Android Netrunner Fear The Masses releases today, 16/06/16

Hey PI-Fans,

It’s June 16th, and it’s time to panic! Fear the Masses marks the closure of the Android: Netrunner Mumbad arc, and also the moment of the global financial crisis triggered by the collapse of the Titan Transnational Bank…

We’re never one to miss an opportunity to fiddle while Rome burns, to commemorate this momentous event in the Android universe, we’re joining in the chaos of the Flashpoint crisis.

As thanks to our loyal customers, we’re offering a copy of ADN35 Android Netrunner: Fear the Masses free to each of our customers who have purchased the rest of the Mumbad Cycle with us (Kala Ghoda, Business First, Democracy and Dogma, Salsette Island and The Liberated Mind) until the end of June.*

So join us as we make a run on the bank and don’t forget we’re running our Highlander League on our regular Tuesday Netrunner Nights.

See you there!



* Feeling a bit behind and trying to catch up? You’ve got until June 30th to get up to speed with the Mumbad cycle!