We’re giving our Paint Pass system a boost, with a wider variety of paints and a whole new line of weathering effects now available for use. Add a new layer of wear and tear to your minis, with paints specially formulated to create the effects and impression of rust, mud, and soot. All included with the standard paint pass!

With Vallejo weathering effects, you can create the impression of gritty realism on your minis, making them look like they have trekked through the environs. Use the environment paints to create textured bases for your minis, with snow and various types of mud available in addition to the sandy and arid options already present in the Citadel lines.

The Citadel Paint Pass can be obtained at our counter for $5, and provides you with a box of essential paints and a water pot for your use during the rental period. Additional paints can be obtained from the shelf, with special paints like the dry and contrast ranges available. We recommend that you purchase or bring your own brush for use.

Members can get a combined paint pass by redeeming 1 PI Point. This combined pass allows for use of both the airbrush booths and the citadel paints.