Future War and Calming Treks

Hey PI-Fans, It's another odd pairing hitting our shelves with the exceedingly chill nature walks of Parks running face first into the mecha rampage that was BattleTech's Battle of Tukayyid sourcebook. Besides the new, this isn't to say we've been sitting around twiddling our thumbs either.  Alongside titles like the Tukayyid Map Pack and Space Parks, we recommend the ever popular Who Should We Eat? is back in stock if ever you should fancy a sudden spot of cannibalism, as is Deception: Murder In Hong Kong if you're after a hidden traitor game for your group. If you want something you for a short spot of gaming with friends and loved ones, don't overlook titles like Splendor, Onitama, Hive or Set either.   How did we end up with supplies of what is essentially Giant-Robot-Kursk and Keymaster's game of nature trekking arriving simultaneously? No clue. The way global shipping currently works [...]

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‘Mech March – Week 4 Photos and a Last Chance To Buy

Hey PI-Fans,  As we wrap up the 'Mech March, we took a little twist on the usual formula. The 'Mech March events have consistently drawn crowds of interested players for the demos, and well... it's not a hard game to pick up really. This week, some of our first victims participants took a spin at wrapping up an earlier game, this time with minimal supervision as a Clan Command Star smashed into another Clan Defence line. Carrying over from a previous game they'd not been able to complete, two Clan forces continued to grind each other into the dirt (sans an Executioner, missing a cockpit and 'MechWarrior courtesy of a previous session).  'Mech March is coming to a close soon, so this means it's your last real chance to snag a free copy of the BattleTech Beginner Box as part of the 'Mech March offer. It might not REALLY be [...]

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‘Mech March – The Nova: How To Cook Your ‘MechWarrior

Hey PI-Fans, In it's Primary OmniMech configuration, the Nova (or Black Hawk to all you 'Spheroid Commanders) is infamously one of BattleTech's most recognizable 'Alpha Baby' designs, able to generate an eye-watering SIXTY-FIVE heat in a single turn of fire and movement. Sporting a brace of a dozen Clan Extended Range Medium Lasers (which remain one of the most damage efficient weapons in the game), each of the Nova's lasers sports almost comparable throw-weight to Inner Sphere Large lasers at a fraction of the tonnage. Though the Nova barely packs the heat sinks to safely use half of them at once, an Alpha Strike with all twelve of its guns remains a high-risk-high-reward tactic that is more than enough to obliterate many lighter Inner Sphere machines in a single apocalyptic volley of fire (at the risk of leaving the Nova sluggish and non-responsive from overheating and vulnerable to follow up [...]

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‘Mech March – Signups for 26/3 and Week 3 Photos

Hey PI-Fans,  As they say in the business, photos or it didn't happen. Either way, the plodding footfalls of giant robots continues to thunder across mapsheets as the 'Mech March continues. We put a father-son team through the academy ropes in week three, and it came down to a nail biting finish as paternal bonding turns violent on the tabletop as a WVR-6M Wolverine was left barely able to limp away after a knock down-drag-out fight against a GRF-1S Griffin. Of the Griffin, well... at least the salvage is good. If you want to learn to hit the table with giant robots and give the BattleTech game system a spin, come sign up for our forth demo session on Friday, 26th March, 6 - 9pm  As before, bring a friend if possible (or, we'll do the shooting at you and you don't want that).  Book now! 'Mechs Destroyed [...]

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Hey PI-Fans, The Mad Cat OmniMech, as the Timber Wolf it is known in the Inner Sphere, has long the poster boy of Clan OmniMech design - the 'Mech's bulbous bullet shaped cockpit, bird like legs and bulky 'Mickey Mouse Ears' (as the mounted missile racks are affectionately known) give the 'Mech something of an iconic profile. Mad Cats have jockeyed with the Atlas for cover art positions since the early nineties in an ongoing running battle which their various progeny designs have more than readily taken up after their parents. Today, we're going to take a look at the history of this iconic design that menaced Inner Sphere Commanders around the world since their introduction in 1990 (real-life). While you're here, don't forget to book a demo session and swing by the store to learn to play, if you don't already know how. Though a cutting edge machine at [...]

