear sequel that has the paranoia overcome dwarves rushing to escape the flooding mineshafts with gold even while suspecting members of their own clan of treachery. 

In The Dark Cave though, if the worrisome thought that some of the players on your team are secretly scoring for the opposition isn’t enough, this time the Dwarves are in a real pickle as hostile lindworms, goblins and rats now swarm the tunnels, slowing down players, stealing gold and generally being an absolute nuisance. Players can summon these hostile critters into the tunnels with action cards, then sic them on other team mates as they try to work out the loyalty of the players they are working alongside. 

Will you escape the mines with your stash intact?

Grab your own copy and find out.