Hey PI-Fans,

You know how the game works. We’re still plugging away at work as always.

This week feels oddly like it’s centred on a slab of space and adventure themed games. Entirely unplanned of course, but between the Warhammer 40,000 Talisman spinoff Relic, galaxy conquest wargame Star Wars: Rebellion, the Mars colonization themed Terraforming Mars and the ever wacky Galaxy Truckers, it’s really hard not to think this wasn’t planned.

It wasn’t.

On the other hand, we’re also adding a new Book section to the website containing both a smattering of Fiction and Non-Fiction titles. As with all things, we hope to grow this in the future to encompass a great many more titles, but in the meantime, we strongly recommend Gary Ray’s excellent Friendly Local Game Store, an acerbic but witty at the joys and tribulations of running a business in this industry.

We’ll keep chipping away at the backlog as we work to get more of our catalog ready for web sales. As always, you know where to find us and we can always be reached at webstore@pi.com.sg .

Board and Card Games on the Webstore
Dominion 2nd Edition
Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul’Kar
Galaxy Trucker
Iota – The Great Big Game In The Teeny-Weeny Tin
Kodama 3D
Kodama: Tree Spirits
Power Grid Recharged
Power Grid – The Card Game
Star Wars: Rebellion
Terraforming Mars
Warhammer 40,000: Relic

Role-Playing Games on the Webstore
Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition
Genesys Core Rulebook
Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition Core Rulebook

Print Titles on the Webstore
Friendly Local Game Store
Meeples Together: How and Why Cooperative Board Games Work
Things We Think About Games