Chinese New Year is here, bringing with it celebration and cheer. What better way to enjoy these nights of reunions with your friends and family than with these great new games!

Create an impressive and awe-inspiring display with Fireworks, a game by Renegade Game Studios. Choose your pyrotechnician kitten and collect tiles to fill your display in a fast and fun-filled experience of launching dice and flipping tiles.

If a more serene experience is what you desire, why not take a gander at a Topiary garden. Guide visitors around a wonderful display of sculpted trees. Build up the garden so your visitors have the best view while leaving your opponent’s visitors unable to see the sights they came to enjoy.

You can bring that enjoyment to your family gatherings as well. Get some games for the whole gathering going with Avalon and Werewords Deluxe, or enhance one of your own games with the Catan 5-6 Player Expansion.

To top this all off, we’ve got fresh restocks of games back on shelves. With fan favourites like Pandemic, Ticket to Ride Europe, and Avalon back in our shelves.

New Board and Card Game Releases

Board and Card Game Restocks
Ticket To Ride Europe
Bang! The Dice Game
Codenames XL
Werewords Deluxe
Catan 5-6 Player Expansion
Terraforming Mars
Clue Grab & Go Edition

Vallejo Matt Varnish
Vallejo Chipping Medium