Hey PI-Fans,

The spread of future Necron and Marine releases continues unabated on the Games Workshop website with announcement of a new Primaris Lieutenant (can’t have a new release without one), Primaris Bladeguard Veterans, Primaris Outriders (new bikes!), the Space Marine Judiciar, the Necron Skorpekh Lord and a preview of a whole host of new Necron gribblies!

Gaze upon them HERE!

This is great and all. But what about the IMMEDIATE future?

Well… buckle up, hypothetical reader person. It’s time for ENGINE WAR.

Touted as a ‘must have tome’ for Adeptus Mechanicus, both Imperial and Traitor Knights, and Chaos armies of all shades, the new Psychic Awakening: Engine War book is coming, alongside a macroclade of new toys for Adeptus Mechanicus armies.

Got you attention? Then keep reading!

Psychic Awakening: Engine War contains new Stratagems and army rules for Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperial Knights, Chaos Knights and Chaos Daemon armies.

Also includes datasheets and Matched Play Points for: Tech Priest Manipulus, Serbyrys, Pteraxii, Skorpius and Archaeopter units for the Adeptus Mechanicus and Syll’Esske, the Vengeful Allegiance, Shalaxi Hellbane, Infernal Rapturess, Contorted Epitome, Keeper of Secrets, Herald of Slaanesh on Chariot, Fiends, Seekers, Horrors, Bloodcrushers and Flesh Hounds for Chaos Daemons.

The new Start Collecting! Adeptus Mechanicus box represents a great way to start or expand an Adeptus Mechanicus army. Containing 10 Skitarii Rangers (options to assemble them as Skitarii Vanguard), a Tech-Priest Enginseer and a Skorpius Dunerider (options to assemble as a Skorpius Disintegrator), the box gives you a solid core of troops, a tank and a special character, and together with the existing Start Collecting! Skitarii, provides an excellent base for an army.

Previously exclusive to the Kill Team Theta-7 Acquisitus box, the Tech-Priest Manipulus is now finally available on their own. Capable of providing lethal covering fire support for armies, these rotund figures also provide important support buffs for nearby Adeptus Mechanicus troops.

The Pteraxii are the Adeptus Mechanicus’ new aerial shock troops, equipped with a unique cybernetic flight pack array that grants them impressive mobility. Equipped as Skystalkers, who hunt high priority targets and shred them with weight of fire using their flechette carbines or Sterilyzors, who close to incinerate enemy troop concentrations with their phosphor torches, these aerial marauders bring new tactical options to any Skitarii maniple.

The Archaeopter is the Adeptus Mechanicus’ take on close-air-support and can be built as one of three different chassis: The Transvector ferries elite troops to the front and offers fire support, the Fusilave is a ground attack aircraft with a bomb rack, and the Stratoraptor is a dedicated gunship.

Serberys cavalry take to the field as Raiders and Sulphurhounds, each kitted for a different battlefield role. Serberys Raiders harry the enemy with precise caracole manoeuvres, raking their foe with fire from their galvanic carbines, while Serberys Sulphurhounds, run down their targets pistols blazing as their mounts belch clouds of incendiary gasses.

With the Engine War rolling up soon, will you join the Mechanicus as they wage a war of reclamation for their Forge Temples? Or will you seek to crush and defile these holy sites with your legion of traitor knights?

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Why not get in on the fight early? After all this seems like as good a time as any to put together a Traitoris Knight Desecrator or Questoris Knight Castellan.