Hey PI-Fans,

Games @ PI will be open at 1.30pm today. 

It’s been a week of releases, with the arrival of Arkham Horror: The Blob That Ate Everything, the light strategy card game Origami Legends and the adorable plush dice rolling game Stoplight. We’re of course capping this off with the release of Keyforge: Mass Mutation Archon Packs.

Keyforge is Richard Garfield’s latest 2-player collectable deck game, featuring a brand new ready to-play deck in every pack. There’s literally no downtime – you just crack open the box and get straight to playing.

If you’ve never heard of Keyforge, we’ll get you up to speed. To celebrate the launch of Mass Mutation, all previously released Keyforge will be going at 30% off until the 31st of July.

So… after you wrap up your civic duty, why not drop by and crack a deck or two with us?

keyforge mass mutation pack

Change is coming to the Crucible with the Mass Mutation set for the world’s only Unique Deck Game, KeyForge. Over 200 brand-new cards now enter the cardpool in the game’s fourth set, and the mutative power of the dark æmber has changed many of them, creating strange and unknown versions of once-familiar creatures. Each Mass Mutation Archon Deck contains a single, ready-to-play 36-card deck, bringing together three of the diverse Houses of the Crucible into a single deck—featuring its own mix of cards and unique from every other Archon Deck in existence.


arkham horror blob that ate everything

Something out of this world is coming to Arkham in The Blob That Ate Everything Scenario Pack for Arkham Horror: The Card Game! In this standalone adventure something unnatural has gone out of control. After a strange meteor made impact in Blackwater, the town was placed under lockdown by a shadowy government agency—no one was allowed to leave, and only a few select investigators were allowed to enter. That is, until the thing hatched. Now, time is running out as all hell breaks loose. Even as the anomaly continues to grow and devour everything in its path, the quarantine is still strictly enforced. The only way you’re getting out alive is if you kill it…if that’s even possible.


stoplight dice game

Don’t get caught speeding in Stoplight, a high speed reaction game of fluffy dice. Coming with three adorably oversized plushy dice, Stoplight is a fast and furious game where players rush to touch the correct sequence of dice based upon the numbers rolled, with the fastest fingers walking away with points each round. Just don’t get caught out when the rules change right under your nose as incorrect grabs generate penalty points.


origami legends card game

The greatest origami masters face off for the title, using their magic to make origami creations come to life! In Origami Legends, you collect a resource known as ‘folds’ to play origami cards, scoring additional points when you use special abilities. The game includes four animal card families: polar animals, exotic animals, dinosaurs, and legendary creatures. When a player puts a character into play, they can choose one origami from the draw line and play it without paying its cost with folds as a bonus action — but as long as the character is in play, it modifies the rules of the game for all players. Can your knowledge of the art of folding paper impress the judges and earn you the title of “Best Origami Artist”?