Android Netrunner Blood Money Now Available

Android Netrunner: Blood Money Releases Today 11/8/16 Even when there's no financial certainty, there's always financial opportunity. And in the wake of the Twenty-Three Seconds incident, much of that opportunity comes in the form of Blood Money… Come on down to Games @ PI and grab your copy of the Android Netrunner: Blood Money Data Pack on street date (11/08/16). And running with the theme of the Credit Crash, until the end of August 2016, anyone who picks up the 2015 Android: Netrunner World Champion Corp Deck and 2015 Android: Netrunner World Champion Runner Deck together with their Blood Money gets 10% off all Netrunner purchases made in that transaction. Available Now!   Of course the text in this announcement is in red. What other colour could I announce Blood Money in?

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Netrunner Market Crash – Fear The Masses

Android Netrunner Fear The Masses releases today, 16/06/16 Hey PI-Fans, It's June 16th, and it's time to panic! Fear the Masses marks the closure of the Android: Netrunner Mumbad arc, and also the moment of the global financial crisis triggered by the collapse of the Titan Transnational Bank... We're never one to miss an opportunity to fiddle while Rome burns, to commemorate this momentous event in the Android universe, we're joining in the chaos of the Flashpoint crisis. As thanks to our loyal customers, we're offering a copy of ADN35 Android Netrunner: Fear the Masses free to each of our customers who have purchased the rest of the Mumbad Cycle with us (Kala Ghoda, Business First, Democracy and Dogma, Salsette Island and The Liberated Mind) until the end of June.* So join us as we make a run on the bank and don't forget we're running our Highlander League on our regular Tuesday [...]

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Shackles of Mortality

Hi PI-Fans, It's Thursday 26th May, which means it's release date for another pair of LCG releases - this time there's new stuff for Warhammer 40,000 Conquest and Android Netrunner. In the grim darkness of Warhammer 40,000 Conquest, the Tomb Worlds are stirring as the Necron legions march to war. Legions of Death marks the debut of the Necrons as a faction in the Conquest Living Card Game as their legions march inexorably to enslave the other races of the Traxis sector. In the Android universe, characters can jack into the Network and direct their digitized avatars through a virtual world. For most people, this simply leads to accelerated use of the Network and an enriched appreciation of immersive media. Runners, however, see ways to exploit the system and focus on manipulating the virtual world to access hidden data while their Corp opponents,  look upon this as yet another resource to be tapped upon. [...]

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