Hey PI-Fans,

In the wake of the Psychic Awakening, things are getting pretty grim in the Warhammer 40,000 setting. Games Workshop has just announced an all new edition of Warhammer 40,000 and it looks like the Adeptus Astartes and Adeptus Sororitas are going to be hard pressed to stop the resurgent Necron empires.

Needless to say, the announcement came in style, with a beautifully rendered digital trailer! Check it out and brace yourself for the changing face of the galaxy with the upcoming Dawn of Fire!

Check back with us for preorder, news and more! Games @ PI will keep you updated as it comes.


Of course, new Necrons and new Space Marines alone do not a new edition make (though more plastic soldiers, as we all know are always more welcome in our collections!)

Here are nine new changes coming soon to a Battlefield near you!

  1. Updated Core Rules – Cleaner and Clear rules written with more examples for clarity. All current books work.
  2. Crusade Campaign System – A new way to link narrative play and provide context games you play – an all new way to watch your heroes progress and grow.
  3. Command Points Revamp – All factions get additional Command Points options, reducing the need for faction mixing in elite armies.
  4. Revised Tanks Rules – Tank rules are being revised. Tanks can now fire at Point Blank, reducing their vulnerability to being bogged down.
  5. Revised Terrain Rules – More detailed Terrain Rules are being worked on, including revised cover and concealment.
  6. Different Sized Game Options – More different game formats are being proposed including options for smaller games.
  7. Strategic Reserves – Strategic reserve rules are being revised to allow for more options to outmanoeuvre and interdict opponents.
  8. Blast Weapons Revisions – Blast rules are being overhauled with a reduced reliance on randomness.
  9. Flyer Rules Revisions – Flyer rules are being redesigned to reduce the constraint of remaining on the board. Also Pew Pew!

And perhaps, out of all this, we’ll get a glimpse of the Necron Silent King himself.


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After all, you’ll be adding yourself to the drawing for the Limited Edition Catachan Colonel!

Until then, stay safe and stay well and we’ll work to keep you in the know.

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager