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Strixhaven Commander Nights

Commander Nights is a weekly Commander league with rotating global rules and achievement-based prizes. With the release of Strixhaven, Games@PI would running a Casual Commander Night every Wednesday. Starting this Wednesday (28th Apr), On certain weeks, there will be special global rules for league play—usually involving a mechanic from the set—that are in place for all Commander Nights games that week across the world. This optional rule for the week of April 26–May 2 is Whenever an instant or sorcery being cast causes a triggered ability to trigger, copy that ability. You may choose new targets for the copy. Players will also have an Achievement list to complete throughout the Commander Nights, and stand to earn a range of promo cards and items. Entry is only one (1) Set Booster for each Night. So what are you waiting for  just book your slot if you are coming down. (Note: We [...]

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Warhammer Quest: Cursed City – Last Chance Promo

Journey into the darkness of Ulfenkarn. This is your last chance to get this fantastically gothic box at a special promo price of 30% of the Retail Price. Act quickly as this promo ends 6 PM today (29 Mar). Still unsure? Take a look at what's in the box. That's 60 Miniatures including 8 Hero Models: Emelda Braskov, Jelsen Darrock, Dagnai Holdenstock, Qulathis the Exile, Glaurio Ven Alten III, Octren Glimscry, Cleona Zeitengale, and Brutogg Corpse-Eater. As they face off the hordes of zombies, Swarms of vermin, and Radukar the Wolf   WARHAMMER QUEST: CURSED CITY EARLY RESERVATION BONUS 30% OFF FINAL RETAIL PRICE LAST CHANCE OFFER ENDS 6 PM   Secure your copy now. $100 deposit, placeable at Games @ PI or at the Games @ PI Webstore.  Pre-registration promotion will end upon official pre-order announcement from Games Workshop or upon announcement by Games @ PI. Reservation order will be [...]

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History, Retwisted – Time Spiral Remastered

Welcome the new. Relive the great. Time Spiral Remastered revisits fan favorites with a curated set to immerse you in every moment. Available now at Games@PI Time Spiral Remastered is a new way to experience the Time Spiral block originally released in 2006-2007. Time Spiral Remastered is a Draft experience made more refined with age. Classic cards and mechanics meet modern twists in a set that’s even better than you remember. Whether you're a long-time fan in it for the nostalgia or a new fan looking to experience a fan-favorite block for the first time, Time Spiral Remastered brings together everything that made the original Time Spiral block so well-loved.   So come down to PI today, and pick up some Nostalgia today.   -Vernon

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The Isle of Armor awaits. Battle Styles Released today

SINGLE STRIKE or RAPID STRIKE Be a titan full of power, or strike with impossible speed with the latest Pokemon Trading Card Game Expansion -  BATTLE STYLES. Released today 19th March 2021 The expansion debuts an exciting new gameplay mechanic called Battle Styles, introducing two different forms of attack: Single Strike and Rapid Strike. Single Strike cards deliver powerful, hard-hitting attacks that can Knock Out an opponent in a single blow. While Rapid Strike cards use sneaky, and technical attacks.   New V Pokemon and VMaxes Channel the power of Pokémon V like Victini V, Mimikyu V, Tyranitar V, Empoleon V, and more. Some of these Pokemon are masters of their own Battle Styles. Use their help and lead your team to Victory. Single Strike cards are accented with red, while Rapid Strike cards are adorned in blue, based of the colours of the [...]

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We’re going on a CRUSADE!

As some of you might have noticed, We've got a Warhammer 40K Crusade tab on PI's Main Menu. For those who missed it, head over to https://www.pi.com.sg/warhammer-40000-crusade/ to check it out. Now what is a Crusade you ask?. Well, Crusade is the Narrative game format for Warhammer 40K. It's great for New and Experience players alike. You'll start off with a small Patrol Force, fighting across the Galaxy in multiple warzones for the Emperor, Dark Gods, Greater Good or just to satisfy your need for some good Krumpin' Slowly over the period of your Campaign, Your units gain new skills and recruits, find rare relics and maybe lose a leg. You'll never know what kinds of surprises your army would encounter. Interested? Starting in April, Games@PI will be running a Crusade Season. Taking place in the Charadon Sector, with plans to Have games being played any time, just book your [...]

