Hey PI-Fans,

The Pokemon Trading Card Game Family Learn-to-Play events have been a big hit! We’re continuing them through December, to help parents and kids bond over this excellent card game! Booking slots for the year end are still open so sign up now!

Games @ PI is hosting a Pokemon Family Learn-to-Play event for groups of up to 2 children and 2 adults* every Saturday and Sunday from 2 pm  to 4 pm for the month of December** and it comes with everything you need for families to embark on a Pokemon journey. Registration cost $50, and comes with two Pokemon Trading Card Game Starter Decks, 2 Pokemon Card Booster Packs, Sleeves for the Two Decks and Deckboxes for storage. Each deck normally retails at $25, so this package coming with all accessories already represents some dramatic savings!

Bring Mum, Dad or a sibling and get started playing the Pokemon Trading Card Game together!

Our friendly Pokemon subject expert will be on hand to explain how the cards work and walk you through your first game! Having fun together has never been this simple!
We’ll also cover the topic of genuine and fake cards and how to spot them to help protect new players from the risk of getting cheated!

Sounds good? Register below for a session today!



* In keeping with safety rules, children under the age of 10 must be supervised at all times.