WE ARE MOVING (…the webstore anyway…)

Hey PI-Fans,

More than a month ago, the Games @ PI Team rolled out the Games @ PI webstore interface to keep the games flowing while we remained separated during the Circuit Breaker period.

As we slowly inch towards a return to regular business however, the webstore team has an eye on the future.

For those of you asking, the current webstore isn’t going to go away yet – at least not immediately (and you can always still reach out to us at webstore@pi.com.sg for requests). The plan is to keep it up and running until we can work out the little details of our expansion.

Yeah. I used the word expansion.

We’re aiming for something a little bit…


Keep an eye out folks. There’s something COMING SOON (TM).

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager

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A Review of Ramen Fury

Hey PI-Fans,

If you’re looking to stock up on instant noodles of the edible variety, unfortunately, we can’t help you.

On the other hand, what we do have is Ramen Fury, a fast and furious game of instant noodles, ingredient hoarding and sabotage and you can pick up your own copy from the Games @ PI webstore!

And here to tell you more about it with an in-depth review is Wesley!

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager

TLDR: Ramen Fury is a light 30 minute card game for 2 to 5 players. Players attempt to draft ingredient cards to add to bowls of ramen to score points. However, ingredients can also be used to sabotage other players dishes by mixing in unwanted flavours to their recipes or outright stolen using spoon tokens, lending the game a ‘take-that’ element! Fast and easy to learn, Ramen Fury is a great game for players who enjoy strategy games with an added ‘sabo’ flavour.

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Protecting Your Board Game Investment – A Guide to Sleeves

Hey PI-Fans,

The Games @ PI team has never been one to look at board games as a disposable product. A good board or card game can hit the table multiple times, resulting hours of fun for all involved.

Of course, each time you do this, you risk cards getting scratched, torn or dirty.

This is where plastic card sleeves come in.

The Games @ PI webstore already carries a range of Fantasy Flight Supply sleeves. Sure, there will be oddballs like Spot It!, whose round cards outright defy sleeving and odd shapes like French Tarot cards, but for the most part, you can already protect the cards of most card games – The webstore team is already planning a range expansion to cater to to the remaining cards, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, if you need sleeves not listed on the website, you can drop an email to the webstore team at webstore@pi.com.sg and the crew will do their best to get you sorted.

In the meantime, here’s a handy reference list for the necessary number of packs of sleeves you’ll need to protect the games currently available through our webstore.

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Descent: Journeys in the Dark

Mennara is a world of magic, mystery, and adventure. In the deep places beneath the earth lurk terrifying monsters and foul villains, conspiring to plunge the land into shadow. Fortunately, Mennara is also a world of heroes. Heroes clever of mind, strong of sword arm, and stout of heart. Heroes in many shapes and sizes, unlikely heroes of many races and creeds and from many walks of life. Heroes like you…

In a socially distanced world, Descent: Journeys in the Dark brings swashbuckling fantasy adventure and dungeon crawling back to your tabletop. At a time where getting the gang together for a weekly session might prove somewhat difficult, you can find an amazing solo or small group experience right out of the box – even without a DM.

After all, if you’re going to be trapped somewhere for the Circuit Breaker, why not imagine up a dungeon?

TLDR: Descent: Journeys in the Dark is a 2 to 5 player board game dungeon crawler which can be played head to head with one player controlling the monsters, or as a 1 to 4 player cooperative campaign experience with a free app automating the running of scenarios. It seeks to provide a boxed board game take on the whole Role-Playing Game Dungeon Crawl experience.

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Opening the Special Reserve

Hey PI-Fans,

With the CB still chugging along, the Games @ PI has taken the opportunity to get some additional stuff into our stores. On top of the launch of Pandemic: Hot Zones – North America, featured last week in our review “A Short Ramble About The Pandemic, and Pandemic“, we have a new Cards Against Humanity expansion ready to order, and the aptly named ‘Absurd Box‘ is a strange beast.

