PokéMonday: Once you pop, the fun don’t stop.


Today on PokéMonday. We’re taking a look at Booster Packs. More specifically how to properly* open them for the most suspense.

Booster SpreadLet’s start with opening the pack.

Opened Pack

So when you open your pack, you’re going to get your 10 cards as well as a Pokémon Trading Card Game Online code card for a digital booster pack from the same set.

Pokemon Pack Out

Here are the Cards from a pack that was just opened.

As you can see the last card in the stack is not a Rare Pokémon. This is because the Out-of-the-Pack card order is

  • 5 Commons
  • 1 Reverse foil (A BREAK Card if you’re lucky)
  • 1 Rare or Ultra Rare
  • 3 Uncommons

So in order to have the Rare be the last card. we are going to need to do some re-ordering.

So to do that we’re going to need to shift the last 3 cards when opening a pack.

Pokemon Take 3

So the last 3 Cards above are the uncommons.

Pokemon Shift 2

So by shifting them 2 cards down. We can confirm the the Rares will be at the back.

Pokemon Pack Resort

And there we have it. Got a Serperior, not a Shiny card but useful overall.

So now that you know how to open your packs. Come down to Games@PI and get yourselves a booster and try it out.



Pull of the Week.

Now starting with today’s PokéMonday.

I’m going to try to include some of the interesting Pulls over the week.

So let’s have a closer look at the Serperior pulled from the pack in the article.


Firstly the artwork shows the regality of Serperior against a calming backdrop.

Next, when we take a look at Serperior’s attack, you can see that this Serperior is really energy efficient for its damage output. Requiring only a single Grass Energy to use both attacks.

Coil is a really useful attack, even though it does a printed 40 Damage. It’s ability to add an additional 60 damage to the opponent’s Active Pokémon, makes it able to consistently pump out a massive 100 Damage from the second attack onward.

Now with Slashing Strike, it does have the penalty on not being able to use the attack twice in a row. The possibility to do 140 Damage for a single Grass Energy which would take down most opposing Pokémon, even though it does take a turn before to charge up with Coil.


Games @ PI is hosting a Board Game Night On 1st June 2016

Hey PI-Fans,

The Games @ PI staff will be cracking out a pair of boardgames for the game night on 1st June 2016 from 7.30 pm to 9 pm. This time around, we’re playing Quadropolis, Days of Wonder’s new city-building board game, and Sentinels of the Multiverse,  the multiplayer cooperative game of Superhero team battles.

If you’re interested in trying out these titles, come on down and play a round or two with the Games @ PI staff, or Bring-Your-Own-Board-Game and have some fun.


In Quadropolis you enact the role of the Mayor of a modern city. You will need to define a global strategy to build your city according to your Inhabitants’ needs and outmatch your opponents, sending your Architects to have various buildings erected in your city. Each building allows you to score victory points. There are various types of buildings with different scoring patterns; many of them may be combined for better effect. Will you be able to meet the challenge and become the most prestigious Mayor in history?
Sentinels of the Multiverse is an award-winning cooperative card game of superhero battles in which players join forces as comic book heroes to combat a dastardly villain in a dynamic environment!




1st June, 7.30 – 9 pm


Shackles of Mortality

Hi PI-Fans,

It’s Thursday 26th May, which means it’s release date for another pair of LCG releases – this time there’s new stuff for Warhammer 40,000 Conquest and Android Netrunner.

In the grim darkness of Warhammer 40,000 Conquest, the Tomb Worlds are stirring as the Necron legions march to war. Legions of Death marks the debut of the Necrons as a faction in the Conquest Living Card Game as their legions march inexorably to enslave the other races of the Traxis sector.
In the Android universe, characters can jack into the Network and direct their digitized avatars through a virtual world. For most people, this simply leads to accelerated use of the Network and an enriched appreciation of immersive media. Runners, however, see ways to exploit the system and focus on manipulating the virtual world to access hidden data while their Corp opponents,  look upon this as yet another resource to be tapped upon.  How will The Liberated Mind shape the way you see the world?

