Hey PI-Fans,

The law of shipment attraction strikes again. No clue how it works sometimes but stuff just slams down like a meteor.

This shipment restocks of a bunch of our traditional titles like Catan, 7 Wonders and Dixit, but also reloads sought after games like Tiny Epic Dungeons, Dobble, Skull and Durian which are fast becoming mainstays on gaming tables.

On the new stuff front, Anarchy Pancakes, a collaboration between the Exploding Kittens Company and Dobble, flips out onto the shelves, bringing the wacky and slightly chaotic brand of humor to the pattern matching decks of Dobble. Also arriving in the same heap of ‘newness’ is WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS, a charade style card game which forces players into increasingly absurd acting, drawing and speech patterns to get their point across.

Anyone craving something bigger can look to Unfathomable –  From the Abyss, an expansion for the Cthulhu-esque ship survival game of betrayal and horror. Will the eight new heroes and the additional Allies deck be enough to turn the tide of the Deep One assault on the Atlantica, now that Shoggoths have gotten involved?

The weekend is rolling in, PI-Fans.

We’ll be looking forward to see you in the store.


Board and Card Game New Releases:
Abalone Go
Azul – Summer Pavilion Travel Edition
Dobble – Anarchy Pancakes
Unfathomable – From the Abyss Expansion
Why Are You Like This

Board and Card Game Restocks:
Camel Up – The Card Game
Dixit Odyssey
Exploding Kittens
Poetry for Neanderthals and Exansion
Poetry for Neanderthals NSFW
Tiny Epic Dungeons