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‘Mech March – Signups for 19/3 and Week 2 Photos

Hey PI-Fans,  The month of March continues with robotic rampages at Games @ PI and a crew of players came down on Friday to give the game of BattleTech a try. Some players started learning the basic ropes in our basic demos. Others went on to give big-game hunting a spin with Clantech equipped battleforces. As always the Games @ PI combat correspondent team was on hand to capture a number of climatic moments in the fights, so we'll keep you updated. If you like the idea of smashing stompy robots together on a table or just want to come down and roll some dice, come sign up for our third demo session on Friday, 19th March, 6 - 9pm  As always, come with a friend if possible (Or not).  Book now! 'Mechs Destroyed In Demos So Far: 1 STG-3R Stinger 1 WSP-1A Wasp 1 GRF-1S Griffin 1 [...]

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‘Mech March – Meet, Greet and Beat the Elemental

Hey PI-Fans, In another Science-Fiction property, a two-meter tall infantryman wearing powered armor capable of leaping across the field in ninety-meter bounds and shrugging off hits by tank-grade weaponry would probably be a protagonist faction. Not so much in BattleTech. This isn't to say that Elemental infantry battlesuits aren't dangerous, but in the BattleTech universe, these hulking battle armor wearing soldiers get no special privileges. At the same time, even in a universe of giant battling robots, ignore them at your own peril -  a determined squad of Elementals can bring even the largest of war machines crashing down missing a leg. Would you like to know more? Then keep reading and don't forget to book a demo session and swing by the store to learn to play, if you don't already know how.   Based on the Water Elemental, a hostile environment pressurized mining suit then in industrial use [...]

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‘Mech March – Signups for 12/3 and Week 1 Photos

Hey PI-Fans,  We left a trail of destroyed machine on Friday with many different players having lined up to learn to pilot their giant stompy robots into combat. Our combat correspondents were on hand to capture shots of the mayhem, so keep on scrolling if you want to see pictures of people having fun. As always, we're going to keep the good times going, so if you want in on the BattleMech Mayhem we've unleashed, don't forget to sign up below for the second demo session on Friday, 12th March, 6 - 9pm  As always, bring a friend if you can find one (Or don't. We won't judge).  Book now!   A Stinger and Wasp match up is a classic engagement to get people into the 'speed is life' mindset of "Bug 'Mech" pilots. Abby and How Teng graduating beyond 1v1 to a Lance on Lance [...]

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"This is the Inner Sphere - thousands of planets colonized by humankind. Once it was united under the Star League, but for the last three hundred years, it has been consumed by savage wars.” It is the year 3039 and man is once again at war. The battlefield of the 21st century is dominated by BattleMechs, plodding multi-ton walkers carrying the firepower of an entire platoon. At the helms of these devastating war machines are ‘MechWarriors; neo-feudal heirs to the Knights of old and the very earth trembles in their wake. This is BattleTech: A Game of Armored Combat. One of the original classic wargames from the 80s, BattleTech is undergoing something of a modern renaissance with fiction, new video games and a new edition of the A Game of Armored Combat box set, with all new miniatures! I’m not going to sugar-coat it; like or lump it, for better [...]

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‘Mech March – BattleTech Demos and a Promo

Hey PI-Fans,  If you're following along to the sound of the giant robot footfalls, you'll be aware that there will be ongoing learn-to-play tutorials for BattleTech on Friday evenings in the month of March. If this is the first time you're hearing this, well, congratulations, Cadet... Welcome aboard. The first session is coming up Friday, 5th March, 6 - 9pm and we'll supply everything you need to start shooting manmade lightning and lobbing missiles at each other. Bring a friend (or don't if you can't find one). We'll supply the pew pew. Just don't bring the QQ. Book now! If you're interested, here's a reminded that the Games @ PI BattleTech Bundle is also available for all you aspiring 'MechCommanders. Get the A Game of Armored Combat and Clan Invasion boxes in a single purchase and we'll throw in a complementary copy of the BattleTech Beginner box. THE BATTLETECH [...]

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