Hey PI-Fans,

Preorders for the the Aeronautica Imperialis: Taros Air War releases are now on the Games @ PI webstore. We’ve previously covered some of the upcoming releases, but D-Day is now.

As the Imperial Navy and Astra Militarum wave a grim battle to retake the world of Taros from the T’au, it’s time for T’au Air Caste commanders, Astra Militarum Flight Officers and Imperial Navy Squadron Leaders to kick the tires and light the fires.*

From now until 2300 hrs, Friday, 12th June, 2020, all preorders made for Aeronautica Imperials: Taros Air War releases via the Games @ PI Webstore will be at a special promotional price.**

New to Aeronautica Imperialis? Plunge into battle with the Skies of Fire battle box, containing the rules and everything you need to get started.

Are you planning to lead the forces of the T’au air caste to the defence of their new conquests with Barracuda Fighters, Tiger Shark Fighter-Bombers and Tiger Shark AX-1-0 Attack Aircraft? Or will you push them back with the Imperial Navy’s Lightning Fighters and seconded Valkyrie Assault Carriers from the Astra Militarum?

Prepare yourself for the conflict with the Taros Air War book, expand your air war battlefields with the Taros Area of Engagement Maps and show your faction pride with T’au Air Caste Dice and Air Caste Aircraft & Aces Cards or do the same with Imperial Navy Dice and Imperial Navy Aircraft & Aces Cards.

Prepare yourself to fly the unfriendly skies, PI-Fans, for war has returned to Taros.

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager



* Metaphorically of course. One wonders if these aircraft even have tires on their landing struts.
** Orders will be fulfilled subject to Games Workshop street dates and the arrival of goods.