Hey PI-Fans, 

No photo description available.The month of March continues with robotic rampages at Games @ PI and a crew of players came down on Friday to give the game of BattleTech a try.

Some players started learning the basic ropes in our basic demos. Others went on to give big-game hunting a spin with Clantech equipped battleforces. As always the Games @ PI combat correspondent team was on hand to capture a number of climatic moments in the fights, so we’ll keep you updated.

If you like the idea of smashing stompy robots together on a table or just want to come down and roll some dice, come sign up for our third demo session on Friday, 19th March, 6 – 9pm 

As always, come with a friend if possible (Or not). 

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‘Mechs Destroyed In Demos So Far:
1 STG-3R Stinger
1 WSP-1A Wasp
1 GRF-1S Griffin
1 WHM-6R Warhammer
1 Executioner (Gladiator) A

Multiple demos kicking off at different complexities.


Learning the hard math of movement.


A GRF-1S Griffin takes to the field against a WVR-6M Wolverine as two players in their first engagement.


Two Clan Stars smashing into each other in a wall of metal.


Multi-table mayhem occurs as demos are conducted at different tiers.


The Griffin loses it’s head… literally… as the ‘MechWarrior at the helm is blown to smithereens by a SRM cockpit hit.


The odds are calculated, the dice are rolled…


And HEADSHOT! An Executioner goes down missing a pilot courtesy of a Gauss Slug to the face…