Hey PI-Fans,

Games @ PI is now taking preorders for the Wave 2 releases for Victory at Sea and both the Atlantic and Pacific fronts are getting hotter with the release of Submarine and MTB sections for the great powers. The Great Powers are stepping up the war efforts as well, with a slew of new ships and aircraft, ready to take to the seas in search of the ever elusive Victory at Sea.

Let’s get straight to the point.






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First on the agenda is the PUNCHUP IN THE PACIFIC! Weighing in at 41,300 long tons, it’s the Killer from Kure, the Red Castle herself, AKAGI! And leading the charge from the opposing corner at a feisty 25,500 long tons, it’s the Slayer of Shōhō**, Newport News’ own YORKTOWN! Load these carriers up with reinforcement Aircraft Packs and dominate the skies over the Pacific (and Atlantic, if that’s your thing).


With the Bismarck in motion king of the ocean, hit the decks a runnin’, boys, and spin those guns around. Lead the British response with the Mighty Hood***, or get into a slugfest with the vaunted Yamato with the Iowa-class battleship Missouri!

Start convoy raiding with the Kriegsmarine Panzerschiff cruiser box containing Admiral Graf Spee and Admiral Scheer or get your own 7 ship Merchant Convoy and hope your ASW convoy escort training is up to scratch.

Speaking of ASW, stalk those convoys and torpedo those warships with Submarine and MTB Reinforcement Boxes for the Kriegsmarine, Royal Navy, Imperial Japanese Navy and United States Navy. The presence of so many submarines also warrants a response, so reinforcement Destroyer Packs are now available to order as well.

Next comes the Regia Marina, leading Italy’s determined**** attempt to turn the Mediterranean into ‘Mare Nostrum‘ or ‘Our Sea‘. Like the other major powers, the Italian Navy launches with the Regia Marina’s own Fleet Box, Submarine and MTB Reinforcement Box and the modern battleship Vittorio Veneto.

Last, but not least is the Victory at Sea Core Rulebook. This hefty tome comes with the complete rules for fighting naval battles, including the use of aircraft, submersibles and coastal defences, 28 historic scenarios, covering every theatre over the span of the whole war, detailed background notes on the progression of naval warfare through WWII and fleet lists for all the major belligerents, providing game statistics for hundreds of unique ships, submarines, aircraft and MTBs.







** Partial Credit to Lady Lex, but who’s really keeping score?
*** And then learn an objective lesson on why Battlecruisers aren’t Battleships.
**** But ultimately futile.