– Kenneth, Games@PI Manager


New Board and Card Game Releases
Android Netrunner: The Liberated Mind Data Pack
Warhammer 40,000 Conquest: Legions of Death Expansion

Board and Card Game Restocks
Catan and Expansions
Small World
Ticket to Ride
Ticket to Ride Europe
Ticket to Ride Asia Map Collection
Time Stories
Time Stories: The Marcy Case
Time Stories: A Prophecy of Dragons
Time Stories: Under the Mask

Into Dark Dungeons

Join A Community Delve On 28/05/16 A Grab More Silver Tower Swag

Hey PI-Fans,

Have you gotten your copy of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower yet? Interested in braving the dark recesses of the tower’s dungeons for glory and loot?

Games @ PI is hosting community delves into the Silver Tower on Saturday, 28/05/16 and we’ll be handing out a promotional foil character cards to each delver who braves the Gaunt Summoner’s challenge.

We’re hosting 4 seatings for the Silver Tower for 4 sets of players.
Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower: 12 nn – 2 pm
Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower: 2 – 4 pm
Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower: 4 – 6 pm
Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower: 6 – 8 pm

Slots are limited and filling fast, so we recommend signing up ASAP.

Saturday also sees the launch of the Mighty Heroes Expansion Pack for Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.  Storm the tower with the brutal Khorne Slaughterpriest, turn enemies into pincushions with the Stormcast Knight-Venator, scorch your foes with the Fyreslayer Runepriest or just fight fire with fire using the Tzeentch Sorceror Lord.

As an added bonus, we’ll be throwing in promotional Silver Tower Hero Cards for the “heroes” in the box with each purchase of the Mighty Heroes Expansion Pack.

In Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, two to four players control heroes delving into the ever-shifting, labyrinthine lair of a sinister Gaunt Summoner in search of glory and treasure. The greatest champions grow in strength over time as they solve the Silver Tower’s secrets driven forwards by the promises of the riches, power and freedom. But for every tale that ends in glory, another falls short, bringing only madness and despair…





Historically Inaccurate Fun

Hey PI-Fans,

We’ve got new stuff upside the head and a hefty stack of reloads. Some  of them are historically accurate… sort of. Others, not so much. But hey. History is written by the victors, and you’re clearly going to win aren’t you?

Embrace your inner Vikings and raid, pillage and explore your way to victory in an epic board game based upon the dramatic television series, or try to survive the looming apocalypse in Blood Rage. Revisit the post-apocalyptic  51st State, or join a fantasy scrum with Epic PVP!

Perhaps your palette favors something lighter? Bluff your way to victory with a new chronicle pack for Seiji Kanai’s Lost Legacy, or delve ever deeper into Steve Jackson’s Munchkin with the oddly numbered Munchkin Expansion 6.5. Flap your way like an Icebat out of Heck with Ugly Doll Lunacy or ack ack ack Mars Attacks.

Perhaps the pocket Cold War game Twilight Squabble amuses you. Or an Imperial Settlers expansion. Or maybe BattleTech Alpha Strike?

Plenty of fun to go around.

So it’s time to get to gaming.

– Kenneth, Games@PI Manager

New Board and Card Game Releases
Epic PVP
Kodama: Tree Spirits
Lanterns: The Harvest Festival
Loonacy Ugly Doll
Lost Legacy: Fourth Chronicle – The Werewolf & Undying Heart
Imperial Settlers: Atlanteans Expansion
Mars Attacks: 10 Minute Takedown
Munchkin 6.5:  Terrible Tombs
Munchkin Knights
Ravenous River
Superfight Expansions
Twilight Squabble
Vikings: The Board Game

Board and Card Game Restocks
Adventure Time Fluxx
Bang: The Bullet
Blood Rage
Car Wars
Dead of Winter
Imperial Settlers
Machi Koro and Expansions
Machi Koro Deluxe
Munchkin Treasure Hunt
Ninja Camp
Pandemic and Expansions
Pandemic: The Cure
The Resistance 3rd Edition
Shadow Hunters
Sheriff of Nottingham
Sushi Go
Tides of Time
Tragedy Looper

