Hey PI-Fans,

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, the team was burning oil to get the webstore updated and we’re live. Marvel Champions has gone live on our webstore with the first 15 packs ready to go. Scroll straight to the end if you want links. On the other hand, if you’re looking to leap into the fray with this cooperative Superhero bash, we’ve got a couple of deals for you with  several tiers to get you straight to punching villains ASAP. At the moment though, this is technically an in-store promotion, though if you can call the store (+65 6734 3858) and/or drop us an email at webstore@pi.com.sg asking nicely, I’m sure we can hook you up with a contactless delivery option as well. This set of offers last from now to the 30th of June.

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE – The Full Collection Bundle

Core Set, All Scenario Packs, Hero Packs and Expansions Listed Below (Core Set to Scarlet Witch)
Promotional Price $420 (Usual $535.50)

THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS – The Rise of Red Skull Promotion Bundle

Core Set, The Rise of Red Skull Expansion and any 2 Hero Packs (you pick – subject to availability)
Promotional Price $200 (Usual $222.60)

TEAM UP EVENT – Scenario Promotion Bundle

Core Set, Any Scenario Pack (you pick – subject to availability) and any 4 Hero Packs (you pick – subject to availability)
Promotional Price $215 (Usual $240.40)


Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set 

Marvel Champions: Scenario Packs
Marvel Champions: The Green Goblin Scenario Pack 
Marvel Champions: The Wrecking Crew Scenario Pack
Marvel Champions: The Once And Future Kang Scenario Pack

Marvel Champions Hero Packs
MC LCG: Captain America Hero Pack 
MC LCG: Ms. Marvel Hero Pack 
MC LCG: Thor Hero Pack 
MC LCG: Black Widow Hero Pack 
MC LCG: Doctor Strange Hero Pack
MC LCG: Hulk Hero Pack
MC LCG: Ant-Man Hero Pack 
MC LCG: Wasp Hero Pack 
MC LCG: Quicksilver Hero Pack 
MC LCG: Scarlet Witch Hero Pack 

Marvel Champions: The Rise of Red Skull Expansion

Also, we figured we might as well mention that the other restock party game titles are now on the webstore as well. If you’re after Exploding Kittens or the Party Pack, Trial By Trolley, On a Scale of One to T-Rex, Poetry for Neanderthals, Bears vs Babies, Here to Slay or Unstable Unicorns, you can grab them immediately off the webstore.