Hey PI-Fans,

Blue Orange Game’s Blue Lagoon is a Reiner Knizia classic area control board game that sees nomadic settlers spreading out across an archipelago of island.

Unavailable for the longest time, we’ve finally managed to get our hands on copies of this elegant little Eurogame and it’s made it’s way back to our shelves.

In Blue Lagoon, each player controls a tribe trying to explore and settle the eight islands of the Blue Lagoon while establishing control of the abundant natural resources found there. 

In classic Eurogame style, this is achieved through a ‘conflict-less’ token placement system as players plonk down tokens representing villagers and huts across the islands, creating long strings of tiles as they attempt to spread across the islands and reach natural resource tokens before other players. Placement of huts becomes even more critical in subsequent rounds as they form the initial starting zones for a player’s villagers in the future.

This of course come along with a restock of a number of sought after titles including restocks for new arrivals and new returnees like Equinox, Cash n Guns and Canvas, along with all the wacky, weird and wonderful titles you’d expect on our shelves, so if you’re after a bit of fun, pop on down, folks.