Rejoice, for we have returned and your days are at an end.

Necrons 1

Hello, this is Dian! For the second week, I focused on painting the head, armour and joints for my Necrons. Previously, I finished painting the base colours on the Necrons. I added shadows and highlights on the blue colour body armour. I used “Teclis Blue” as my base colour, blending it with “Lothern Blue” for the highlights and “Macragge Blue” for the shadows. At this part, I had to use a thin layer brush to paint on the areas that were difficult to reach because of the small space in between the gun and the body.

Necrons 2

For me, I felt that it was easier to paint metallic colours rather than non-metallic ones. I just felt that with metallic colours, you don’t have to pick other shades of colour for the highlight and shadow. The shoulder pads, face mask and joints of the Necrons were painted in gold colour. I started using “Balthasar Gold” for the base and then added on “Auric Armour Gold” as the main colour. There was no need to add on other colours for highlight. I finished it off with putting the shade purpose paint “Seraphim Sephia” to give off a bit of shadow on the joints and the side of the face mask. One difficulty I found doing the Necrons is trying to not overlap the paint over another.