Hey PI-Fans,

I’ve always posited that shipments are magnetic and no matter their shipping source, they’ll find a way to all pile up and drop in on you at the exact same moment.

We’ve seen huge stacks of product just flood in from all over the world including some incredibly sought after restocks. Titles like Dixit, Citadels, Tsuro and the Carcassonne Travel Edition might need no introduction and seasoned wargamers might not even blink at restocks of the BattleTech: Total Warfare core book, but that’s really the tip of the iceberg really.

In addition to a stack of new stock for both the Arkham Horror LCG and Marvel Champions LCG, we’ve also got the rollout of three new big box board games, including the long-sought after reimplementation of the modern classic Battlestar Galactica as Unfathomed, a Cthulhu Mythos themed board game which brings the traitor driven paranoia to a steamer under attack by Deep Ones. Also dropping in unannounced is Ares Expedition, a Terraforming Mars Card Game. A standalone reimplementation of Terraforming Mars, this engine-building card game even comes with a new two player co-op mode as players race to make Mars habitable (and profitable). 7 Wonders Armada on the other hand is an update of the popular expansion for the new edition of 7 Wonders that also brings new gameplay mechanics and teamplay variants to spice up the standard game!


New Board and Card Game Releases
7 Wonders Armada Expansion (2E)
Terraforming Mars – Ares Expedition

Living Card Game In-Stock
Marvel Champions LCG – Nebula Hero Pack
Marvel Champions LCG – Drax Hero Pack
Marvel Champions LCG – Gamora Hero Pack
Marvel Champions LCG – Warmachine Hero Pack
Marvel Champions LCG – The Hood Scenario Pack
Marvel Champions LCG – The Mad Titan’s Shadow
Arkham Horror LCG – At The Edge of the Earth Investigator Box
Arkham Horror LCG Revised Core Set

Board and Card Game Restocks
7 Wonders (2E)
Carcassonne Travel Edition
Citadels 2nd Edition
Codenames, Codename Pictures, Codename Duet and Codenames: After Dark
Descent: Legends of the Dark
Detectiver: A Modern Crime Board Game and Expansions
Get Bit!
Love Letter
Marvel: Hail Hydra
Parks and Parks Nightfall Expansion
No Thanks
Take Five: Take a Number – A Take 6 Game
The Initiative
Trial by Trolley
Ticket to Ride Europe
Tsuro, Tsuro of the Sea and Tsuro: Phoenix Rising
Saboteur and Saboteur 2 expansion
Saboteur: The Lost Mine
Salem 1692
Small World, Small World Underground and Sky Island Expansion
Small World of Warcraft
Space Park

New Miniature Wargame Releases
BattleTech: Clan Fire Star
BattleTech: Clan Heavy Star
BattleTech: Inner Sphere Fire Lance
BattleTech: Inner Sphere Urban Lance

Miniature Wargame Restocks
BattleTech: Clan Invasion Box Set
BattleTech: Clan Elemental Star
BattleTech: Total Warfare Core Book
BattleTech: Tukayyid Map Pack
BattleTech: IlClan Sourcebook
BattleTech – Anthology Novels

Role Playing Game Restocks
BattleTech: MechWarrior Destiny RPG
Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition Core Book
Paranoia Core Starter Set
Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition Core Book
The World of Critical Role