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The Shiny Vault Opens

Some powerful Shiny Pokémon VMAX are swooping into action in this pair of Pokémon Trading Card Game: Shining Fates Premium Collections. Whether you choose Shiny Crobat or Shiny Dragapult (or both!), you'll get a bevy of cool cards to add to your team. Each set comes with its star Shiny Pokémon as both a Pokémon V and a Pokémon VMAX, along with an awesome oversize version of the Pokémon VMAX that will look great on display. You'll also get a large metallic coin featuring either Crobat or Dragapult as well as seven Pokémon TCG: Shining Fates booster packs. And if you're not familiar the Shining Fates packs each have a chance to include a Shiny Vault card from a pool consisting of more than 100 Shiny Pokémon appearing on beautiful etched cards. Each Pokémon TCG: Shining Fates Premium Collection includes: 1 etched promo card featuring Shiny Crobat V or Shiny [...]

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Prepare to Die

Hi PI-Fans, Bearer, Seek, Seek, Lest.. Journey into the Dark Souls™ universe and dive into a strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4 players. With multiple difficulty modes and a high-level of replayability, this is a game designed to be deep enough to satisfy hard-core tabletop gamers whilst remaining accessible to newer players. Go Beyond Death Each time you decide where to go, you will experience a new danger as you explore, with each new location a real risk to your hard-won progress. If you die, then you drop everything you have collected and reappear at the nearest bonfire. Join us on 18th October and try it out for the first time. And together we shall face the Dragon Slayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough or dance with The Dancer of the Boreal Valley or die trying. Only Embers Remain...

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20… 10… 5… and TOUCHDOWN!!

Blood Bowl Season is Coming soon! Hi PI-Fans! Prepare for a combination of strategy, tactics, and absolute mindless violence. Cause the new Blood Bowl is released this weekend. Come down and join in the Tryouts on the 3rd of December! If Fantasy Football is not quite your speed. We've got other choices for you. Try to survive against Hordes of Zombies and the Harsh Frigid Elements with your "friends" in Dead of Winter: The Long Night or overcome the Madness of the Mysterious Elder Gods in Eldritch Horror. With the Holiday Season, comes Holiday Gifts! Share the fun of Classics such as Ticket to Ride or Catan with Friends and Family. Or work out your detective mind with games like Resistance and One Night: Ultimate Werewolf. Get all these and more Today at Games@PI -- Vernon,       

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PokéMonday: Shiny Kalos Legendaries!

Today on PokéMonday, Let's take a look a the Kalos Region Legendary Tins! Shiny XY & Complete Forme Z With Summer Time, comes the Summer Tins. For those who aren't familiar with Pokémon TCG Tins. They're Seasonal Collections usually following a theme, and this year's Summer Tins feature the Legendaries from the Kalos Region, Shiny Xerneas, Shiny Yveltal & Complete Forme Zygarde. Now let's take a closer look at the contents. The first thing you'll get is the Exclusive Promo EX Pokémon, shown on the front of the Tin. These Promos are re-prints of existing cards from the current Standard Format. However they each do feature a unique variant artwork. Within the Tins, you will also get 4 Booster Packs, 2 from the Current "Fates Collide" Set, as well as 1 pack from "BREAKThrough", which debuted the current BREAK Evolution Mechanic, and 1 pack [...]

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PokéMonday: Pokémon TCG on the GO!

Today on PokéMonday, we’ll be talking about Pokémon Trading Card Online. With Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, you can play Pokémon TCG even on the go! If you remembered, every Theme Deck, Booster Pack and Pokémon TCG Collection comes with a Code Card that unlocks a digital version of the product you've just got. Now let's take a look at what you can do in  Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. Collect Every time you login, you can complete Daily Challenges to earn booster packs, Trainer Tokens, and more! Trainer Tokens earned at Pokemon.com or in the Pokémon TCG Online, can be redeemed in the Shop for booster packs, theme decks, and cool gameplay accessories! You can earn free booster packs by defeating computer-controlled opponents in the Trainer Challenge! Redeem code cards found in yourPokémon TCG products to unlock online booster packs, theme decks, or promo cards! Trade If you need to get that one specific card, [...]

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