Magic the Gathering – Casual Commander Sunday

Hey PI-Fans,

We know Magic: the Gathering might look like a daunting game to learn, but we can promise you that it’s WAY easier with friends. If you’re new to the game, or just want to mess around casually with a bunch of friends, might we be so bold to recommend the Games @ PI Commander Sundays?

Games @ PI Commander Sundays utilize the popular Commander format for Magic the Gathering and the Preconstructed Decks makes it a great way to start for new players!

Win or lose, you’re walking away with something too!

The event details are as follows: 

Every Sunday, 4pm
Format: Magic the Gathering Commander (using Preconstructed Decks only).
Fee: $10
Participation: Magic the Gathering Set Booster & Promo Pack

Just starting out Don’t have a Commander Deck? We’ve got you covered too. You can always rent a Preconstructed Deck from the store for the event for $10, making it a great way to get the feel for a deck’s theme and mechanics.

Alternatively, you can pick up a Preconstructed Deck of your choice for $60 and this will come with a complementary box of Dragon Shield sleeves.


If you’re up for slinging some spells and having a few laughs, we look forwards to seeing you there.

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