As some of you might have noticed, We’ve got a Warhammer 40K Crusade tab on PI’s Main Menu.

For those who missed it, head over to to check it out.

Now what is a Crusade you ask?.

Well, Crusade is the Narrative game format for Warhammer 40K. It’s great for New and Experience players alike.

You’ll start off with a small Patrol Force, fighting across the Galaxy in multiple warzones for the Emperor, Dark Gods, Greater Good or just to satisfy your need for some good Krumpin’

Slowly over the period of your Campaign, Your units gain new skills and recruits, find rare relics and maybe lose a leg. You’ll never know what kinds of surprises your army would encounter.


Starting in April, Games@PI will be running a Crusade Season. Taking place in the Charadon Sector, with plans to

  • Have games being played any time, just book your table slot on our Crusade Landing page.
  • You can post looking for game in our Matchmaking section on the forum.
  • Every 2 weeks new Missions and Relics will be available for your forces to triumph in and acquire.
  • Each month pledge a unit to finish up (paint and base) and add it to your Order of Battle with the Blooded Rank.


In the meantime, head over to and check out our Forum.

Introduce yourselves and show off your armies. Prepare your Crusade List and post up your Order of Battles in the Faction Lists section (you can find a digital template for all your tracking needs), show off your current hobby projects, be they still in progress or in their completed glory and more…


So join in the fun, post any questions in the Forums, meet new allies and foes and hope to see you on the table soon.