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Hey PI-Fans,As the header clearly states, we moved the webstore. For those of you who want to just make the leap over and start exploring right away, you can follow the link HERE.Something we’ve mentioned in previous announcements was how the previous webstore interface was sort of struggling to keep up with our range of product… In the end, we opted to bite the bullet and made a leap.On top of all the other titles we’ve added to the mix, there are two new game releases in the store: Abandon All Artichokes, a light vegetable theme card game of dumping unwanted Artichokes and Curios, an economically themed game of tomb raiding for profit.Warhammer 40,000 Engine War preorder deals are also available, but we’ll cover more on that later.Jump to the webstore to check them out or keep reading to see all the new titles we’ve added to the mix. GAMES [...]

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Opening the Special Reserve

Hey PI-Fans,With the CB still chugging along, the Games @ PI has taken the opportunity to get some additional stuff into our stores. On top of the launch of Pandemic: Hot Zones – North America, featured last week in our review “A Short Ramble About The Pandemic, and Pandemic”, we have a new Cards Against Humanity expansion ready to order, and the aptly named ‘Absurd Box’ is a strange beast. And… after plumbing the depths and calling in a few old favors, we have an absolutely tiny quantity of Sheriff of Nottingham up for sale with its expansion Merry Men. There’s no guarantee of restock for this ever, so if it goes, it’s gone. Of course, this isn’t the extent of it. There’s something for everyone, if you keep reading. […]

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Hey PI-Fans,The spread of future Necron and Marine releases continues unabated on the Games Workshop website with announcement of a new Primaris Lieutenant (can’t have a new release without one), Primaris Bladeguard Veterans, Primaris Outriders (new bikes!), the Space Marine Judiciar, the Necron Skorpekh Lord and a preview of a whole host of new Necron gribblies!Gaze upon them HERE!This is great and all. But what about the IMMEDIATE future?Well… buckle up, hypothetical reader person. It’s time for ENGINE WAR.Touted as a ‘must have tome’ for Adeptus Mechanicus, both Imperial and Traitor Knights, and Chaos armies of all shades, the new Psychic Awakening: Engine War book is coming, alongside a macroclade of new toys for Adeptus Mechanicus armies.Got you attention? Then keep reading! […]

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Pandemic: Hot Zone – North America Review

Hey PI-Fans,We’ve got a new release in the form of Pandemic: Hot Zone – North America, a fast playing version of the popular board game Pandemic! You can grab your own copy here!And what better way to celebrate the roll-out that to have a familiar face pop in to review it?Take it away, Jack!- Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager The parts tray isn’t part of the box contents, but we agree that Jack’s got a good thing going with this nifty add on. The word ‘pandemic’ has recently been added to everyone’s lexicon, with the Coronavirus running rampant globally. To combat this, businesses have been shut down, public spaces closed, and we’ve been encouraged to self-isolate. Not the most fun of times.Looking on the bright side, however, I’ve been able to spend more time with my family and I’ve been introducing them to board games. One of these games has [...]

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