Hey PI-Fans,

We’re still in the COVID-19 Phase One recovery stage, but while retail is shut, something squamous this way comes.

The Arkham Horror: Blood of Baalshandor novella releases today, featuring Dexter Drake, a brand new investigator – as well as the cards to have ‘Drake the Great’ join your table in games of Arkham Horror.

This is great, because the novella is coming in lockstep with the mythos pack Weaver of the Cosmos, also releasing today. Stay one step ahead of the Outer God Atlach-Nacha as it weaves more and more of the Dreamlands into its web or risk losing everything you hold dear as the rapacious arachnid binds everything tightly in The Great Web.

Up to the challenge? Then why not grab both to qualify for Free Local delivery?

We’ve gotten a basic array of titles up, including some of the more sought after stand-alone expansions, but we’re also working on expanding the Arkham Horror LCG range at the Games @ PI webstore, so check back often to see what else we add.

In the meantime, the weekend is just around the corner, so have a great (old) one.

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager