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We’re online!

Hey there everyone, we hope you’ve been staying safe and healthy this past week. We are happy to announce that we have just launched our new Webstore. Now you can get your board game fix during the circuit breaker period. We’ll have more games, product lines and features hitting the webstore soon, so keep an eye out! THE GAMES @ PI WEBSTORE […]

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Games @ PI is on Fave!

Games @ PI is happy to announce a new cashless payment option that is fast and easy to use! Using FavePay, you can now pay for your hobby supplies and games with your phone. To top it off, you receive 5% Cashback on your next visit when you shop with us through FavePay. You can find and install Fave here: https://bit.ly/3dD3dR6We’ve included instructions on how to use Fave below! […]

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Floating Onwards

Our play tables may be closed for the time being, but the new releases must flow. This week’s newest titles are great for small groups to play, with cooperative fun abound. For those of you looking for games to play over these weeks of increased social distancing, check out these great titles. […]

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Suspension of in-store activities.

Hey everyone. In light of the new safe distancing measures, Games @ PI will be suspending all in-store events and closing our painting tables and play area until further notice. During this time our table-booking and paint pass services will be unavailable, and no games will be held or run within the store. The store will continue operations at its usual business hours, with steps taken to ensure the cleanliness of the store and the safety and health of our customers and staff. We seek your cooperation in abiding by these new measures and in keeping our store a safe and sanitary place. […]

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A Tale of Some Warlords: Age of Sigmar

There is a tradition amongst members of the tabletop wargame community to start new armies with the new year, and here at Games@PI, our staff took it upon themselves to keep with that tradition. Helped along by our New Year, New Army discounts, our staff and regulars began to work on armies for Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Warlords rallying troops to their banner and outfitting them in regimental colours. Today’s article will feature two of these armies, both made by members of our staff. […]

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Paint Pass Improvements!!!

We’re giving our Paint Pass system a boost, with a wider variety of paints and a whole new line of weathering effects now available for use. Add a new layer of wear and tear to your minis, with paints specially formulated to create the effects and impression of rust, mud, and soot. All included with the standard paint pass! With Vallejo weathering effects, you can create the impression of gritty realism on your minis, making them look like they have trekked through the environs. Use the environment paints to create textured bases for your minis, with snow and various types of mud available in addition to the sandy and arid options already present in the Citadel lines. […]

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Pandemic: Rapid Response Review – Fast Frantic Fun

For most board games, the play-time on the box is a suggestion that is often exceeded. Pandemic: Rapid Response bucks this trend, delivering a consistent 20 minutes of frantic fun. Part of the Pandemic series of games, Rapid Response sees up to four players playing a group of elite scientist and technicians, tasked with delivering supplies to nations across the world. The game sets itself apart from others in the cooperative genre by focusing heavily on real-time decision making. The game utilises a two-minute hourglass, with players trying to achieve as much as possible across their turns before the timer runs out. […]

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Join The Games@PI Team

We’re looking for friendly and responsible individuals to join the Games@PI team. Share the joy of tabletop games as part of our retail staff and pick up valuable sales skills. Applicants should be: Conversant in English Presentable and well-groomed. Comfortable working with members of the public Enthusiastic about board games and other products carried by Games @ PI Able to work as part of a team. […]

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