Games @ PI is hosting a Munchkin Game Night On 18th May 2016

Hey PI-Fans,

The Games @ PI staff will be cracking out Steve Jackson’s classic card game Munchkin on Wednesday, 18th May 2016. For the uninitiated, Munchkin is a satirical card game parodying the structure of an adventure game.

If you’ve never played Munchkin, now is as good a time as any to try out the game, so come on down and play a round or two with the Games @ PI staff.

We’ll also be handing out a limited edition Munchkin promotional cards to each participant, so come down to Games @ PI and play this award winning game with our friendly staff.

Munchkin is the mega-hit card game about dungeon adventure . . . with none of that stupid roleplaying stuff. You and your friends compete to kill monsters and grab magic items. Go down in the dungeon. Kill everything you meet. Backstab your friends and steal their stuff. Grab the treasure and run.

Admit it. You love it.

Fast-playing and silly, Munchkin can reduce any roleplaying group to hysteria. And, while they’re laughing, you can steal their stuff.




18th May, 6 – 9 pm
Play Games, Have Fun, Get Swag!