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Android Netrunner: Democracy and Dogma

Hey PI-Fans, It's business as usual in the Indian Union. Jinteki and Haas-Bioroid push to the forefront in their bid to subvert the democratic process to their benefit while new Criminal runners sculk in their wake trying to make a quick buck. Will the heated elections usher in a new wave of democratic reforms? Come on down to Games @ PI and participate in Democracy and Dogma. - Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager/This Is A Snare

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We’re Not Dead

I am not dead yet, I can dance and I can sing I am not dead yet, I can do the Highland Fling I am not dead yet, No need to go to bed No need to call the doctor Cause I'm not yet dead. - He Is Not Yet Dead, Monty Python's Spamalot Morning PI-Fans, If you've been following the press, you should be aware that there was a fire in the Midpoint Orchard building. We're just letting you know that rumors of our demise are highly exaggerated. We have not been affected and Games @ PI will continue to operate during our regular business hours (12nn to 10pm) as usual. Hope to see you around. - Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager

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We Made Stuff Appear

Hey PI-Fans, Either a shipment came in, or I invoked the magical stock fairies. Regardless, the end result is that I have a store full of product... PRAISE THE MAGICAL STOCK FAIRIES. Anyway. We've got new stuff in , including expansions for the Game of Thrones LCG, Warhmmer 40K Conquest, expansions for Elder Sign and TIME STORIES and all new titles like Hoax. Here's to a great week of gaming, guys. ______________________________________________________ New Board and Card Game Releases A Game of Thrones LCG: No Middle Ground Expansion Elder Sign: Omens of Ice Expansion Hoax TIME STORIES: Prophecy of the Dragon TIME STORIES: The Marcy Case Warhammer Conquest LCG: What Lurks Below Expansion Board and Card Game Restocks Alhambra Alhambra - The Dice Game Android Netrunner: Honor and Profit Expansion Codenames Dixit Dixit Quest Expansion Dixit Origins Expansion Dixit Journeys Expansion Dixit Daydreams Expansion Libertalia Machi Koro Machi Koro The Harbor Expansion Machi [...]

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The Dian Dynasty! The Scouring begins

“It seems the galaxy has forgotten us, looks like a reminder is due” For the third week, I focused on painting the base and gun for the Necrons warrior models. I purposely painted some parts of the gun blue on the edges and front. This is to make it look the design of the gun is part of the warrior’s dynasty group. The base for the models is made to look ground dirt. […]

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"It's gonna hurt a lot, but you'll be better! You'll see! Ha Ha HA HA!" Hui Shan here! This week, I am back with the update of the Nobs, and the Painboy. Look forward to the Deff Dread next week!

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Hey PI-Fans, Occasionally I get buried. This is one of those days. We've got a slew of rereleased classics and many more new titles. Lets go. Do you enjoy brats, burgers and beers? So do the maids of the Tanto Cuore Oktoberfest deckbuilding game. Hire maids to staff your mansion and leverage upon their abilities to help yourself and hinder your opponents in this standalone expansion to the popular Tanto Cuore card game. When Balloon Cup disappeared over the horizon, Stephen Glenn gave us Pinata -  a game of whacking pinatas and grabbing candy. Grab sets of different coloured candy tokens that in a race to earn medals. Beat your opponent to three medals and win as you rush to snag the most candy while ruining your opponent's plans. In Friese's Landlord you are all ruthless landlords trying to earn as much money as you can. All sorts of tenants [...]

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Dian Dynasty! The Warriors arise!

  Rejoice, for we have returned and your days are at an end. Hello, this is Dian! For the second week, I focused on painting the head, armour and joints for my Necrons. Previously, I finished painting the base colours on the Necrons. I added shadows and highlights on the blue colour body armour. I used “Teclis Blue” as my base colour, blending it with “Lothern Blue” for the highlights and “Macragge Blue” for the shadows. At this part, I had to use a thin layer brush to paint on the areas that were difficult to reach because of the small space in between the gun and the body. […]

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Hit 'em hard, Hit 'em low and give 'em plenty of Dakka! Hey guys. I'm back with an update for this week. Now that I am done with the Boyz, itz time to stick em to their bases and they will be ready for the battle with the Necrons of the Dian Dynasty. Next up, the Ork Nobs...

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A Week In Review

Hey PI-Fans, It's the end of another work week, and this one has been a doozy. Like you, we're looking forward to the weekend, with Dzaki's Star Wars Armada Community Tournament. coming up. Fans of Netrunner should also be pleased to know that the latest data pack, Business First released Yesterday, 10/3/16. The World of Android Artbook and Space Cowboy's new board game Crossing have since become available as well, so those are options for someone looking for something to cover their weekend. So, TGIF folks. It's always your friends who stick the knife in. In Crossing, you have to collect gemstones, but players make their choices simultaneously and not everybody will get what they want when desires clash. Through bluffing and cunning, you want to collect more gemstones than your opponents by being the only alone on a card, but even if you are lucky during the initial confrontation, you aren't safe from the [...]

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