Hey PI-Fans,

I bet you’re thinking this is some kind of joke. Given the day, I don’t blame you.
It’s not – we’re dead serious.

The only joke here is going to be on you if you miss out.

Games Workshop briefly touched on a bunch of upcoming big-box products at Adepticon. The obvious ones are NECROMUNDA – ASH WASTES, the QUESTOR TRAITORIS BOX SET (that’s Chaos Knights to the rest of us). An oblique reference was also made to an upcoming HORUS HERESY BOX SET (or HoruSy as the staff like to call it).

We’re taking preregistrations for upcoming products again, along with our regular Preregistration Bonus.



Let’s be clear though. We have no idea what prices will be. Or even what’s in the last one. Nobody tells us anything… so let’s make this better. Any preregistration deposits made from 1-8th April for the upcoming Horus Heresy starter box comes with an additional $20 Games @ PI Voucher. We get that you’re coming in on blind faith (ironic given the Emperor’s own beliefs), and since you’re making the leap with us, faith should be rewarded.



Additional $20 Games @ PI Voucher EARLY EARLY BIRD promo for Horus Heresy starter box.*


Preregistrations for NECROMUNDA – ASH WASTES, QUESTOR TRAITORIS BOX SET and WARHAMMER: HORUS HERESY BOX SET closes on Saturday, 30th April 2022


Secure your copy now. $100 preregistration of interest, placeble at Games @ PI via this Link.
Contact us at webstore@pi.com.sg for more details.

Reservation order will be taken in order of receipt of preregistration deposit. This is not the final price – customers preregistering their interest will be informed of the final price of the box when manufacturer MSRP is announced. In the event of short supply, orders will be fulfilled according to reservation order – refunds will be issued in the event of manufacturer non-supply. Delivery subject to manufacturer release dates. The Early Reservation Bonus is a time sensitive promotion and may be closed at a later date without warning. Preregistration deposit amount will count towards final payment. Refunds will not be issued for cancellation of orders. Additional payment will be required at point of collection based on final MSRP. Non-collection of product within thirty days of product release will result in the forfeit of the preregistration bonus as well as releasing of any product orders made – refunds will not be issued for non-collection. 

*Early early bird promo valid til 8th April 2022


“For those who have pledged their war machines to the Dark Gods, there’s going to be an army launch set containing the new codex along with all-new models – a monstrous Knight Abominant, and a pair of savage War Dogs.”
– Warhammer Community

Adepticon 40kCodexes Mar24 Image2

“The box features House Orlock prospectors duking it out with the Ash Wastes Nomads – a brand new gang native to the hazardous plains beyond the Hive walls.”
– Warhammer Community

Adepticon Necromunda Mar24 Image2