Hey PI-Fans,

Boy… It’s been a while hasn’t it. 

Time waits for nobody and there’s never enough of it really. In my ongoing attempts to keep the store full of cool stuff, it’s time to update the website. It’s a long overdue update, haha.

Worth mentioning is that in addition to spread of board and card games, we’ve gotten in a useful spread of accessories from the Sultan with 100-card deck boxes, mini-snaps, magnetic-snaps and plastic sleeves  as well as inner ‘perfect fit’ sleeves for both Standard and Japanese trading card sizes, making this an excellent way to protect both Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering Commander decks.

On top of that, here’s some of the new stuff that’s made it’s way to the shelves.



The army of the evil Dragon Queen marches across the land, leaving destruction in its wake. An alliance of desperate defenders stands against the relentless march of the ruinous Dragon Army.

Dragonlance: Warriors of Krynn is a cooperative game of adventure and strategy where you play heroes battling against the terrifying Dragon Army. As conflict rages around you, maneuver between battlefields and adventure locations to tip the scales of war.

On the battlefield and beyond, it’s up to a small band of adventurers to turn the tide of battle and save Krynn. 


Recruit heroes, storm the castle and defeat the corrupted Monarchy! 

Regicide is a cooperative, fantasy card game for 1 to 4 players, played using a deck of cards – players must work together and use the unique powers of each suit to achieve victory

Players work together to defeat 12 powerful enemies. On their turn a player plays a card to the table to attack the enemy and once enough damage is dealt, the enemy is defeated. The players win when the last King is defeated. But beware! Each turn the enemy strikes back. Players will discard cards to satisfy the damage and if they can’t discard enough, everyone loses.


A crime was just committed! The victim is unable to speak — but they can draw, and in doing so they will ideally help the inspectors guess who in the vast crowd is the criminal! This shifty character will do anything and everything to cover their tracks, though, so will you be able to stop them before the last message?

In Last Message, the victim of the crime gives clues over four rounds to help the detectives determine the identity of the criminal. To give clues in a round, the victim has 30 seconds in which to draw and write in a 3×3 grid — but before handing over these clues, the criminal can erase part of these drawings.

If the criminal is not identified by the end of the fourth round, they win the game; otherwise, the detectives and the victim win.


The great spirit of the forest has been ruling with wisdom and justice the lives of all those who live there. Its passage through the world has left its mark, and the echo of its actions will resound for centuries throughout the confines and corners of the forest. But their time is coming to an end. The Bitoku spirits of the forest will choose which of them will be the one to replace him.

In Bitoku, the players take on the roles of Bitoku spirits of the forest in their path towards transcendence, with the goal of elevating themselves and becoming the next great spirit of the forest. To do so, they will have the help of the yōkai, the kodamas and the different pilgrims that accompany them on their path. This is a hand-management, engine-building game with multiple paths to victory.

Players will have yōkai represented by the cards that make up their hand, which must be placed in the right places at the right times in order to obtain the maximum benefit from the abilities they offer.

New Board and Card Game:
Dragonlance: Warriors of Krynn
Last Message

Board and Card Game Restocks:
7 Wonders Architects
Azul and Expansion
D&D DUNGEON! Board Game
Carcassonne Anniversary Edition
Modern Art
Pandemic: Hot Zone Europe
Point Salad
Sheriff of Nottingham

Card Game Supplies:
Sultan 100-card Deck Box
Sultan Amber Lite Japanese Card Game Perfect Fit Inner Sleeves
Sultan Citrine Standard Card Game Perfect Fit Inner Sleeves
Sultan Magnetic-snaps
Sultan Mini-snaps
Sultan Plastic sleeves