PokéMondayToday on PokéMonday, we’ll be looking at the newly released Blastoise EX 20th Anniversary Collection.

Blastoise EX Box

Blastoise is one of the original superstars of the Pokémon world! Celebrate 20 years of Pokémon with the Pokémon TCG: Red & Blue Collection—Blastoise-EX! This cool collection features an awesome oversize card and a full-art Blastoise-EX card. Plus, each collection contains four Pokémon TCG: Generations booster packs!

The Pokémon TCG: Red & Blue Collection—Blastoise-EX includes:

  • 4 Pokémon TCG: Generations booster packs to expand your collection!
  • A never-before-seen foil promo card featuring Blastoise-EX!
  • A fantastic oversize card featuring Blastoise-EX!
  • A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

On the shelves today for $45.00 (Retail)

Blastoise EX contents

We’ve opened our own Blastoise EX Collection. So let’s take a closer look at the contents.

Starting with the Promo Card showcasing Blastoise EX.

Blastoise EX Promo

Being the final evolution of one of the original starters from Generation 1. You’ll get a Full Artwork, with Blastoise front and center. Flanked by Gyarados and Vaporeon, iconic Water Types from Generation 1. Making this card a cool collectable as well.

And if you can’t get enough of the awesome artwork. You get an Oversized copy of the Promo as well, to see the art work in its full glory.

Blastoise EX Large Promo

What’s more, included with the collection are 4 Generations Booster Packs as well as a  code card for Pokémon Trading Card Game Online which gives you a digital representation of the Contents of the Blastoise EX Collection.

Pokemon Generations PackGenerations Pack ContentsPokemon TCGO Code

Now take a look at the cards we’ve pulled from our Generations Packs.  For those who are unfamiliar, Generations Pack celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Original Release of Pokémon. Within features mainly Generation 1 Pokémons as well as the never before seen (outside of Japan) Radiant Collection.

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Some of the Rares we’ve pulled. Really lucky with the Mega Charizard EX and the Flareon EX artwork is one of the best I’ve seen.

Full Art Articuno

Full Art Articuno

Mega Charizard X EX

Full Art Flareon EX (Radiant Collection)

Full Art Flareon EX (Radiant Collection)