And… after plumbing the depths and calling in a few old favors, we have an absolutely tiny quantity of Sheriff of Nottingham up for sale with its expansion Merry Men. There’s no guarantee of restock for this ever, so if it goes, it’s gone.

Of course, this isn’t the extent of it. There’s something for everyone, if you keep reading.

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Hey PI-Fans,

The spread of future Necron and Marine releases continues unabated on the Games Workshop website with announcement of a new Primaris Lieutenant (can’t have a new release without one), Primaris Bladeguard Veterans, Primaris Outriders (new bikes!), the Space Marine Judiciar, the Necron Skorpekh Lord and a preview of a whole host of new Necron gribblies!

Gaze upon them HERE!

This is great and all. But what about the IMMEDIATE future?

Well… buckle up, hypothetical reader person. It’s time for ENGINE WAR.

Touted as a ‘must have tome’ for Adeptus Mechanicus, both Imperial and Traitor Knights, and Chaos armies of all shades, the new Psychic Awakening: Engine War book is coming, alongside a macroclade of new toys for Adeptus Mechanicus armies.

Got you attention? Then keep reading!

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The Times, They Are A Changing

Hey PI-Fans,

In the wake of the Psychic Awakening, things are getting pretty grim in the Warhammer 40,000 setting. Games Workshop has just announced an all new edition of Warhammer 40,000 and it looks like the Adeptus Astartes and Adeptus Sororitas are going to be hard pressed to stop the resurgent Necron empires.

Needless to say, the announcement came in style, with a beautifully rendered digital trailer! Check it out and brace yourself for the changing face of the galaxy with the upcoming Dawn of Fire!

Check back with us for preorder, news and more! Games @ PI will keep you updated as it comes.

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A Short Ramble About The Pandemic, and Pandemic.

Hey PI-Fans,

We’ve got a new release in the form of Pandemic: Hot Zone – North America, a fast playing version of the popular board game Pandemic!

You can grab your own copy here!

And what better way to celebrate the roll-out that to have a familiar face pop in to review it?

Take it away, Jack!

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager

The parts tray isn’t part of the box contents, but we agree that Jack’s got a good thing going with this nifty add on.

The word ‘pandemic’ has recently been added to everyone’s lexicon, with the Coronavirus running rampant globally. To combat this, businesses have been shut down, public spaces closed, and we’ve been encouraged to self-isolate. Not the most fun of times.

Looking on the bright side, however, I’ve been able to spend more time with my family and I’ve been introducing them to board games. One of these games has been Pandemic: Hot Zone – North America, the latest addition to the Pandemic franchise. Here’s my take on a game appropriate for the world we live in today.

TLDR: Portable and easy to grasp, with full 2-4 player support. Definitely worth picking up if you don’t already own a Pandemic game. Worth considering even if you have Pandemic, for shorter and snappier games with a smaller footprint perfect for those who do not have a dedicated gaming table.

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Webstore: Games Workshop Battleforce

Hey PI-Fans,

Looking for a new hobby project to work on during the circuit breaker? Start a brand new army with a Warhammer Age of Sigmar or Warhammer 40,000 battleforce or pick up one of Games Workshop’s boxed games or two player starter sets and get them at a special promotional price!

Check out the Games @ PI Webstore Promotions tab to check out the deals, and don’t forget to grab some paint while you’re there.

Stormcast Eternals and Nighthaunt players will even get a bonus copy of Malign Sorcery with the Stormcast Eternals and Nighthaunt battleforces! So throw those spells around and roll those tanks in the Age of Sigmar and the Grim Darkness of the Future.



Catachan Colonel reporting in!

Hey PI-Fans,

Warhammer is back on the menu! With the supply lines slowly rumbling back to life, we’re now opening orders for Games Workshop miniature products.

That’s not all though, we’ve received a very very limited complement of the Limited Edition Catachan Colonel. With just three of these heavily muscled little men available, we’ve decided to raffle them off!

The drawing for the raffle will be decided in the 1st week of July, and three winners will each walk away with their own teeny tiny plastic Carl Weathers.

If you’re interested, keep reading.

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