Hey PI-Fans,

Warhammer is back on the menu! With the supply lines slowly rumbling back to life, we’re now opening orders for Games Workshop miniature products.

That’s not all though, we’ve received a very very limited complement of the Limited Edition Catachan Colonel. With just three of these heavily muscled little men available, we’ve decided to raffle them off!

The drawing for the raffle will be decided in the 1st week of July, and three winners will each walk away with their own teeny tiny plastic Carl Weathers.

If you’re interested, keep reading.

From now until 30th June any orders of SGD$50 of Games Workshop or Citadel products via the Games @ PI webstore or through the downloadable Games Workshop Order Form will automatically gain the purchaser one Raffle ticket towards the final drawing.*

A list of Games Workshop products available to order can be found HERE.

To place an order, please fill in the form and email a copy to our email address at info@pi.com.sg and the webstore team will send you billing information upon receipt.

Should the requested product be out-of-stock at our physical location at the current time, we will happily bring it in for you with our weekly Games Workshop order.**


* Other methods of acquiring raffle tickets will be announced at the end of the circuit breaker.
** Orders will be compiled every Sunday. As Games Workshop has only recently started restocking hobby stores internationally, orders placed using the order form will take longer than usual to supply. Customers should expect to receive items on order in 7 – 9 days from the point of ordering, subject to manufacturer availability.