New Miniature Wargame Releases
BattleTech: Interstellar Operations
BattleTech Alpha Strike: Combat Manual Mercenaries

Miniature Wargame Restocks
BattleTech Introductory Box
BattleTech Lance Packs

I Need A Hero…

Hey PI-Fans,

Kenneth, PI Manager here. So far, I’ve successfully managed to avoid getting dragged into a Team Ironman vs Team Cap argument so far. With Marvel Munchkin and Marvel Legendary: Captain America, however, it looks like I may not have a choice.

Which is why I’m planning to spend the weekend hiding in Westeros. It’s probably safer, barring the occasional beheading.

– Kenneth, Games@PI Manager


New Board and Card Game Releases
A Game of Thrones: True Steel Chapter Pack
Marvel Legendary: Captain America
Marvel Munchkin

Board and Card Game Restocks
7 Wonders and Expansions
Dixit and Expansions
Galaxy Trucker and Expansions
King of New York
King of Tokyo

Where Do The Stairs Go…

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Launches 21st May 2016

Hey PI-Fans,

Having lost countless hours to the crawl,  the mere mention of Warhammer Quest triggers a wave of nostalgia for me. Needless to say, I’m positively euphoric over the launch of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, the latest installment in Games Workshop’s board game line.

Join us on launch weekend as we crack open our store set, and participate in the communal build as we prepare the dungeon for habitation.  Help us paint up a Gor, a Grot or a Horror and earn yourself a collectible art card.

We’ll also be handing out collectible Silver Tower Button Badges with every copy of Silver Tower purchased this weekend…

So… check out the trailer and I’ll be seeing you.

– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager

In Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, two to four players control heroes delving into the ever-shifting, labyrinthine lair of a sinister Gaunt Summoner in search of glory and treasure. The greatest champions grow in strength over time as they solve the Silver Tower’s secrets driven forwards by the promises of the riches, power and freedom. But for every tale that ends in glory, another falls short, bringing only madness and despair…





Games @ PI is hosting a Munchkin Game Night On 18th May 2016

Hey PI-Fans,

The Games @ PI staff will be cracking out Steve Jackson’s classic card game Munchkin on Wednesday, 18th May 2016. For the uninitiated, Munchkin is a satirical card game parodying the structure of an adventure game.

If you’ve never played Munchkin, now is as good a time as any to try out the game, so come on down and play a round or two with the Games @ PI staff.

We’ll also be handing out a limited edition Munchkin promotional cards to each participant, so come down to Games @ PI and play this award winning game with our friendly staff.

Munchkin is the mega-hit card game about dungeon adventure . . . with none of that stupid roleplaying stuff. You and your friends compete to kill monsters and grab magic items. Go down in the dungeon. Kill everything you meet. Backstab your friends and steal their stuff. Grab the treasure and run.

Admit it. You love it.

Fast-playing and silly, Munchkin can reduce any roleplaying group to hysteria. And, while they’re laughing, you can steal their stuff.




18th May, 6 – 9 pm
Play Games, Have Fun, Get Swag!


Take Your Time…

T.I.M.E. Stories: Under The Mask Is Released Today 12/05/16

Hey PI-Fans,

Ever wondered what it would be like to go back and try a day again? T.I.M.E. Stories lets you.

In Under the Mask, the latest expansion in the T.I.M.E. Stories series, you and your fellow temporal agents must travel back to ancient Egypt to solve a crime that threatens to destabilize the future.
– Kenneth, Games @ PI Manager


In T.I.M.E. Stories, the  T.I.M.E Agency protects humanity by preventing temporal faults and paradoxes from threatening the fabric of our universe. As temporal agents, you and your team will be sent into the bodies of beings from different worlds or realities to successfully complete the missions given to you.