New Releases & Restocks – January 6, 2021

Hey PI-fans, How's your day going? We've got these brand New Releases fresh from the warehouse: The Coldest Night, Chronicles of Crime: 1400 and Dragonland!  Let's check 'em out!   The Coldest Night It only takes a spark, to get a fire burning. But in this case, you and your friends HAVE to get the fire burning, else you will all freeze to death. Throw Kindling cards to the fire to keep it going but sometimes you don't always have the best cards to burn, literally. You also can't tell others the exact value of your Kindling cards but you can say 'I need the fire to be hotter'. If there are less than 3 cards in the firepit, you will get a frostbite penalty card.  You all win if you keep the fire burning by emptying the deck of Kindling cards. If you have no Kindling cards in the [...]

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Feldherr Wargaming Accessories – Call for Orders!

Hey PI-Members, Do you have lots of miniatures and have problems storing or transporting them? Never fear, that's where Feldherr comes in! Feldherr is a German owned Wargame Accessories company that offers storage solutions for miniatures! They have foam bags for transport, foam trays, cardboard boxes to place your foam trays for long term storage etc.  Bascically, we're doing a group order!   How to Order You do need to be an existing PI-Member to place an order. You can also place an order through your friend who is a member. Head to to browse Send us an email at or drop us a Whatsapp/ Telegram text at  8189 3050 to order your items. Prices are at 1.7x the listed Euro price found on the website, which includes shipping. Eg. a MAXI bag for Necrons is Euro 65, You'll be paying SGD$110.50 We will need a 50% deposit of [...]

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Vallejo Hobby New Releases, Restocks and WizKids 3 for 2 Minis Promotion

Hey PI-Fans, Hobbyists, rejoice! We’ve got heaps of new Vallejo hobby products in! There’s the WizKids paint sets for RPG models, new turf grass that comes in a variety of colours and types, the texture basing paints are back too! We’ve also restocked more paint sets!           We’re running a Wizkids Minis promotion: 3 Minis for the Price of 2! Discount applies to the lowest priced item. Promotion lasts till September 21! Come check them all out at the store! 

Board Game Sleeves – A Reference List

Hey PI-Fans,The Games @ PI team has never been one to look at board games as a disposable product. A good board or card game can hit the table multiple times, resulting hours of fun for all involved.Of course, each time you do this, you risk cards getting scratched, torn or dirty.This is where plastic card sleeves come in.The Games @ PI webstore already carries a range of Fantasy Flight Supply sleeves. Sure, there will be oddballs like Spot It!, whose round cards outright defy sleeving and odd shapes like French Tarot cards, but for the most part, you can already protect the cards of most card games – The webstore team is already planning a range expansion to cater to to the remaining cards, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, if you need sleeves not listed on the website, you can drop an email to [...]

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Opening the Special Reserve

Hey PI-Fans,With the CB still chugging along, the Games @ PI has taken the opportunity to get some additional stuff into our stores. On top of the launch of Pandemic: Hot Zones – North America, featured last week in our review “A Short Ramble About The Pandemic, and Pandemic”, we have a new Cards Against Humanity expansion ready to order, and the aptly named ‘Absurd Box’ is a strange beast. And… after plumbing the depths and calling in a few old favors, we have an absolutely tiny quantity of Sheriff of Nottingham up for sale with its expansion Merry Men. There’s no guarantee of restock for this ever, so if it goes, it’s gone. Of course, this isn’t the extent of it. There’s something for everyone, if you keep reading. […]

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Webstore: Paint All The Things

Hey PI-Fans,How's the Circuit Breaker doing for you? If you've been quietly hoarding your paint supply during this period, fret no longer. Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil are back on the menu, boys! The Games @ PI webstore team is happy to announce that we've reloaded the paint rack. Citadel paints are now available via the Games @ PI Circuit Breaker Webstore. While you're there, don't forget to pick up the new issue of White Dwarf too!As usual, we're offering free delivery for orders above SGD $50, so regardless of whether you're looking to refill a depleted paint rack or looking for a new board or card game to help pass the time, we've got you covered.Stay safe and stay healthy, folks. We’re getting there!– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager     GAMES @ PIWEBSTORE  

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