Hey PI-Fans,

Across the Neofeudal battles of the Inner Sphere, a single maxim reigns – “Life is Cheap, BattleMechs aren’t.”
The dropships are burning in-system fast, laden with a range-restock for the BattleTech range, including a ‘Mech bay full of BattleTech: A Game of Armored Combat boxes and a limited range restock of Clan Star and Inner Sphere Lance boxes.

Our supply of BattleTech Salvage Boxes, each containing a random BattleMech and associated Alpha Strike cards, is also dwindling fast, so if you want in on the GachaTech action, you’d best act fast.

On top of this, we’ve also managed to secure a small quantity of important support products, including the Alpha Strike Commander’s Edition rulebook and Succession Wars and Clan Invasion Alpha Strike Cards to kick up the scale of warfare to the tactical level. If you want those Trinaries and Battalions of equipment you’ve been amassing to hit the field… look no further than the Alpha Strike ruleset.

As a huge BattleTech fan who still remembers the lean years of FASA’s closure, it warms my heart to see this old warhorse get a whole new wave of modern support. I’m personally looking forward to seeing you all on the field as I reactivate my 1st Free Worlds Guard collection to ride to war again.

Confused about what you’re seeing? Not to worry.
There’s plenty of us BattleTech fans in the Games @ PI team, and we’d be happy to show you how to get started with this classic wargame.

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager