Be a titan full of power, or strike with impossible speed with the latest Pokemon Trading Card Game Expansion –  BATTLE STYLES. Released today 19th March 2021

The expansion debuts an exciting new gameplay mechanic called Battle Styles, introducing two different forms of attack: Single Strike and Rapid Strike.

Single Strike cards deliver powerful, hard-hitting attacks that can Knock Out an opponent in a single blow. While Rapid Strike cards use sneaky, and technical attacks.


New V Pokemon and VMaxes

Channel the power of Pokémon V like Victini V, Mimikyu V, Tyranitar V, Empoleon V, and more. Some of these Pokemon are masters of their own Battle Styles. Use their help and lead your team to Victory.

Single Strike cards are accented with red, while Rapid Strike cards are adorned in blue, based of the colours of the respective Gigantamaxed Urshifu.


Trainers have styles too.

You won’t be alone on your journey to be the very best.

Learn from Dojo Master Mustard to bring out the full potential of your Pokemon. With both Trainer and Energy cards are available in Single Strike and Rapid Strike Styles to help Trainers develop a deck around their Battle Style of choice.